Tuesday, April 25, 2006

More protest pictures

Erik from Tacoma, WA came all the way down to Portland to protest the carousel of crime. His pictures and narrative make me glad that he came.

Check out his version.


el razonador said...

Daniel -- I wonder why it is that you and your ilk spend so much time trying to demonstrate that Mexican immigrants are an inferior class (race/ethnicity, what have you) relative to yourself, as a way of influencing the government to change its current policies? It is for all of the same reasons that you clearly despise Mexican immigrants that the business elites in this country prefer them as employees, and prefer to keep the laws as they are. The current laws maintain a massive labor pool whose precarious legal status predisposes them to be pliant workers who will labor for little and without fuss.

Why don't you confront real power, and take on the business elites who are presently lobbying congress to maintain the status quo (i.e., a large population of Mexican indentured servants), rather than spending your time taking pictures of poor people, and slamming what you deem to be their inferior culture? This only allows you and big business to sleep in the same cozy partisan bed without acknowledging the fact that your interests move in opposite directions...never underestimate the power of denial!

The irony of all of this is that you who damn the immigrant and I who march for their rights are in actuality, marching toward the same goal: a massive government intervention into a free-market system that begets the current illegal labor situation. Ironic, too, is that fact that in so many of your posts, you bemoan big government at the same time that you ask government to step in and effectively regulate that big industries shall be cut off from their peasant labor supply.

Irony, it's one of life's many treats.

Erik said...

I'm not big on big government, myself. Personally, I tend to lean heavily towards libertarian views. One responsibility that I think should fall under the government's watch though, is national security. To me, among other things, that means controlling who is entering this country. True though, as El Razonador stated, there are bigger problems that exist. Many big business interests get rich from the exploitation of illegal labor in this country. But why, must people refuse to go through the legal process that is already set up, a process that millions upon millions of people have used over the years to emigrate here legally, and also why must we keep voting in politicians that allow themselves to be bought up by special interests? Everyone knows that this issue is far from black and white. There are extremist elements on both sides. All I want, is for the law to be respected and enforced. If it needs to be changed, then there is a process for that as well.

Anonymous said...

Erik, Thank you for joining us and driving so far.
How did you get the addresses of the next 2 events?
I hope you are on the OFIR e-mail alert list and I hope you also know about the group in Washington that is collecting signatures for an intivate aimed at Illegal Aliens.

Rick Hickey said...

El Raz,
GOVERMENT #1 JOB is to protect OUR Nation from invasion, whether the other Nation is carrying guns and wearing uniforms or bringing in Narcotics.
U.S. Gov't THINKS its job is an unlimited supply of not really cheap labor and more Voters who want social services.
I AGREE, I do NOT want ANY workers exploited. BUT, the Illegal Alien is taking that chance by sneaking in and not going through the proper channells to come LEGALLY so they CAN'T be exploited and I guess they like it or they would go home.
We issue over 400,000 Work Visas per year. YES they could come LEGALLY.
OFIR IS confronting OUR gov't & BIZ owners i.e. NO milk/cheese/yogurt/ice cream Made in Oregon, will be purchased for my home and many others now.
Also OFIR has designated 5th of MAY as BOYCOTT MEXICO day.
This is in response to Mexico & Osama Bin Laden both working together to Boycott America.

The Real Daniel said...

What Raz? Can't take the heat
THe only reason they prefer illegals is caus they pay them a dollor an hour

Texas said...

The illegal invaders, communist and
the libs are only about inflicting
racism, hate and abuse on the American


Erik said...

I did some investigating to find the addresses of the hood river and klamath falls events. I ended up contacting some DHS directors and also looking through information still on Oregon govt. websites about the events last year. I'm trying to verify the Bend, Oregon location.

Veronica said...

Welcome Eric, I like your blog , and has everyone seen The Real Daniel blog? rofl I thought it was hilarious.:)