Monday, April 10, 2006

The hypocrites

Tolerance, free speech, respect for others. These are virtues that are preached endlessly by the left but seldom practiced.

Case in point, yet another political sign has been stolen from my yard. It said "Illegal immigration is a crime" and has been up for quite some time.

So because someone was upset about me exercising my right to post something they felt that they could commit theft.

These people are cowards, intellectual and otherwise. I have reported this theft.

I feel sorry for people who think that it's ok to commit crimes because they don't like someone's point of view, the point of view being that people shouldn't commit crimes. Well, the lawbreakers stick together I guess.


BEAR said...

Well, Daniel, you and I know it's not a "crime" if your cause is "just." This rationale is used every day by the libs and illegals to excuse and promote anarchy, ignoring their own intellectual bankruptcy.

Scottiebill said...

Daniel, Lars interviewed some clown on his program today that said that because a law ins "unjust" he shouldn't have to obey it. Some one apparently decided that your right to display your sign was "unjust" so he took it. What's wrong with that? I think that the tax codes are "unjust" so I'm not going to obey them. What's wrong with that? I don't think the IRS is going to agree with me, though.

The guy Lars was talking to was an idiot. So was the guy who took your sign. And I would be if I didn't go along with the IRS laws.

Bear is right. Liberals and the anarchists are dead wrong. Even Anonymous, the ultra-liberal pontificator. And Roger Doger, and all the rest of the illegal-loving pinheads out there.

Anonymous said...

"These people are cowards, intellectual and otherwise. I have reported this theft."

Daniel, I am glad that you think these people are intellectual. Are you?

Daniel said...

Intellectual cowards. And no I'm not, I'm perfectly willing to debate anyone on this issue and I use facts, data and logic to support my position.

Anonymous said...

Bah ha ha ha. Whaaaaaa. Quite wasting the Sherwood police department's time. I imagine they are going to work overtime trying to find who stole your little bigot sign.

Kaelri said...

Oh, for heaven's sake. Tolerance, free speech, respect for others. I'm not sure where you've been getting your information recently, but you won't find them in many conservative 2006-campaign slogans, either. Let me remind you that we are being told, by the most powerful men and women in our federal government, that simply talking about having possibly made a mistake - i.e. a violation of the fourth Constitutional Amendment - brings "aid and comfort" to the "enemy."

Following that logic, Daniel, all of your posts here criticizing the state and governor of Oregon for throwing open your doors to illegal aliens are acts of treason. Never mind that mistakes should be, you know, fixed - showing weakness is the beginning of the end! Mexican laborers wouldn't have even the slightest idea that they can get an Oregonian driver's license if you hadn't leaked it. How dare you.

Et cetera, et cetera.

So I don't really have even the slightest idea how you can say the crippling of the First Amendment is a unique failing of the left. Nobody is protecting our rights.

BEAR said...

Hey, celery, we don't have to know what "getting high" means. We just have to read one of your posts. Your spaceship overshot its mark. You're on the wrong planet, kid.

Daniel said...

Kaelri, I'm not sure what your point was. Is it ok for people to steal? Or just to steal from me?

Kaelri said...

Daniel: You opened your post by implying, not unexpectedly, that intolerance, censorship and disrespect are the unique traits of "the left." My intent was to remind you that things aren't much different right now on the other end of the axis. That is all.

(The fact that I'm not a proponent of stealing ineffectual lawn signs is not something of which I should have to waste time reassuring you.)

el razonador said...

Daniel -- With all due respect, I wonder where it is that you get your "facts". Whenever we have engaged in debate over the issue, you've failed to marshall out facts of any credibility. Your economic logic repeatedly reverses cause-and-effect, and betrays a deeper historical and economic ignorance.

You claim that relaxing child labor laws, reducing the minimum wage and a general relaxation in regulation will allow the American economy to get along without low-wage immigrant workers. But how? By magic?

Your assertion that immigration of low-skilled workers is a net economic loss (without a shred of economic and historical evidence) is a claim of such economic and social scientific grandiosity, you cannot imagine. This is easily the most debated question by scholars of modern immigration, and yet, miraculously, you know the answer.

By far the biggest gap in your "thesis" is that you completely write off the reality, now thirty years in the making, that the economy is now truly globalized, completely ignorant of the realities of competition in the global marketplace.

When you fail on the economic front, you turn to culture, sounding like a nativist record pulled out of an 1890 time capsule lamenting the downgrading of our culture by the masses of European peasants arriving by the boatload at Ellis Island. Of course, their nativist fears never came to fruition, and neither will yours.

Anonymous said...

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superprowizard said...

you explain things in a confusing way.

Kaelri said...

Most of the second paragraph was sarcasm, if that helps.

Khaldun said...

How about we make it simpler -

Daniel can not say a "liberal" stole his sign any more than he can say a "smurf" did.

Damn those happy little hypocrites...Gargamel will have his revenge!

Daniel said...

Suomynoma, a sense of humor! I like that. Fa la la la la la la...

Tony said...


Do what my friend did when his Bush lawn signs kept geting stolen. He got a 4' x 8' one and put it up on his roof.

el razonador said...

"Intellectual cowards. And no I'm not, I'm perfectly willing to debate anyone on this issue and I use facts, data and logic to support my position. "

Apparently not.

Anonymous said...

Tony said:

Do what my friend did when his Bush lawn signs kept geting stolen. He got a 4' x 8' one and put it up on his roof.

Example number two, what happens when you give rednecks an ideology -- they make the neighborhood property values plummet.

Tony said...

Now you care about property values.

When an entire town (Woodburn) is overrun, or a segment of a town (east Salem / Lancaster) is turned into a GHETTO, you say its about tolerance and diversity.

When my friend temprarily put a 4x8 sign up on the second floor, that is going to drop the property values substantially in his riverfront neighborhood?

I can assure you, his property values and those of his neighbors are just fine.

Now ask my friends east of Lancaster avenue what has happened to their values. Or over around the state fairgrounds. Problem? 247 people living in every aprartment, hanging out drinking steel reserve in the parking lot, tarps everywehere, trash all over, loud accordian music with caterwauling Mexican singers, schools with the money for instruction being sucked out by ESL, Mexican gangs prowling the streets, and a crime rate through the tarp-covered roof. THAT will lower your property values.

Rednecks with ideology don't even compare.