Sunday, April 16, 2006

Earth Liberation Front: Dedicated to... viagra?

Earth Liberation Front - ELF
There is no ELF structure; "it" is non-hierarchical and there is no centralized organization or leadership.

There is no "membership" in the Earth Liberation Front.

Any individuals who committed arson or any other illegal acts under the ELF name are individuals who choose to do so under the banner of ELF and do so only driven by their personal conscience.

These choices are not endorsed, encouraged, or approved of by this websites management, webmasters, affiliates, or other participants.

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The intention of this web site is journalistic in intent: to inform and chronicle issues related to ELF.

The owners, management, webmasters, affiliates, or other participants of this website are not spokespersons...

Wait a second... what? In the middle of your rant you have a promo for viagra? Then at the bottom of the page, under the heading "Social Trends and Observations" they have people actively debating whether or not cialis or viagra is better.

Is this for endangered animals to help them reproduce or for sissified liberals who don't have enough testosterone?


BEAR said...

The elf-ette I spoke to claimed that arson is not a violent crime, just a political tool by which "stuff" gets burned. We can assume these folks would define rape as an assault with a friendly weapon.
I'd love to hear these idiots actually condemn the acts and their friends who commit them. Not holding my breath.

Anonymous said...

One day the link will be made between Vasectomies and Liberalism.

Anonymous said...

the link is already being made between conservatives and abortions--make them safe and plentiful. as for viagra i just have this to say: BOB DOLE

Anonymous said...

btw: daniel with your criminal mind and record to match you should have had a vasectomy before getting your broad knocked up. either that had her get an abortion. just what we need another criminal in our society.

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