Sunday, April 02, 2006

Lars Larson opinion piece

“Real Immigrants respect the law”
The politically correct call these people immigrants, but what kind of immigrant enters illegally, works illegally, identifies himself illegally and sends every extra dime he makes back to his former home?

The $15 billion to $20 billion sent back to Mexico every year by illegals puts the lie to the idea that these so-called immigrants consider this their home. We are a fat cash cow illegals will milk until the cow goes dry.

Lars got his commentary printed in The Oregonian. I guess we can wrap our dead fish with last Friday's WSJ editorial page instead.

For those of you outside of Oregon you can stream Lars' local show here and his national show here.


Bob H. said...

TRUE AMERICANS: Tomorrow a grassroots campaign will be launched by NUMBERSUSA to contact all of the nations senators and congressmen and present them with their immigration reform report cards. If you are interested in being a part of this movement and not just another voice in the wind, please go to:
There you will find the record of all the votes that concern immigration reform and your senator and congressmans records. You can print out this card and take it with you to their local offices. Print out extra copies to hand out to others you meet there.
Please go to the NUMBERS USA website and check out the suggested things you can do to make a difference in this desision.
CAUTION: The record of RINO Gordon Smith may cause nausea and distress to those of you who have previously supported Republican candidates.

BEAR said...

Unassimilated immigrant populations (legal and illegal) are proving to have created major dysfunction in european countries, including, but not limited to; Netherlands, Germany, France, and Britain. The social dependency, lack of respect for democracy, hatred for the rule of law, their own intolerance for the cultures they now fight, and their uniformly hostile and violent reaction to anything and anyone they don't like are chillingly similar to what we're hearing from the illegals pouring across our own borders.
We hear three arguments for ignoring the threats to our national security, our economy, and the rule of law, and our distinctly American culture.
1. They do all the work? I challenge them to prove it by going away.
2. They pay taxes? They can prove this by going away and checking the impact, if any, on the national and state budgets.
3. There are too many illegals to deal with? The same politicians who allowed the problem to grow this large are now telling us it's too big to fix. They can step down and let COMPETENT leaders take charge.
Finally, I would like a list of the laws that I can now ignore, since numerous state and federal laws have no meaning to illegals, or their supporters.

Rick Hickey said...

Ron Wyden's office in Salem.
Monday at Noon. Join me as I pass out his immigration report card to everyone.
I have 7 signs for all that show up.
Wyden is the guy that told a Widow of 9-11-01 that illegal workers are more important than her Son!

Daniel said...

Now come on Rick he didn't say that... he said that strawberries being picked by illegal aliens were more important! Surely that makes all the difference...

Thanks for putting in so much work on this.

Anonymous said...

You Welcome. I Just Contacted My Senator. He Agress With McCains Proposal

Greg said...

Good news! Here in Portland, Senator Smith's office is not very far from Ron Wyden's. I'll be passing out both of their immigration report cards at their respective offices, printed on the back of an opinion piece I wrote.

Anonymous said...

Smith and Wyden support McCain's bill. Put down the bigot musket and join the future.

Bob H. said...

Anonymous-Smith and Wyden are both wrong. Join the future-get rid of them!

Anonymous said...

Wyden is the guy that told a Widow of 9-11-01 that illegal workers are more important than her Son!

OH MAN...Please put up more on this...MY GOD! only from Oregon, that SUCKS!

Scottiebill said...

That the local fishwrapper printed Lars' column is quite an accomplishment in itself, given the left-of-liberal views of the Oregonian's staff and editors. That being said, Lars column is right on target. The illegal alien invasion into the U.S. has to be stopped. The McCain-Kennedy bill has to be thrown into the dumper.

An aside here: John McCain is considering running for President in 2008. That he sides with and seems to agree with Teddy Kennedrunk makes him inelligible for the position. It matters not that he was a war hero and prisoner of war in VietNam. That was over 30 years ago. This is today and the upcoming future. There are those who would use his status as a war hero, etc., as a campaign tool. But, that he aligns himself with Kennedrunk negates all that.

Anonymous, the ultra-liberal pontificator who loves the illegals so much, will not agree with me here. But then, he does not agree with anything conservative, it seems. I'll bet that he even likes Jesse Jackson, Jimmy Carter, and Oregon's unindicted crooks, Teddy the K, Guillermo Bradbury, and Hardy Har Har. I will go so far to say that he was probably against the President going into Iraq to unseat a maniacal , murderous dictator.

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