Monday, April 17, 2006

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Ladies & Gentlemen, you are invited to stand up for YOUR "RIGHTS". The Mexican Consulate will again sell their PHOTO ID card "ONLY to Mexican Nationals". ALL LEGAL IMMIGRANTS have ID.

State of OREGON Agencies will be present to assist (including Bureau Of Labor & Industry), Illegal Aliens!

B.O.L.I. is EXEMPT (subsec. 4) from ORS 181-Sanctuary Law. They CAN ask Immigration Status.

Mexican Consulate Claims their ID Card, ONLY for Mexican Nationals, is SECURE

LARS LARSON & LOU DOBBS OF CNN are NOT Mexican Nationals:




Bruce said...

Looks like that little "anchor kid" had too many burritos. What a good thing that family has food stamps, so they can support his FAT HISPANIC ASS. He'll have enough power in his hands to hoist the "chicken and worm" flag of "his real country"!!! Look at the size of that stomach....MY TAX DOLLARS AT WORK !!!!!!

Sue K. said...

Yeah, cute kid.......

Anonymous said...

He'll be a HARDworker and do jobs that Americans won't do.
I know many Americans that would be a DONUT tester.

Anonymous said... look like that kid. Is that a picture of you from back in the day?
Was your daddy an orange picker? Or did your pops went down to TJ and forgot to wrap it up?
Have a nice day fuckface...

Bruce said...

anonymous 5:06pm.... he will probably grow up and then come looking for your slut of a mother. With some of the quarters he makes selling oranges at roadsides, he will easily afford your momma,the 2 bit whore! I always have a nice day, because i work in a city away from Salem and don't have to look at wetback illegals all day.

Gus said...

I guess it's not possible to have a point of view about this without being a racist as well...

Here's the deal. America is partially to blame for the flood of people coming from south of the border.

Why do they come here? Because it's the "land of opportunity." Patriotic bullshit aside, the U.S. really is the land of opportunity for those who live in virtually every country south of us. The most positive and respectible course of action would be to look at ways the U.S. can facilitate the elevation of the standard of living in places like Mexico so people aren't so desperate to leave. Do Canadians flock to the U.S.? No, because Canada is a decent place to live.

Unfortunately, the U.S. does not want the standard of living to be elevated in Mexico. What would happen if people actually got organized down there? One of the first things they'd do is demand reasonable pay at all the shitty factories U.S. corporations have set up to keep production costs down. No more cheap labor (ie: exploitation) equals a big hit to the bottom line of a significant number of U.S. backed businesses in Mexico. You can make this argument for the rest of the third world in relation to the West. We not only condone the terrible conditions millions and millions of people are forced to live in the third world, but we also take advantage of it and perpeptuate it as well.

Maybe this giant influx of people from south of the border and the subsequent problems they inadvertantly cause is exactly what we deserve...

Calhoun said...

gus said : "The most positive and respectible course of action would be to look at ways the U.S. can facilitate the elevation of the standard of living in places like Mexico ..."

Is it our job to turn other countries into success stories? Shouldn't they be doing that themselves? And if they can't do that, can anyone else really do it for them?

Since they work so hard, you'd think their countries would already be fantastic success stories.

B.M. said...

Bruce, you really need to calm down a littler

Gus said...

No. It's not our job to turn other countries into success stories.

However, it's also not our job to continuously keep those countries unsuccessful--which we do in many ways.

The point, that you seem to have missed, is that we are partly responsible for this situation. You can't have your cake and eat it, too. If you want to keep Mexico as a resource for cheap labor, cheap tourism, cheap drugs--then you also have to accept that some of these folks will get tired of living in squallor (they are only human, after all) and will turn to where the grass is greener.

If you'd rather be an isolationist/self-centered American and turn a blind eye to the problems of the third world, I don't think you have any room to put down these peoples' desperation.

The sad thing is, we could probably make a big difference in the Mexican Government without much effort (political pressure, tariffs, sanctions, etc). Certainly it would be easier and more successfull than our debacle in Iraq.

Calhoun said...

The point, which you seem to have missed, is that we are NOT responsible for Mexico's failure. I don't want "to keep Mexico as a resource for cheap labor, cheap tourism, cheap drugs." Dumb of you to assume that I do.

And no, I don't have to accept that criminals are going to come here and break our laws for money.

Funny that you want the US to interfere with Mexico's government. Fox tells our president what to do, and i think Mexico wants to keep it that way.

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