Sunday, April 16, 2006

Understanding the Fishwrappers

Decoding Immigration Doublespeak
“Pro-Immigration Rallies.” The elite media consisted presented the protests as rallies in favor of immigration or immigrants rights. The Washington Post called the protestors “pro-immigration demonstrators.” New York Times “reporters” described a rally in Madison, Wisconsin – home to a large, left-leaning state university, naturally – as a “rally for immigrants’ rights,” burying in the second paragraph the inconvenient reality, “many of [the protestors are] undocumented immigrants who speak no English.” The sympathy of the masses would be moved in quite another way were these described by more accurate terms, like “Open Borders Rallies,” “Pro-Lawbreaking Rallies,” “Anti-Homeland Security Rallies,” or “Massive Collections of Perhaps Felonious Welfare Recipients.”

The Republican Bill “Criminalizes Undocumented Workers.” The rallies were allegedly called to oppose the GOP House immigration bill, sponsored by Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, which would “criminalize” illegals. During the protests, Rachel L. Swarns of the New York Times wrote Sensebrenner’s impotent counterparts on the Senate Judiciary Committee “voted to eliminate the provisions that would criminalize illegal immigrants.” CNN, CBS, and the Washington Post (among others) have uncritically reported the bill would “criminalize” undocumented workers. Of course, illegal immigrants are, ipso facto, criminals; hence, the modifier illegal. The House bill would not change their status as lawbreakers deserving deportation; it would merely raise the penalty from a misdemeanor to a felony. Such a move may not be the wisest course of action (or it may be), but that is an internal matter for American citizens to determine.

Many more phrases used by the media (with sources) are shown for what they truly are over at


Allen said...

The beauty of all this is the Libs and Demos are turning against the Open Borders folks as the shock of all those Mexican flags has slapped them in the face and hard.

The best part is their news people are continuing to play the same song even though their audience has tired of the music.

Proof again that many of the Media people have been and continue selling the Socialist (destroy the USA) line and just can't give it up.

Bruce said...

But will it be in time to turn this country around and will there be enough true Americans to stand up to this onslaught of the "illegal whores....whoops i meant hordes" The audience is tired of the music....lets hope they force our "leadership?" to play a more patriotic song!!!

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