Monday, April 17, 2006


Regarding Woodburn school kids who skipped class to support criminals:

Dear [Daniel]:

Thank you for your concern. Students who did not have an excused absence received a variety of discipline, including detention, exclusion from extra-curricular activities, and exclusion from next sports event (if particpating). Students are also expected to make up all work missed during their absence (excused or unexcused).

Please know that the school district did not support or sanction this event. We involved parents and used policy to regulate absences. We minimized disruptions and confrontations. Most importantly, there were over 4000 students in the district who had school as normal the entire day on Thursday.

Walt Blomberg

Regarding Senator Charles Starr:

I had a lengthy phone conversation with the Senator about his 2005 vote to allow in-state tuition for illegal aliens. As of today he says that he would absolutely vote against a bill like that. He has also become versed on the DMV/illegal aliens/Robleto issue and is very interested in limiting drivers licenses to legal residents only.

(NOTE: I had a dicussion with someone who indicated that there was a possibility that the special session would be open to introduction of a few extra items for the agenda and why couldn't one of them by drivers licenses, since then I have heard back that there is no possibility of this as the leadership has already done their deal making)

I had asked Starr to push for this and also to call into Lars' and Victoria's shows today, didn't hear him on Lars [but he was on, as was Bruce Starr]... you should be listening to Victoria right now! (860am)

UPDATE: Senator Starr was on Victoria just now. I liked what I heard!


Jim in KFalls said...

I heard him on Lars's show today - Lars pushed him to create a bill that would not allow employers of illegals to use the wages of an illegal as a tax write off.

He also pushed it to another house member (I don't remember her name) who went on an extended ride along with the OSP.

BEAR said...

Betsy Johnson, senator, Columbia County, Clatsop County

BEAR said...

Daniel, please beware of Blomberg's double-speak. Remember that the school sent out a request for permission slips from parents. We'll skip the part about whether these "excused" absence permission slips are within state law. Blomberg only said that children without the parental permission faced discipline. The rest of the truants get a pass, with the encouragement and involvement of the school. Blomberg's just another miserable, agenda driven hack, face down in the public trough. Feel free to nail him on this. I would ask, "what percentage of the total absent and marching students were disciplined?" Can you say, ZERO, ZIP, NADA?

BEAR said...

jim in kfalls, Starr must have had to pee really bad, because he danced and fidgeted pretty much the whole interview, as did Johnson.

MAX Redline said...

Daniel's famous -

An 8-year-old Loganville boy whose arm was nearly severed in a hit-and-run accident Sunday night underwent

RINO WATCH said...

All of you, one minute please...

Bruce, the front runner, Starr was the "Starr Boy" on Lars today. Charlezzz was, yawn, napping, yawn....

Bruce & Charlezzz Starr don't gave a damn about immigration reform or election reform.

They are Pre-ten-Duhs!

MAX Redline said...

An 8-year-old Loganville boy whose arm was nearly severed in a hit-and-run accident Sunday night underwent successful surgery Monday. - snip - The suspect was identified as Adan Torres Garcia, 25, of Lawrenceville. He remained in the Gwinnett jail Monday without bond on two felony charges related to Sunday's incident. He also had an unrelated misdemeanor.
Also, no drivers license.
The boy's name is Daniel.