Thursday, April 13, 2006

We don't need no stinkin' senate

Senate OKs bill to apply trespassing law to immigrants
Two days after a big immigration march in Phoenix, the Arizona Senate today approved legislation to make illegal immigrants subject to the state's criminal trespassing law.

If we can't get a good bill out of congress then the issue will go back to the states where elected officials are a slightly less disconnected from the voters.

Oregon could take many steps to stop being an illegal alien haven.


fish_on said...

Illegals' Amnesty Could Cost $60 Billion a Year, Group Says
By Randy Hall Staff Writer/Editor
April 11, 2006

( - If an illegal immigrant amnesty or guest worker program similar to the ones being contemplated by the U.S. Senate and supported by President Bush were enacted, the cost to state and local governments would be staggering, an immigration reform group charged Tuesday.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) estimates that state and local costs associated with illegal immigration for public education, health care and incarceration, now about $36 billion a year, would balloon to $61.5 billion by 2010 -- a 70 percent increase -- and increase to $106.3 billion by 2020.

As a result of an amnesty and a vastly expanded guest worker program, millions of current illegal aliens would gain legal access to government programs and services, a FAIR analysis states.

Moreover, newly legalized aliens would be allowed to bring their dependents to this country, adding to the burdens on schools and public health care. Similarly, state and local governments would have to provide for the education and health care of the dependents of the 400,000 new guest workers called for in the Senate proposal.

"From every possible angle, an illegal alien amnesty and guest worker program would be a fiscal and administrative nightmare," said Dan Stein, president of FAIR. "Never mind the fact that an illegal alien amnesty is a moral betrayal of the American public and immigrants who played by the rules.

"It would be an unfunded federal mandate that will bankrupt states, counties and cities all across the United States," Stein added.

Contrary to claims by proponents of amnesty, the tax contributions of newly legalized illegal aliens would not offset the additional costs, he stated. The estimated 12 million illegal aliens in the U.S. are overwhelmingly poorly educated and low skilled.

Even with legalization, their earning potential would be very limited, Stein noted. With the ability to legitimately claim dependents on their returns, their tax contributions would be negligible at best, and with programs like the Earned Income Tax Credit, many will actually get more back than they pay in.

None of the federal or local costs associated with an illegal alien amnesty or a massive guest worker program has even been considered as part of the Senate's deliberations, he said.

When asked point blank about the ramifications of their proposed legislation, Senate amnesty and guest worker supporters admitted that they have not been worked out. "The devil is in the details," said the ranking Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, Patrick Leahy of Vermont.

"'The devil is in the details' is an utterly reckless and irresponsible way to conduct public policy," responded Stein. "The fiscal, social, environmental and demographic consequences of what the Senate is proposing would be staggering.

"In an effort to respond to special interest pressure, the Senate and the Bush administration seem prepared to rush forward without any rational assessment of what it would mean for the future of the nation," he noted.

"We have seen where the 'devil is in the details' approach has gotten us in Iraq. The president and others pushing amnesty and guest workers have an obligation to think this one all the way through before acting," Stein concluded.

A breakdown of the calculation of amnesty costs and a state by state impact analysis can be found at FAIR's website.

Scottiebill said...

The first step to stop Oregon from being an illegal alien haven would be to give the boot to Teddy the K. The second step would be to give the boot to SecState Guillermo Bradbury. This will take two more years to accomplish. The third step would be to give the boot to Hardy Har Har. Here again, this will take two more years.

After each of these steps are taken, get someone in who will enforce the laws in place instead of illegally aiding and abetting the criminal illegals by chosing to look the other way when the illegals are getting drivers licenses they should not have and who are getting voting rights they cannot have under state and federal laws. Only then will Oregon have achance of being a law abiding entity.

Robin said...

I still am appalled that coming into this country illegally is a misdemeanor and we have to set up trespassing laws to deal with this breach of security.

Vonski said...

I wonder, if illegal aliens could hold public office here in the US, would the politicians feel a bit more threatened by their presence?

Tom said...

This is a good thing. They are being recognized as having to abide by the same laws. The point of this isn't some victory to the anti-immigrant crowd, it is actually a step closer to these immigrants becoming American citizens. I welcome it as the majority of Americans do.

Texas said...

All of you PRO- ILLEGAL invader, guttersnipes, should be ashamed of yourselves!!!



BEAR said...

Hey, fish-on, thanx for the homework. Our elected "leaders," however, are more concerned with PC than reality. tom, as usual, is playing the Shakespearian part of the idiot. Robin, when we, the people, have to circumvent the politicians in order to achieve common sense, we are that much closer to institutionalized anarchy. The good news is that there are 270 million non-anarchists in this country!

MAX Redline said...


It's only a misdemeanor the first time. If you're deported, and subsequently return (as most deportees do) it's a felony.


"The point of this isn't some victory to the anti-immigrant crowd, it is actually a step closer to these immigrants becoming American citizens. I welcome it as the majority of Americans do."

You obviously haven't been keeping on top of the data, which clearly indicates that a large majority of Americans do not support illegal immigration.

You really need to apprise yourself of the facts before you run in and pop off.

MAX Redline said...


Quit posting the same stuff over and over. It's become really boring, so go buy yourself a life.

By the way, I believe you're violating copyright law.

Robin said...

Vonski makes a good point.

illegals already vote...

so if an illegal alien ran for office, would we tell them that they could not.

seriously, what is the difference?

we allow them to do everything else without penalty.

do we check and verify citizenship of people running for office?