Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Time to punish the employer

With regards to the previous post: If half your workforce doesn't show up on a given day because of rumors of immigration raids, it's a safe bet that those workers are illegal aliens. As an employer I don't believe you have plausible deniability any more.

It would be like you announcing drug tests and half your workforces suddenly remembers that family emergency and takes off. Pretty safe bet that they use drugs.

Brian Bergler, who is quoted in the article can be reached at the phone number for Pahlisch Homes, 541-385-6762. You can contact them by email here.

According to this article Bergler said. "We're just anxious for all of them to return as quickly as possible."

So you need your illegal labor to return Mr. Bergler? (appropriate name)

Mr. Bergler's company, Pahlisch Homes, should be reported for the high probability that they employ illegal aliens, this can be done here.

The second company represented in the article is Latham Excavation.

Bend excavation worker Alfredo Arreola said he's been a U.S. citizen since 2000, and that when the Hispanic community gets word of U.S. immigration in town, they stay home, afraid they could be transported back to Mexico.

I'm sorry but the "Hispanic community" doesn't have anything to worry about, it's the illegal alien community that should be afraid.

"They don't want to go back," said Arreola, who works for Latham Excavation in Bend.

Too bad. It's time for them to go back and time for Latham Excavation to be shut down if they are employing illegal aliens.

Latham can be reached at this number: 541-382-8267

More contact info including email can be found here.


BEAR said...

Hey, Daniel, here's an idea. We can put out a call for Minuteman volunteers to stand at company entrances with cameras and a sign that says, "These photos are being sent to La Migra, today, not manana." Since everyone is being photographed, there is no profiling, and I'll bet the employers will get the point. Watch the cockroaches head for the border. If these jerks threaten me in my own country.....they should prepare for the war they're begging for!

BEAR said...

As for latham and pahlisch: If you and/or your "employees" threaten me and my family with extortion to get your way, politically, I hope you go out of business tomorrow. You and the rest of the anti-American crowd can prepare to reap the whirlwind.

Allen said...

Looks as Latham Excavation may have dug their own grave. Pity!

I like it, California folks are bailing out because of the decline in their society, move to bend and hire Illegals to build their new home here.


News has it the Big White Bus was touring the Astoria area recently.

Perhaps coming soon to a neighborhood near you?

Sue K. said...

So, if all these illegal aliens stay away from their jobs does that mean legal Americans can then fill them? So much for Bush's infamous phrase, "illegals do the jobs that Americans won't do." Isn't that one of Bush's points in pushing his amnesty program? He said employers would first have to offer the jobs to legal Americans and if no match could be found, THEN the employer could hire an illegal. I say the protests on Monday should open up millions of jobs for legal Americans. In my opinion, I think the protesters have kind of backed themselves into a corner. They are damned if they go to work and damned if they don't. Know what? I don't give a damn. America will not cave in Monday. If the illegal kids stay home from school, it will be interesting to see just how much more room in the classroom the other kids have. Just think......a whole day of school taught in English!!

As for Pahlisch Homes, shame on you. For any company that hires illegals, if your business suffers because of the Monday protest, you deserve it and I believe that will be just the beginning.

BEAR said...

sue k., well said, as usual.

Daniel said...

Having someone stand outside the bussiness with a camera is a great idea!

I think that day labor sites like the one in Cornelius could also use this treatment!

Rick Hickey said...

ICE grabs 16 more ILLEGAL ALIENS today! this info via Oregon Live.
Also my Mother-in-law called from Wisconsin and said they rounded up hundreds of Illegal's in Green Bay yesterday.
They were working on Fishing Boats in the ports of Portland/Vancouver.
Americans don't want to Fish for a living, who will do those jobs now?
THANK YOU ICE-Keep it up and they will LEAVE at thier own expense.
I called and e-mailed that home builder in Bend. Told them about my Brother who builds homes there. Told them how thrilled he was too not have ILLEGAL competition.
I could tell that they have been getting an earful since the story hit. YES I did call my friend at ICE to make sure they knew what companies in Bend had a problem. It is a GREAT resource for them because YES it does tip them off!
ROGER-Instead of whining about us wanting a secure Nation why don't you take up knitting as those BURKA's take up a lot of material and your gal (if u have 1) will have to wear one soon, if you get your way.

Sue K. said...

Thanks, bear. I think all of these employers who are either whining because their illegal (?) workforce isn't showing up or are supporting the protest Monday, should send up a big, red flag to IRS and have their records checked to make sure that these workers' social security numbers match and proper taxes are being paid/withheld.

Rick Hickey said...

ROGER & others that are misunderstanding our immigration laws, Here is PROOF that MEXICO, just like in the MIDDLE EAST, are forcing poverty and ignorance of their citizens, while the Government lives like KINGS. SHAME on you for supporting the corruption and the horrible poverty that these people endure.
The report, on line at , includes the following findings:

* President Vicente Fox ($236,693) makes more than the leaders of France ($95,658), the U.K. ($211,434), or Canada ($75,582).

* Although they are in session only a few months a year, members of Mexico's Chamber of Deputies make $148,000 -- substantially more than their counterparts in France ($78,000), Germany ($105,000), and congressmen throughout Latin America. At the end of the last three-year term, Mexican deputies voted themselves a $28,000 ''leaving-office bonus.''

* Members of the 32 state legislatures earn on average twice the amount earned by U.S. state legislators ($60,632 vs. $28,261). The salaries and bonuses of the lawmakers in Baja California ($158,149), Guerrero ($129,630), and Guanajuato ($111,358) exceed the salaries of legislators in California ($110,880), the District of Columbia ($92,500), Michigan ($79,650), and New York ($79,500).

* Average salaries (plus Christmas stipends known as aguinaldos) place the average compensation of Mexican governors at $125,759, which exceeds by almost $10,000 the mean earnings of their U.S. counterparts ($115,778). On average, governors received aguinaldos of $14,346 in 2005 -- a year when 60 percent of Mexicans received no year-end bonuses.

* In 2002 Mexico earmarked only 6.1 percent of its GDP for health care. Mexico trailed Argentina (8.9%), Barbados (6.9%), Brazil (7.9%), Colombia (8.1%), Costa Rica (9.3%), Cuba (7.50 %), El Salvador (8.0%), Haiti (7.6%), and Nicaragua (7.9%).

* Mexico devoted just 5.3 percent of GDP to education in 2002, behind Barbados (7.6%), Cuba (9%), Honduras (7.2%), and Uruguay (8.5%).

Sue K. said...

This is the email I sent to Pahlisch Homes: => message: I'm sorry to hear that approximately 50% of your workforce did not show up Monday in Bend, Oregon. Actually, if those workers are ILLEGAL immigrants, then I'm not sorry at all. I certainly hope that Pahlisch Homes does not employ people who are in the United States illegally. According to our President, illegal immigrants do the jobs that no American will do. I have a brother-in-law who owns a sheetrock business in Tualatin and I'm pretty sure that he is an American (positive actually). Employers who hire illegal immigrants cannot complain when their businesses begin to suffer because they do not come to work for fear of being deported.

robertofpdx said...

I contacted both employers and gave them props for hiring immigrant labor. Immigrants built this country--you should all be a little more appreciative.

Sue K. said...

No problem if they are LEGAL immigrant workers.

Anonymous said...

Bear, what if folks photograph those "minutemen volunteers" and post them on a website? Is that OK?

Scottiebill said...

Anonymous, You asked Bear if it was OK to photograph the Minutemen Volunteers and to post them on a web site. I'm sure Bear would have no problem with that. I sure don't. But, we can all be assured that your picture won't be among those posted. You don't have the guts to stand up for what is right for this country. You continue to spout only the same old ultra-liberal party line garbage that is so prevalent in your love for the criminal illegals here. Since you like the criminal illegals in our country, I have to wonder if you have applied to Mexico for citizenship yet.

B.M. said...

Classy of you bear, calling them cockroaches, it's funny how Daniel will make fun of people that don't agree with him, if they refer to name calling, but as long as you agree with Daniel, you can do all the name calling in the world.

The Real Daniel said...

put some guns on them cameras too

The Real Daniel said...

put some guns on them cameras too

Honest Abe said...

Hey "Real Daniel", I disagree with just about all these nativist/anti-immigrant tools on this site, but that doesn't mean it is OK to use Daniel's picture and post things he hasn't really said. Even if you believe that he actually thinks that way (for good reason), don't stoop to the level of the type of garbage conservatives pull. It is funny, but you should think about giving it up.

Daniel said...

It is nice to see people getting so creative in their hatred of me and my opinions.

And for the last time, I'm not "anti-immigrant" I'm anti-illegal immigrant. There is a distinction.

The Real Daniel said...

No hate Daniel, I have no money for camera, so I use ur pic.
your better looking then me.

I just put what id have in my own pic

Sue K. said...

the real daniel, I am glad that Daniel can write and make a point better than you. That is how I tell the two of you apart.

Anonymous said...

you may want to add bright wood corp. to your list of illegal supporters. I believe they are the largest employer in jefferson county.

Anonymous said...

Posters here are missing an important point. These employers are hiring the cheapest labor they can to reap more profits for themselves. Meanwhile, the tax paying citizens of Oregon are paying for their profits via education, healthcare and public safety.

Scottiebill said...

I see in this morning's fishwrapper that Pacific CoastCabinets is moving to Woodland, Washington and building a new facility there. Scratch another company leaving Oregon because of the business climate Oregon is infamous for.

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