Friday, April 14, 2006

But don't buy from somewhere that hires illegals

May 1 Is Conservative Shopping Day!
As you no doubt know, illegal aliens and their handlers plan to hold their next Senate intimidation rallies on May 1, better known as the Marxist holiday of “May Day.” The May Day campaign will consist of yet more anti-law-enforcement marches and a nationwide “boycott” of shopping.

If the boycott and strike are successful, this means that May 1 will be A DAY WITHOUT ILLEGAL ALIENS! Lines will be shorter. Clerks will all speak English. Businesses that have been honest enough to hire legal residents will be poised to finally enjoy a competitive advantage! It will be morning again in America. Every actual American should make a point to get out and support those businesses and counteract the criminal boycott movement.

Show the doubters that a day without illegal aliens is not a crisis, it’s just a good start. And spread the word. Forward this notice or send out your own. Let it be shouted, in clear unaccented English, from every mountaintop and blog: SPEND, GRINGOS, SPEND!

Viva la Mastercard!! I'm going to Wal-Mart!


Anonymous said...

Itl be nice monday may 1st for you daniel. But the next.......... Haha I feel sorry for you racist people. Don't get to excited now.

Anonymous said...

Holy Crap!!!
My oh my...What would Jesus do indeed...
I'm sure the good Lord is down on " population thinning" and other good stuff that you religious nutcases manage to think up.
Lord, if you exist, please send your guardian angels to keep on eye on the rest of us, your fan club is reaaally scary.
Hmmm..religious intolerant wackos inciting violence, promoting hate and fear... stop me if you heard this one before, Taliban? 1930's Germany? The whole Middle East?
Daniel, it must really suck to be you. Get a life you fucked up clown

Anonymous said...

I will do 4 weeks worth of shopping on May 1st.
It will be a great day.
I work with the Schools.
Maybe the Students could have an "educational" absent day & work and make some money.
The COMMIES/Illegal Aliens can all stay Home and pack their bags and the rest of us will get back to the fun of Capitolism that makes everybody so ENVIOUS of America.
ILLEGALS can go back to their TURD WORLD TOILET and FIX IT!

Bruce said...

Not to worry Daniel...I had the very same idea but i'm going to take it one step further. I was going to call you today anyway. I'll explain when i call you today. Maybe you can put it up on the blog to enhance what you put forth here!

BEAR said...

I'm trying so, so hard to care if illegals have a strike......Nope, can't get there. I wonder if the border crashers will take a day off from welfare, drug dealing, food stamps, stealing health care, stealing cars....doubt it.

Anonymous said...

"ILLEGALS can go back to their TURD WORLD TOILET and FIX IT!"

Oh, that's really pretty. Nice blog here. It's interesting going back through the posts and seeing links to Daniel's criminal history regarding firearms and drugs, and suspected gang activity? For all of you cohorts of Daniel here, touting the illegal crap, how do you justify that? How do you, Daniel, justify your hatred within your own context of your life and your family?

Scottiebill said...

Anonymous 1101 is proving it once again - when racism is brought up stupid is very close behind. He just never learns, does he?

BEAR said...

my family is planning on spending extra dough on 5/1. We buried the soviets economically, so look out, strikers.

Anonymous said...

Won't work

Anonymous said...

Will you also spend "extra dough" every day of your life? Because this day is to show they are needed. IF they all get deported will you keep on spending that extra money?

Think about it, don't be stupid