Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Ring ring... it's for your Serena

Reaching out to the Latino Community - A Starting Point
Many people call our office asking "how can I begin to connect with active members of the Latino community in and around Multnomah County?"

Oh yes, I make phone calls like that all the time. Oh wait, no I don't... I'm not some bigot who thinks that various races have their own "communties." Last time I checked, the community I lived in was made up of all kinds of people and we don't segregate.

I would also question the legality of the list of "service providers" that Serena has. Taxpayer dollars fund that website and she gets to put links up to whatever racist group she wants?

Can I ask a public official to link to my blog or Oregon.gov or other site?


Anonymous said...

The question about her that really needs to be asked is How does her Husband and father-in-laws construction firm get ALL those low income housing projects, and I do me just about all of them.

Sue K. said...

Yes, that would be interesting to check out. Does anyone know if those firms hire illegals?

Anonymous said...

In Mexalem you make contact with the Illegal Latino community when they stick a knife in your ribs and take your car.