Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Who will stand up for Portland?

How do you feel about this a day after tax day?

Now hiring in Portland:
Lobbyist - Office of Government Relations
$65,874 - $87,776

We seek interested candidates to fill a vacant position of lobbyist for the City of Portland. This is a full time position in the Office of Government Relations. The Office consists of a director, two lobbyists and one director’s executive assistant. Together, we are responsible for developing, proposing, representing and defending the intergovernmental policies and objectives of the City of Portland.

Portland is so an ugly kid they need the pork chop of a lobbyist just to get the rest of the state to play with them. (To use a Lars phrase)


Anonymous said...

Daniel, go to every other city of Portland's size or bigger in the country. They all have lobbyists. You need them to be able to work out the policy differences and details with new bills.

Daniel said...

Goverment needs to hire people to lobby to government?

Are you saying that elected officials aren't capable of "working out differences?"

gullyborg said...

I wonder if I could get that job? I probably have to speak Spanish, though...

Daniel said...

That or be transgender. A spanish speaking transgender would be an absolute shoe-in!

gullyborg said...

Does being a male lesbian count?

Scottiebill said...

Hey, Daniel, There is an old axiom floating around that answers your question: Those who can will work. Those who cannot either teach or are on the government payroll.

Scottiebill said...

One question: Did everyone pay their taxes an time. Remember, the illegal aliens need the money to send back to Mexico.

Oregon Infidel said...

Instead of hiring lobbyists, how about (and this is a new idea,...so get ready) sitting down and working it out like a , oh...I dunno....POLITICIAN!

Why do these people even get paid?

Dear Boss,

I'm not capable of doing my job effectively. Joe in accounting gets pissy when I talk to him about the poor shape of the budget.
Could you please hire someone to be a middleman between myself and Accounting? I'd guess about 60 grand ought to cover it.