Wednesday, April 26, 2006

How much would it cost to deport: a rumor

Raid rumors spark Hispanic worker no-shows
Rumors - strongly denied by federal officials - of local immigration checkpoints and roundups amid heightened focus on the issue of illegal aliens combined to keep hundreds if not thousands of Hispanic workers off the job Monday in Central Oregon, where they play a crucial role in the red-hot housing market.

Brian Bergler, vice president for sales and marketing for Pahlisch Homes in Bend, said, "Our production team saw most of the trades, in sheetrockers and paint crews, were mostly affected, and we saw about 50 percent (of the) workforce that didn't show up for the day (Monday)."

"The main rumor is that there are checkpoints out for immigration," Bergler said. "We're just anxious for all of them to return as quickly as possible. A couple days, we can continue as normal, but if it continued for a week or longer, it would definitely have an effect for us."

Many of you understand that there is no need for massive deportation, that over time simple enforcement of our labor laws will cause illegal aliens to stop working and go home.

But when simple rumors can keep 50% of a workforce from showing up it may be even easier. Imagine if there we a few extra raids this week. Put some fear in the illegal employees and put some employers out of bussiness.

ICE should immediately issue a press release saying that they will be doing raids starting Friday, here is a phone number to call to verify the work eligibility of your workers, if you are found to have illegal workers after this the fine is $50,000 per head.


Bruce said...

Now would be a good time for people in that area to go to those employers to try to get a job stateing "If your workers won't show up..i will, hire me" and see if the employers will give them a job OR do they really want their little hispanics back.

Alejopendejo said...

Good Luck to you all! You better work your ass off are very soon going to be a minority...I can't is going to be a great about our country's changing's going to make you cry

Anonymous said...

bruce is full of it. these jobs will set empty because americans won't do them. so no houses built until the immigrants return.

Anonymous said...

ICE cleaned up over 180 + illegals in FL. They have already been busy here in Oregon, but keeping it quiet for now. The numbers will come out soon. The illegals should be very worried here in this state.

Calhoun said...

LOL! Yeah, illegal aliens not such a good deal, huh? What a great work ethic. No-call, no-show because they're worried they might get arrested. Could easily happen if you hire criminals for a crew.

anonymous said : "these jobs will set empty because americans won't do them. so no houses built..." What utter bullshit. We Americans were building houses just fine without you, chico. We don't need you.

Liberty44 said...

This is just some information for all of you who think Hispanics are such great workers. Last year we had new carpeting installed from Lowe's. We first had the downstairs done. Early in the morning two Hispanic men showed up. It kind of bothered me as I was home alone, but they immediately went to work on the job. They only had the two bedrooms downstairs to do along with the short hallway inbetween. They had to tear up old carpeting, etc. Well, for these two Hispanics it took them 8 hours to finish. I will say, they did an excellent job. However, when we had the upstairs done a month or so later, a white guy was sent out. He worked alone and did an absolute excellent job. He had two rooms and a longer hallway to cover as well as the stairs going upstairs. He was able to do the whole thing in 4 fours, alone with no help. The same type of carpet both upstairs as well as downstairs, but I thought it was amazing that somebody could do the job so much quicker. We had no sayso over who did the job, we just had to take whoever was sent over to do it, but I found the white person much better and quicker. I am sure he was probably paid the same as the other two, although he should have been paid twice what they were. Anyway, just thought a comparison was in order. I have heard from others that they also have had Hispanics do work and they felt they just did not do as good a job as Americans. It is the employers who are hiring these people for whatever reason. The employers are the bad guy here.

Roger Doger said...

Regardless of all this complaining , nagging and whinning, immigrants are still going to be hired at the dairy, to build houses, in the field etc, etc. People are going to continue to buy houses, dairy products, vegitables, etc, etc. My advice is, quite bitchin' and move on to a new topic. Don't you all have some cases of Hamm's Beer to get back to?

Calhoun said...

roger doger said : " immigrants are still going to be hired ... (etc)"

We're talking about criminals, not immigrants.

Anonymous said...

More traitors, call them and give them hell
Received the e-mail below. So I called the number to confirm. The Denny's customer service representative admitted that they were supporting their employees in the boycott!! For one, does this mean they hire illegals? Two, this attack on America is an act of war, terrorism, and hatred for America which Denny's is supporting! This makes Denny's an anti-American establishment! Below is both a phone number and an e-mail. I did both! The customer service employee by the way had an attitude!!


I just called the below number and confirmed that they are supporting the May 1st Hispanic protests and boycott of AMERICA.

I told the lady (with the heavy accent) that we will boycott Denny's for their Un-American behavior and taking the wrong side of the illegal immigration issue. She said that Denny's "supports their employees' right to protest". Code for "take the day off and demand amnesty from the American Government for Illegal Aliens". Shame on them!

BOYCOTT DENNEY'S NOW AND FOREVER !!!!! This should be easy since their food sucks anyway!

Call the Denny's Customer Service Team at 1-800-733-6697.

FORWARD THIS TO YOUR ENTIRE ADDRESS LIST NOW and call # below and let them have it!


Let's put these traitors out of business! What other businesses are supporting these rallies May 1st? Home Depot?

E-mail -

Mike Mayhem said...


in that case; illegal immigrants will still be hired.

Roger Doger said...

Yeah, the whole four of you are gonna put Dennys out of business...sure. You better get more blue hairs on your side.

hmmmm, I think I might go have a late breakfast at said establishment. Moons Over My Hammy sounds good right about now.

roger doger said...

And that will be with a side of milk. Thank you very much. Maybe I'll buy the whole office a late breakfast.

Daniel said...

Let's be clear here: I'm talking about illegal aliens working, not Hispanics or immigrants.

If you have to worry that your worker is going to be arrested then he shouldn't be your employee!

Scottiebill said...

That Denny's is supporting the illegals on Monday next may be one other reason that all the Denny's in Clark County are closed and the buildings are for sale. In fact, the old Denny's building on Mill Plain just west of I-5 is scheduled to be torn down and a new Burgerville is to be built there. But, my opinions of Denny's has always been that eating there was an act of desperation.

Scottiebill said...

Well said, Calhoun, My now deceased father-in-law was a carpenter in northern Montana for well over 35 years and he and his crew did very well without any illegals in the way. And they continued to build housed and office buildings there in the wintertime with temperatures sometimes getting to -25 degrees, something one of the illegals surely would not do. As long as the climate is good, the illegals will want to work, but let the conditions get extreme and they just won't show up.

Anonymous said...

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