Wednesday, April 05, 2006

No pride, just shame

So the "legalize me" crowd is going to get together in Salem this Saturday. The group is organized by a Union who in the past has kept very strict control over their charges, even forcing them to sign pledges and making them promise not to talk to me.

I have a hunch that PCUN is going to tell the marchers not to carry Mexican flags this weekend and to carry American flags instead. (Unlike at all their previous rallies)

To you soon to be marchers: I'm laughing at you right now, smiling at the fact that you have to hide your true feelings, hide what you really want to put out there, that your "Mexican pride" will easily take a backseat to what your Union masters tell you to do.

So during your march I hope that you think about me, I hope that you know I'm laughing at your cowardice, laughing at your shame for your own country and your inability to stick up for what you believe in when your bosses give an order.


Michael T. said...

What do you want to bet that you will see few if any Mexican flags?

Rich said...

Funny you should say that as I am laughing a you and all your racist buddies right about now. Seems like you chumps got sold down the river by your own party. It appears the Republicans are working closer and closer to getting amnesty for all those "terrible immigrants".

See you Sunday. I heard a few of your ex-homies from Salem are looking for you.

Daniel said...

Rich, oooooh senators are an elitist bunch who ignore the will of the people? I'm glad you're here to point that out.

Sorry to disapoint you but amnesty won't pass the House.

Bruce said...

For all of you people that don't think this can is happening....right here in Salem, this Sunday. Big march to protest all the "bad things" the hated GRINGO has done to all the poor hispanics that just come here to "work". This is going to continue more and more until it is in all big cities. Is ANYBODY coming out to at least hold up some signs or counter protest....just a little, so people can at least see there are some of us who DO NOT WANT THIS AMNESTY TO HAPPEN. It is wrong to just let them spew out their viewpoint without even a token showing of backlash. I know very well we will be outnumbered but at least some of us should show up!!! If anybody out there is going to go to the "Rally" PLEASE, call my shop today and tommorrow at 503-623-3772 to let me know if there is any plans to have some show of force. I AM GOING.......WITH A SIGN, i just would prefer to at least have some other people there so we can at least show some numbers. GET UP OFF YOUR APATHY...or you WILL lose your culture AND your country, probably at the same time!!!!! It would also help if several of us stood together.....i really do not want to be out there alone....i don't care to be a modern-day 21st century of the "ALAMO"!! Remember..give me a call 503-623-3772...this is an important watershed event that will happen this Sunday on the Capitol steps!!!

Anonymous said...

Mexican SHEEPLE will NOT carry their flags. They oly do what their "Leaders" tell them to do!

They will NOT have any signs in Spanish because their BOSS (Uncle Tom?) said NOT to.

If they carried signs in Spanish or Mexican flags it would show how proud they are of that TOILET they left behind. We know they are not proud or they would have stayed.

LATINO's, You are now in America!

If you only carry American flags then the racist gringos will not have something to complain about.

BEAR said...

mehicanos afraid to carry mehicano flags. No huevos, eh? NO SURPRISE!

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