Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Kulongoski attracts bussiness

Man pleads guilty in identity-theft case
A Woodburn man has pleaded guilty to visa fraud and aggravated identity theft after Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents uncovered his forgery ring, officials said.

The typical sets included a Social Security card and a lawful-resident-alien card and sold for about $100. He also sold state driver's licenses and other U.S. and Mexican documents.

This small bussiness man is the kind of entrepeneur that thrives under the "leadership" of Governor Kulongoski.

Hat tip to Gullyborg for pointing out the news item.


Sue K. said...

All I can say is, "Yep!" And yet Sleepy Ted lets it all continue. Another one of those wonderful achievements he pats himself on the back about. Absolutely WORTHLESS!!!!!

Daniel said...

Kulongoski owns the economic argument... for a fraudulent economy.

Scottiebill said...

And aiding and abetting the criminal illegal aliens. Supported by his partner-in-crime, Guillermo Bradbury.

Calhoun said...

"Fredi A. Renteria-Montes faces at least two years in prison, a fine of $250,000 and other penalties."

He should be charged with treason; convicted; and then hanged.