Saturday, April 01, 2006

Caption contest

Thousands Protest Immigration Policies in New York City
Thousands of immigrants formed a line stretching more than a mile long Saturday as they marched across the Brooklyn Bridge, waving flags from more than a dozen countries as they demonstrated against possible immigration reform in Congress.

"We are your economy," said another.

"Ooooh, I'd eat that snake... the bird too!"

"We are your economy?" That's laughable. Unless he means that illegal aliens are Mexico's economy. What kind of pathetic country relies on it's citizens breaking the law and stealing from another countries prosperity?

The Banco de México (Mexico’s central bank) estimates that remittances from Mexicans living abroad will total US$17 billion in 2004, nearly 20 percent more than the most optimistic forecasts earlier this year that approximated US$14 billion.

Upon reaching this amount, money sent by fellow countrymen living abroad will become the main source of Mexico’s foreign exchange, over and above revenue from crude oil exports that is expected to be slightly more than US$16.665 billion in 2004, and far more than income from visiting international tourists who will spend US$10 billion.

What a pathetic country. I would be ashamed to fly Mexico's flag if I was one of their citizens.


Anonymous said...

Daniel You Should Be Saying Shit About Other Countries. Okay so you don't like illegals. No need to diss. That's why your countri always getting bombed you idiot. Think before you post.

Anonymous said...

Daniel You Should NOT Be Saying Shit About Other Countries. Okay so you don't like illegals. No need to diss. That's why your country is always getting bombed you idiot. Think before you post.

Anonymous said...

Good point anony.

Remember my last post? When I said keep an eye for saturday?

Well check this....

Keep BOTH your eyes out for April 19......

BEAR said...

Well, anonidiot, besides being redundant, irrelevant and foolish, you are simply wrong. But don't let that stop you. Keep reminding us that terrorists are your heroes (che and fidel come to mind), and that terrorists KILLING AMERICANS DOESN'T BOTHER YOU. In fact, please announce your creed to the whole world! Let everyone know your purpose in this country. Keep flying that rag of a flag, and shoving it in the face of folks you believe are your enemies, the American people. Illegals don't get to sneak across our borders and tell me what to do, say, or think....ever. You go ahead and try, though. Our national anthem is the Star Spangled Banner. Yours is la cucaracha.

Daniel said...

Anon, I'm not even sure what you are talking about. My country is getting "bombed?" By whom? I'm also very confused by your capitolization and grammar. But thanks for commenting.

Jitan said...

Mexican anthem:

Mexicans, at the cry of war,
prepare the steel and the steed,
and may the earth shake at its core
to the resounding roar of the cannon.
And may the earth shake at its core
to the resounding roar of the cannon.

Gird, oh country, your brow with olive
the divine archangel of peace,
for your eternal destiny was written
in the heavens by the hand of God.
But if some strange enemy should dare
to profane your ground with his step,
think, oh beloved country, that heaven
has given you a soldier in every son.

War, war without truce to any who dare
to tarnish the country's coat-of-arms!
War, war! Take the national pennants
and soak them in waves of blood.
War, war! In the mountain, in the valley,
the cannons thunder in horrid unison
and the resonant echoes
cry out union, liberty!

Oh country, 'ere your children
defenseless bend their neck to the yoke,
may your fields be watered with blood,
may they trod upon blood.
And may your temples, palaces and towers
collapse with horrid clamor,
and their ruins live on to say:
This land belonged to a thousand heroes.

Oh, country, country, your children swear
to breathe their last in your honor,
if the trumpet with warlike accent
should call them to fight with courage.
For you the olive branches!
A reminder for them of glory!
A laurel of victory for you!
For them a tomb with honor!


American anthem:

The Star-Spangled Banner(Everyone knows it, no point in putting the lyrics.)

I think the Mexican anthem is a little less...cheesy. It has more of an overly dramatic operaesque quality to it. Not the wonderfully...trite anthem we have.

Anonymous said...

That's Right Mexicans Anthem Is Way Better

Anonymous said...

Grammer eh, daniel?
I don't take my time on this foolish site, were all you natzis hang out. I rush by like the wind and put down what's good.

Anonymous said...

Then each week we get to watch Cops on Fox where most of the crime is related to drugs imported from Mexico by the megrants who us it to pay their way into the US.

And then we watch those being arrested who have no choice but sell drugs as Illegal Aliens have sucked up all the entry level jobs.

The Illegal Alien mules are creating jobs for themselves in the process by bringing the poison with them.

Anonymous said...

Your Not Seeing Bombings?
Just Wait...

Anonymous said...

OMG Daniel Guess What I Just Heard!

I As An American (not natzi) Want More Border Security.

The Salvadorian Gang Threatened That If There Is Not A Path To Residence For The Undocumented People Lving In The U.S Coming From The Senate, They Plan On Coming To The U.S And Killing People.

Help!! More Border Security! More Border Security!

Daniel said...

anon, but can you spell "nazi"?

And I see that the tolerance crowd is now threatening bombings. How nice.

Fortunately if Mexico's bomb-making skills are as good as their "let's fix our own damn country" skills, we have nothing to worry about.

Scott said...

What eles can one expect from the tolerance and peace bunch?

Scott said...

Oh and:
Hey Mexico
"Let’s bring the corruption here too."

Dylan said...

It's time to admit that you're a racist. I am truly tired about hearing your perception of characterizations of Mexicans. (i can see 2 in this posting alone) I hope you feel morally superior picking on someone that wasn't born into the privilege that you're hording. Hopefully you ... Pat Buchanan, David Duke, and Robert Byrd can find an uninhabited island to live in isolation for the world and create a pure master white race. I hope you get your ass handed to you in the immigration debate ... form a third party in Oregon and become the next ridiculous one issue extreme candidate.

Honest Abe said...

No worries about the racism, bigotry, and threats of violence against immigrants posted on this blog. I took several posts and the links off this blog and others to our meetings with Senators to show who they will be aligned with if they fail to vote yes on the McCain-Kennedy Bill. No Senator wants to appear to be racist come re-election time.

It is so interesting about racists though that when left to their own devices they shoot themselves in the foot every time.

Bruce said...

Go Piss off.....both anonymous's. I don't respect Mexico either or it's illegal people. I think when the Minutemen are on the border THEY SHOULD BE ARMED!!!!. Also they should have night-vision scopes. THEN, when someone spots some movement at night they turn the scopes on and look for 4 or 5 GOLD TEETH and a sombrero and then AIM FOR THE GOLD TEETH!!!!!!!
You people do not realize your country is under attack....maybe not with least not yet...give the little taco-benders some time yet to work up enough courage. Maybe we should invest some money in Jose Cuervo stock for a short term gain!!!LOL. Dylan and honest Abe, you self-guilt bastards..cowardly Americans, you want to refer to me as a racist..FINE...i probably am, I DO prefer MY RACE in favor of any others BUT....BUT, that does NOT MEAN i advocate the doing away with all other races. More to the point,i consider myself a culturalist.....i like my culture here in this country and YES i consider myself lucky i was born here. I DO NOT WANT TO BE REPLACED BY A LESSER CULTURE, especially when i did not invite the lesser culture IN!!!! They are slowly replacing us and i will not stand idylly by and NOT speak out against it. YOU ASSHOLES, on the other hand aparently don't give a shit about yourselves or your country. I'll bet both you cowards were consciencetious objectors when it came to military service!!!
Everybody better wake up and FIGHT for your country if you don't want to lose it to the rabble you are now seeing on TV. They wouldn't have tried this a couple of years ago.....but our apathy has made them brave!!!!

Bruce said...

A little poetry for your pleasure!

In the matter of racial comparisons, the media has us under attack, about all the historic achievments of the Indian, the Hispanic and the Black. Yet strangely when strolling museums the white mans creations stand thick, but all we can find of those others are a blanket, a bowl and a stick. No telephones, time clocks or engines, no lights that go on with a flick. No airplanes, no rockets or radios, just a blanket, a bowl and a stick. Not one Sioux Indian submarine, no African ice cream to lick, not a single Mexican X-Ray machine, it's a blanket, a bowl and a stick. So remember when history's the subject and revisionists are up to their tricks, the evidence tells quite another tale of a blankt, a bowl and a stick!!!

Robin said...

"we are your economy..." really?

Not really. Currently you're being taken advantage of by greedy corporations for short-term profits. This is why legislation such as HR 4038 which fines the employers who hire the illegal immigrant is causing such a ruckus.

Also, maybe the illegal immigrants have not thought of this one.... if they become "legal" whether through the guest worker program or amnesty, this also removes the advantage to the employers because employers would have to pay the immigrants the same wages as they would everybody else.

Of course this is assuming that the requirements for citizenship are still in force e.g. to be a citizen you must be able to read, write, and speak English

as they say, be careful what you wish for.

Anonymous said...

We have the garbage in, now its time to get the garbage out!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

WoW! Real Racism

Calhoun said...

dylan said : It's time to admit that you're a racist. I am truly tired about hearing your perception of characterizations of Mexicans.

Um ... "Mexican" is not a race. And neither is "Latino".

In Latin America, there are people of Caucasian ancestry, African ancestry, Indigenous ancestry ... and everything in between.

"Latino" is a multi-racial category of people, not a race.

Bruce said...'re right, latino is a multi-cultural term. And yes, Mexican is not a is a group of people from the same demographic area.....and further, if they are 'illegal Mexicans" that is not a race either......That is commonly known as a BLIGHT or criminals or bums or invaders, well you get the picture!!!!!!

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