Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tax dollars for "skateable art"

***PUBLIC ART OPPORTUNITIES, Portland, Oregon***

Skateable Art for Pier Park Skatepark.

The Regional Arts & Culture Council invites artists/teams living in Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington Counties in Oregon, or in Clark County, Washington, to submit qualifications for a public art project at the soon to be built Skatepark at Pier Park in North Portland. The Art Selection Panel is interested in commissioning an artist or an artist team to create artwork that is skateable and integrates into the overall design for the Skatepark. Graphic and sculptural opportunities include incorporating color into the concrete, designing already planned tilework and handrails, or working with the contractor to create a skateable component with cast concrete or steel. The art budget is $13,000. Download guidelines at http://www.racc.org. Deadline: 5/12/06./06.

Because you can't have a publicly financed skate park without including publicly financed artwork.

No money for concrete that cars use... money for concrete that skateboards use. That's the best way to spend our tax dollars?


BEAR said...

pitiful potter says he wants a family-friendly city. moonbat potter thinks that families crave to be acosted by freaks, anarchists, panhandlers, drug dealers, and traffic jams. WRONG! I moved my family out years ago, after the second woman in 6 months was attacked on the street corner near my home. peanut-brain potter thinks hybrid cars and an aquatic park will fix portland? Bwaahahaaa!!!

Scottiebill said...

Taliban Tommy would be well advised to use that $13,000. for something useful, like paying the Schumacher's lawyers fees when they have to defend the city against the suit the Schumachers have against them for not letting the police do their jobs in getting rid of the nutty anarchists.

Or maybe he should do something really practical with it - use it to buy off Randy Leonard if he will quit the City Council and return to relative obscurity as a retired firefighter. There the money would go for a good purpose.

But, of course, Taliban Tommy will still pander to the City's liberals and continue to do the wrong thing. Are we sure that Vera isn't advising him on dumb things like this scheme?

Oregon Infidel said...

Are you #%@*&@! kidding me?? This is the biggest waste of taxpayer dollars in this sorry city!

This is what happens when liberals are allowed to run the finances.

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