Thursday, April 13, 2006

Can you skip school in Woodburn? Si!

Woodburn School District 103 Compulsory Attendance**
Except when exempt by Oregon law, all students ages 7-18 who have not completed the 12th grade are required to attend school full time on a regular basis at the designated school within the attendance area.

Persons having legal control of a student ages 7-18 who has not completed the 12th grade are required to have the student attend school. Under the superintendent’s direction and supervision, building principals shall monitor and report any violation of the compulsory attendance law to the superintendent or designee. A violation is a Class B infraction and is punishable by a citation up to $100.

Woodburn Students March Over Immigration
Young activists from several schools in the Woodburn area dismissed themselves from school on Thursday.

The students were taking part in a walkout that is part of a growing uprising against a controversial immigration proposal.

No respect for immigration law, employment law, ID theft law (at the very least) and many have no respect for drug laws, DUII laws, murder laws and rape laws which are also know as "cultural misunderstandings" to the Mexican consul.

Now they have no respect for truancy laws. Or maybe they just don't habla...

Raw video of the march

Contact Walt Blomberg, Superintendent of Woodburn Schools.


BEAR said...

Hey , Daniel, the 700 (reported) students who disobeyed Oregon law to support law breaking by illegals have cost the state the same amount of take-home income I receive each year. The arrogance of the Woodburn School District is stunning! The Woodburn police should be ashamed of themselves. No parade permit, no "truancy" permit (if one existed), and no manhood from the Woodburn School Board. Instead of teaching these kids civics, they are being USED as propaganda tools by the anti-American, pro-communist crowd. This display of mehican flags and racist chants by so-called students is an affront to all legal immigrants, and all Americans.

Daniel said...

It makes me angry but at the same time their "parades" have the effect of making people realize that illegal immigration is a cultural issue as well as an economic and legal issue.

These people play into our hands.

B.M. said...

Daniel I don't understand how it is that you expect so much justice against illegal immigrants.

Yet you talk about how you used to walk the not so straight path, and expect mercy upon yourself.

Aren't you being a little double standard?

Allen said...

Civil Order is out of order.

Its going to be a fun Summer as these kids now know the Police will back-off and hide at the sight of a their groups.

They have tasted the Power of Numbers and they will be near impossible to stop when they start running wild.

It won't be long.

As a Liberal sounding female caller to Lars today found it so painful and difficult to say, "Its an Invasion by Infiltration."

She had fear in her voice and for good reason.

Daniel said...

BM, I have never asked for mercy from anyone except Christ.

I specifically said that I thought that consquences that I've had and continue to have are a good thing.

But that's apples to oranges anyway. Illegal aliens who go back to their own country and come here legally will be welcomed.

And Allen, I thought the same thing when I saw the video. These kids now have less respect for authority.

an appeal to independent democrats said...


Your leadership has made a decision that hurts the very people they supposedly represent.
Working people, blue collar people, African-Americans, and trades people.
All work is honorable, no job is below the dignity of Americans because Americans have always been willing to do the dirty work to get the job done. Yet, the Democratic leadership has bought into the crap President Bush is saying about there being "jobs Americans wont do." Pay a man better than what an illegal alien will work for and Americans will do the hard unglamorus work they have done since the founding of the Republic.
High paying union jobs are going the way of the dinosaur because illegal aliens are undercutting union wages.
What kind of wages will those kids from Woodburn High get out of high school if they have to compete with illegal aliens (Oops, forgot that a number of those kids are illegal or their parents are.)
Do you think the Democratic party will just give out high wage jobs even if the job market is flooded with cheap labor.
Democrats are supposed to help poor people, right? But poor people are hurt the most by having to compete with illegal aliens.
Are Democrats upholding the honor of labor when they have a conscious policy that undermines the value of that labor.

Anonymous said...

There was a bunch of hispanic kids at the State Capitol mall again today. Carrying their Mexican flags. I took a break and walked down to where they were and they were just standing around skipping school. There were no speakers or organization to it.

peod in Oregon said...

I sent Superintendant Blomberg a nice email explaining that stunts like the walkout only help to galvanize my will to work harder for school vouchers and to not support the government propaganda machines. Private schools and home schooling has never been more popular and will keep growing until the public schools are gone or they go back to teaching instead of just indoctrinizing.

Bob H. said...

Daniel, did you hear Lars interview with the lady lawyer from the AFL-CIO trying to defend why the union supports lawbreakers? It was a hoot listening to her try and spin how supporting illegals is good for all workers. I think they have seen the writing on the check and realize that the only way they are going to have anyone but government workers in the unions is to organize the illegals. Where are the unions with all this outsourcing and factories relocating? Where were they on Nafta and Cafta? Where were they on the ports givaway? Where the hell are they?

Bob H. said...

Please read the above report from the whitehouse to get the full impact of what is to come. Here is a small part of a news bulletin:

"Mr. Fox, who has said he seeks an open border, has applied constant pressure on Mr. Bush to get the guest-worker program through Congress. Mr. Bush has pledged that he will do all he can."

NO AMNESTY-let's stop this wholesale give away of our country- now.

Tim said...

Watching the "Raw video" clip and seeing the all too familiar PPRC on one of the Truant’s signs is just further confirmation that it isn't about ILLEGAL immigration; it's about those (read: Communists, Socialists, Islamo-facist, Democrats, RINO's) who hate America creating a climate of lawlessness and chaos in order to destroy this country.

They envision a world without America, where everyone will live in "peace" (RIP) and misery will be spread equally. True equality in their eyes is a totalitarian Marxist America.

Bruce said...

Why is everyone so surprised....these are what "these people" do. This is what they are good at. Disruption,contempt for authority,contempt for our values,contempt for our country and just plain contempt for everything non-hispanic in nature. And to think that there is a large section of the American populace that want these greasy,unkept,illiterate,good-for-nothing hispanic scumbuckets in this country. That's OK, years down the line when these shitheads start voting in mass numbers, they will vote "their own" in and then watch what happens to your grandkids and your country....if there is a country left that is!!! This trash coming in now will convert this country to unlivable status. I want these hispanic pieces of shit OUT OF MY COUNTRY!!!!!! No other group of people coming in as immigrants in years past sunk to this level of abuse toward our country...THIS IS SHIT ROLLING UPHILL...something nobody has seen ever before!!!!!

Denise said...

I am very angry about what happened yesterday in Woodburn but...I agree with Daniel that they are playing into our hands. The discussions in the break room where I work were lively and heated! I have never heard some of these folks even talk about this issue and yesterday they were just plain angry. I hope these marches continue to motivate Real Americans to action. I am getting ready to send my brick to my congress people (thanks Lars!).

Doug said...

I and my entire class sent the Superintendants of the Woodburn and Salem-Keizer School Districts a very nice email telling them "Thank you" for staying neutral about the Walk-out. The kind of unity and energy the children are showing around the nation is definately assisting in defeating the very weak anti-immigrant tide in America. Way to show them kids, keep up the great work!

jeff said...

If the schools didn't give permission - expel the kids.

If the schools did give permission - expel the administrators.

And cut state funding to the district.

The kids can practice free speech on time not paid for by the taxpayers.

BEAR said...

doug, since 80%+ of the actual American voting public want illegals deported, your assertion that opposition to border crashing criminals is "weak" appears to be quite delusional. Normal for lefties. Thanx for validating your profound sophomoricity. Sheesh.