Thursday, April 27, 2006

Let's try for more than one day

A Day Without Illegal Aliens? It's a Start!
May 1 is going to be “A Day Without Illegal Aliens.”

This is supposed to frighten you.

So on May 1, the ridiculous, old socialist “workers’ holiday” known overseas as “May Day,” they intend to punish the American people, and intimidate Congress into passing a “guest worker” amnesty, by marching in the streets, boycotting American stores, and shutting down the corrupt businesses that have illegally employed them.

Those businesses still functioning on May 1, dubbed “A Day Without Illegal Aliens” by the scheme’s organizers, will be the honest ones. They’ll be the ones who hire only legal immigrants and American citizens, obey our labor laws, collect their employee’s taxes, and pay their workers a fair legal wage.

I'm really looking forward to days two, three and four without illegal aliens!


Anonymous said...

I'd like to see some counter demonstrations, like boycotting Taco Time, Azteca and other Mexican establishments. This attempted intimidation crap from them has gone too far ! If they start waving Mexican flags - time to start dissing their flag after what they did to our flags in the first series of demonstrations !

Also time to get angry at any legislators who want to give them a free pass and reward illegal behavior..

David said...

It would be great if the FBI were ready to raid the businesses that let these people have a day off to protest. You know, use the opportunity to make some arrests of illegals...

Bruce said...

I know i will be spending the day looking for the the welfare office etc, so i can take pictures of them just to show people that they will boycott business's BUT will not boycott sucking up our social sevices. Hopefully i will be able to get a picture of one of them using the Or. Trail Card at a store on boycott day.

Anonymous said...

OFIR members and friends are invited to counter the attempt by Illegal Aliens to impact the economy by doing extra shopping on Mon. May 1st and then...
MEXICAN BOYCOTT on Fri. May 5th.
NO Mexican BEER/Restaraunts/Companies/Vactions

We have MORE power and need to use it while we still can.

Anonymous said...

BIGGEST NEWS EVER! PLEASE read these two. We have the ACLU agreeing that people should know who stole their Social Security #. The IRS reports over 9 Million S.S.#'s from Employers that are not correct and Congress will get permission to investigate and hand it over to ICE!
In the 2nd story, We have the same Attorney who got $1.3 MIL. out of Washington Apple co. for hiring Illegals, taking ANOTHER COMPANY all the way to the SUPREME COURT on RICO LAWS!
Justice will prevail and ILLEGAL ALIENS will have no where to work or hide anymore soon. Rick Hickey
Measure would require agencies to divulge details of illegal workers
By Tim Funk and Liz Chandler
Knight Ridder Newspapers
Finding illegal immigrants could be simpler if federal agencies cooperated
WASHINGTON - Congress is moving to knock down barriers that currently bar the IRS and Social Security Administration from sharing information that could help law enforcement identify illegal immigrants and the firms that employ them.

The two agencies routinely collect evidence of potential workplace crimes, including the names and addresses of millions of people who are using bogus Social Security numbers, their wage records and the identities of the bosses who knowingly hire them

Illegals case a landmark
Court to decide if Mohawk faces RICO charge

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 04/27/06

Washington — If a company works closely with labor recruiters to hire and harbor illegal immigrant workers, is it acting as an organized crime syndicate, similar to the Mafia?

Yes, according to an attorney for four current and former workers at Mohawk Industries Inc., a Calhoun-based carpet maker, in an argument made to the Supreme Court on Wednesday.

The workers say Mohawk's purpose was to drive down wages and that the company should be punished under the civil provisions of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. That federal law, enacted in 1970 to fight organized crime, allows victims to collect triple damages, plus attorney fees.

Mohawk attorney Carter Phillips asked the justices to dismiss the racketeering suit, saying the company never took part in a separate enterprise to violate immigration laws. When the company uses an outside recruiter to find employees, "it's an arm's length deal," he said.

There were indications that some justices sympathized with Mohawk's arguments.

Justice Stephen Breyer questioned whether it would be wise for the court to "RICO-ize vast amounts of commercial activities." Justice Antonin Scalia said he was hesitant to let courts try to read "the minds of corporations" in such cases.

A decision is expected by July.

Business groups are watching closely because if the high court were to rule that outsourcing a service such as recruiting workers can create an illegal "enterprise," a wave of expensive RICO suits might wash over them.

The workers filed their class-action suit in 2004 in a bid to get current and former workers the higher wages they say they were denied because of Mohawk's hiring practices.

More than 4,000 employees

The company, with more than 4,000 employees in northwest Georgia, says it provides workers with competitive wages and benefits.

But so far, Mohawk hasn't been able to shake off the RICO case. Last June, the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals denied the company's motion to dismiss the suit, which was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia.

The Supreme Court's decision potentially could clear the way for many RICO suits to be filed in connection with the use of immigrant workers. The court could rule in a way that imposes much more responsibility on employers, rather than government officials, to stem the flow of illegal labor.

Some supporters of immigrants also fear a ruling against Mohawk. They believe it could force employers to conduct much stricter documentation checks whenever a worker looks or sounds foreign. That could discourage the hiring of all immigrants, including those who are legal.

But supporters of stricter immigration controls hope the court will empower private individuals to use RICO suits against employers in an effort to stop the use of illegal labor. They note that in 1996, Congress amended RICO to include the employment of illegal immigrants as an offense covered by the law.

The workers' case was argued by Howard Foster, a Chicago attorney who pioneered the use of RICO provisions to help workers win back wages. Foster recently won a preliminary settlement of $1.3 million in a case involving back wages for employees of Zirkle Fruit Co., an apple-packing company in Selah, Wash.

The Bush administration, which has been pushing for immigration reform, sides with Foster. Mohawk is supported by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Manufacturers and other business organizations that fear getting hit by costly RICO suits.

If the Supreme Court rejects Mohawk's arguments and allows the RICO case to go forward, workers say they will be able to prove that Mohawk, the country's second-largest maker of commercial and residential carpets with $6.6 billion in annual revenue, paid recruiters to go to Texas to seek out illegal workers willing to accept low wages.

They allege that the company worked with the recruiters to violate immigration laws, forge documents and harbor illegals.

As a result, the plaintiffs say, wages remain depressed in the Calhoun area even though the unemployment rate is low. They say they can find out what Mohawk's average wages are only if they move forward with the pretrial discovery process.

Mohawk's use of immigrant labor has transformed Calhoun's demographic profile. The Hispanic population there shot up from nearly nothing in 1990 to an estimated one-sixth of the town's 13,000 residents today.


The Second Amendment means nothing outside of hunting.

Our forefathers gave us that right to fend off a military takeover in the U.S. - by either the left or the right.

Apparently, since most gun owners are far right they didn't see fit to fight the far right takeover so here we are. On the verge of martial law.

You'll imitate your German counterparts of 70 years ago. You'll allow them to take away any weapon that gives you parity with the military. You know you barely made a peep when the Brady Bill took away your assault rifles, which is what you'll need to effectively combat troops.

What a bunch of cowards, and what a sore disgrace you are to our forefathers who gave their blood for the likes of you.

In Jesus' Glorious and Holy name,
Dean Berry -- Real American

Mike Mayhem said...

I think as Conservatives we should protest this blatantly socialist holiday, we'll do this by working 16 hours a day in slave like conditions for poor wages... that way we'll harm the liberal conspiracy that's been under the guise of "worker's rights," that's been going strong since the 1700's.

Stupid liberals when will they learn that worker's don't have rights, psh... if we have fair working conditions it's only going to provide incentives for those illegals that ruin our lives.

I hate the liberals.

Robin said...

I agree, we should spend like crazy!
Anon: I would not target Taco Time or anyother Mexican business solely because they are a Mexican or Mexican themed establishment because they may be 100% in compliance with law.

while I agree it is time to get angry, it is also time to be wise.

like the previous demonstration, all that it may do was show people who did not think that immigration was a problem just how serious the problem actually is.

Anonymous said...

Lets see if all the Mazatlans in Portland, Tigard and surrounding areas close. I doubt it. A day without means none, zero, nada. That means they stay home not go into public.

Yeah for ICE, making excellent head way here in the portland area.

Allen said...

Last night Fox-12 News showed where the water in the toilet bowl of a local area Mexican restaurant was cleaner than what they were serving their customers.

(Yes, they showed them dipping water from the toilet bowl, not just the fresh water tank)

They trailed the likely source back to the scoop handle in the ice maker where fecal matter had likely transferred off the hands of employees who had not washer their hand after going . . . big potty.

Now, we taxpayers must cover the health care costs for thousands of Illegal Aliens who haven't the motivation to protect themselves, much less we Gringos.

Just how lazy can a person be?

I hope Ron Wyden enjoys his Fresh Picked Strawberries.

Scottiebill said...

A day without illegals is like a day with sunshine!!

I think any boycott of businesses ought to be those who openly state that they are supporting the illegals. And not for just one day, but for a good, looooooong time.

BTW - I was in the Post Office yesterday and a banner about 2 ft wide and about 6 ft long, yellow with red letters, stating in Spanish something about "dineros". Since I don't speak the language, nor have any desire to, it was unreadable to me, but it had something to do with money, possibly about fair exchange of monies. Have anyone else seen these banners and know what they are saying??? It really galls me that even the Post Office is falling into lockstep with this bunch.

I've said it before -- In the not too distant future, MexSpanish is going to be a required subject in the schools and English will be just an elective. If that statement makes me a racist, then so be it. We need to follow anonymous 1027pm's idea and get very, very pissed off at any legislator, federal, state or local, who wants to give the illegals a free pass to citizenship. We should start with Teddy Kennedrunk and John "I am a RICO" McCain. Those two want to automatically give the illegals already here automatic citizenship status. This was reported in Time Magazine 3 or 4 weeks ago.

And the Alqaeda Civil Liberties Union should be disbanded and its leaders disbarred and sent to Leavenworth for sedition.

PollyAnna said...

i think ..
save money the next few days, then on the may 1st "boycott",
we should all head out and go spend our money anyways ..
at places of our choosing safe away from demonstrations or
peace walks/ rallys or whatever..

tell managers and store owners why you are shopping there..
to support the US economy. to let them know that the boycott didnt stop you...
nor let it effect us one bit.
call or email the President, congress/senate representative and also
state,mayor anyone who you can..

show our spending power..we are all related to immigrants too,
somewhere down the line! our ancestors worked hard, after coming here
legally for the priviledge of living the "american way".

i dont remember my grandparents,who entered the USA legally,
hiding illegal relatives ,then all of them hitting the street to
demand rights they had not earned yet.
what a horrible example to set for one's children.

if established illegals want to stay in the USA,
let them come forward and get in the right line
and apply just like everyone else...
it can only make life better in the long run, for their children...

if you are a boss,
hire someone to take the place of someone who didnt show up for work..
because certainly slackers along with illegals will join the boycott just to get off a day of work..
and if you have illegal workers, now is the time to change to LEGAL Workers,
because i dont think it will be getting better for those who hire illegals...

and if you are the state of california, shame on you for caving in..

KS said...

May 1st should be hailed as Pinko de Mayo - after the choice of May 1st which coincides with the biggest holiday of the year for Communist totalitarian governments.

Mexico is out to boycott US products that day, so it would only be fitting to boycott anything from Mexico for at least that long and do extra shopping, and also realize that there will probably also be less illegals leeching off of our system during that period.

Pinko de Mayo deserves notoriety - like goosestepping with the illegal aliens from whatever country they are from. Also time to contact the local and national news media and tell them to start telling the truth and say the marches are about legitimizing illegal aliens as citizens and not immigration - they are not only lieing but are being treasonous !

Jeff said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one looking forward to ridding businesses of ileagals for a day. Too bad they won't stay away from work.

Anonymous said...

Its actually called a day without immigrants you morons. Haha

Scottiebill said...

Jeff, If the illegals' employers had any guts at all, they would be staying away from work permanently.

Anonymous said...

Boycott Chipotle!!! (stock ticker CMG). The CEO guaranteed employees they could protest on Mayday and would still have their jobs the next morning. Many of their stores were closed on Monday, showcasing the fact that Chipotle's priority is with illegal immigration amnesty instead of serving their customers.