Wednesday, April 19, 2006

See no evil

Oregon Newspaper Editors Play Patty Cake With Iran's Nuke Weapon Threat To America
White cake, chocolate cake or yellow cake? Oregon Pulitzer prize winning editorial writers excel at journalistic exposes of horrors at the Oregon State Mental Hospital. But, they just don't get the difference between the palate-pleasing sponginess of angel food cake desserts and the insanity of Islamic terrorists who are pursuing weapons grade uranium from radioactive yellow cake in the Iranian desert.

Editorialists at the Portland Oregonian aren't the only journalistic mystics to walk softly concerning Iran's growing nuclear weapon threat. The same style of let's-not-threaten-or-attack-America's-mortal-enemy editorials emanate from a litany of Oregon newspaper editorial boards...nameless, faceless, exponents of the "official opinion" of the management of major newsrags in Oregon.

It's like the editorial boards are hoping to make up for them being wrong about appeasement of the soviet union, this time they will be right, they are telling themselves. This time maybe acting like scared little girls will work. This time simply ignoring the problem will make it go away. This time aggressive action by the most powerful nation on earth just won't work.


Anonymous said...


Whatcha gonna do when Iran runs all over you?

Texas said...


Bob H. said...

Texas: thanks for the great article. I've been saying this for months. It's out of the hands of the polictical parties. Everyone with an open mind should read this piece and see what we are up against. Go to the scholars for truth on 911. Connect the dots. Get mad.

Scottiebill said...

Neville Chamberlain is alive and well and running the editorial boards of the liberal fishwrappers across the country. This bunch of appeasers haven't yet learned that to ignore history will be to repeat it. Acting like a bunch of scared little girls won't stop the Iranian screwballs. Ignoring them won't slow the nuts down. And appeasing them won't do anything but encourage the fruitcakes in Iran.

I said it yesterday: We should leave Iran to the Israelis to let them take out the Iranian nuclear plants like they did at Osirak years ago. That raid crippled Iraq's nuclear capabilities for a good long time. It will very likely do the same for Iran. Maybe they ought to run one of their smart bombs up that goofball Iranian president's butt while they're at it.

Scottiebill said...

Anonymous, The government will do the same thing for the Iranians that Guillermo Bradbury is doing now for the illegal Mexicans; i.e., give them drivers licenses, the right to vote (as long as they vote for Dumocrats), make sure they get on the welfare rolls, and put their kids in our schools at our expense. Oh, yeah, we will all have to learn to speak, read, and write Farsi as well as MexSpanish.

Oregon Infidel said...

We cannot sit idly aside and watch this problem grow. We need to stomp on the spark that has escaped the campfire before it ignites the entire forest, and we see that it's too late.

Aside from the fact that for the last twenty years, after Friday Prayers, thousands and thousands of Iranians crowd the streets chanting "DEATH TO AMERICA". That's how these people grew hate America. They know no other way other than America is the bad guy.

1, 2 or three years from now when Iran does something stupid, and we say "Oops", it will be too late. Stomp on the spark NOW before we end up losing the entire forest.

Genie said...

Join up fellas and quite your bitchin'. With a band of pussies like all of you talking war but too affraid to fight, it is no wonder we are hgetting our asses kicked in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

After you !

BTW, I have already served, and at this point in my life I'm just too damned old for service, unfortunatly.

There have been times I have wished I'd stayed in and made a career of it. But, when one is young, one is sometimes foolish.

And so I say to you, Genie : lead by example.

That is all.

Sue K. said...

When is Bradbury's time in office up? Too bad he can't go out in the same dirty bath water as the gov.

Anonymous said...

it is no wonder we are getting our asses kicked in Iraq.

Getting??? What do you mean getting? The failed policy of GW and the Republicans have already secured the ass kicking years ago. Just what we need to do, attack Iran on another set of bushit false notions with the combined mindlessness of the Rove-Bush-Rummy brain.

Sailor Republica said...

Actually, if you get the Israelis to strike first...we can easily deal with Iran.

Why the hell do you think we're in Iraq and Afghanistan? Haven't you ever heard of the "pimple principle"? Where we squeeze Iran from both sides like a flippin' zit?

That's strategy!

Scottiebill said...

Genie, Like Anonymous 634pm, I am too old to serve now, but I was off the beach in Korea on a carrier, launching planes. Are you headed for the recruitment center to sign up? Or are you like a drugstore cowboy, all belt buckle and no horse?

Scottiebill said...

Anonymous 1115pm, With your attitude toward thie country, you'd better get out your Farsi/English dictionary and start boning up. You and your kind will need it.

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