Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I knew there was a reason that Oregon worked

A million mobilized in Los Angeles, 100,000 in Chicago, and thousands in Portland and dozens of cities. Now it is time to mobilize in Salem as Congress decides on a legalization program or criminalization for the 12 million undocumented immigrants.

sponsored in part by: SEIU Local 503

And of course the usual folks at PCUN, CAUSA, etc.

They said it, our choices are legalization or criminalization (it's already a crime but anyways...) and there is no "middle ground" or compromise bill. Either we enforce our laws, retain our soveriengty and refuse to allow a bunch of rapists continue to steal from this country or we give in to criminal alien apologists, diversity nuts and failed businessmen who can't make a profit without breaking the law.

My vote is for criminalization. What's yours?


Bob H. said...

The fact that America's unions support the very illegals that make it possible to destabilize our workforce and drive down wages is unbelievable! The bill they support guarantees that illegals are paid the same as legals and not less than minimum wage. How does that help any of us low income workers? The unions should be the ones leading the charge against this invasion. I'm a member of the AFSCME local 2831 in Eugene, if anyone has knowledge of any activity in this area supporting this amnesty bill please report it in Daniel's blog so I can show my disapproval in person. Thanks everyone.

Daniel said...

Oregon's chapter of OFL-CIO supports illegal aliens as well.

Unions don't represent workers, they represent their own agenda and interests.

Bruce said...

Keep me up on the situation. Is there going to be a mass protest in Salem by the SEIU? That will be worth closing my shop to see that happen....I would love to join in a counter protest of that one!!!!

Anonymous said...

should we have legal status for people born here? ok if there parents were legals then fine, but i say send them back where they came from and take the whole family too.

jakejacobsen said...

I'd like to go farther, but redundant criminalization will work for a start!

MAX Redline said...

Actually, the president of LIU 483 was at Woodburn - Daniel had a photo. I saw it and dashed off a couple of emails about it - to LIU 483. Among the questions I asked: do you represent your membership? Do they realize that you are down there, waving the banner and, in effect, speaking for your membership in so doing? Does your membership understand that you are, essentially, hoping to "organize" criminals? Who does your president think he is, the second coming of Jimmy Hoffa?

No one from that union has shown up to support illegal aliens since.

Anonymous said...

I have a simple solution to this problem, and it is pissing me off that we aren't doing it. We don't have the backbone. We don't have the stones. We are a country of pussies (excuse me ladies).

Put up the wall and shut off the flow of illegal immigration. Back up the border patrol with the Guard if necessary.

Make it a criminal offense to knowingly hire illegal aliens. Make it easier for potential employers to check the identity of the potential employee.

Remove all public assistance to illegal aliens with certain limited exceptions for exigency (treatment of communicable disease, e.g.).

Don't make being an illegal here today a felony when it wasn't yesterday. Simply put, any illegal alien found in this country, no matter how that person was found, should be deported. We don't have to go on a round up, just wait and see if they present for services somewhere, etc. At that point, deport them. Make it so difficult for them to function here that they will want to go back.

Etc. Rocket science.

Anonymous said...

O'Reilly had some girl on from Colorado. She said that Hispanics in the schools there are trashing the American flag. They are ripping it off of you if you have it on, and they are spitting in your face or the face of the flag.

She also said that some were making racist remarks to the Hispanics.

Pretty freaking sad, huh? This is what our country has come to. We have lost our national identity. Man, we are in serious trouble.

Sue K. said...

And, in my opinion, I blame the current administration for allowing this crap to continue. While they continue to spin their wheels, our Country continues the downward spiral. Don't forget, according to Bush, these are the people doing the jobs that no American will do. Most Americans don't trash the American flag or hang it upside down under another country's flag. Yeah, that is real smart to be in the United States illegally, demand rights that you are not entitled to, receive services that you are not entitled to and then F_ _ K with OUR flag?!?! Smart! I would have to say, for me, that is the final nail in the coffin.......disrespecting my country's flag!

Scottiebill said...

Sue, You are right on in your blog. But, had Kerry somehow gotten in ahead of Bush in 2004, things would not be one bit different. In fact, I believe that the situation would be a whole lot worse under Kerry. In addition to all the welfare, the drivers licenses, the voting privileges, and free rides at our schools, they wuld have gotten all the free ketchup they needed. And Al Qaeda Gore would have one less thing to rant about.

Sue K. said...

scottiebill-please don't give me nightmares! I can't even begin to imagine what things would have been like with Kerry as president. And his wife......puke!