Sunday, April 23, 2006

Join OFIR, have fun, protest illegal immigration

I thought that I would put out the official OFIR report on this weekends protest as well as including two more of my own "consular awards" for some previously overlooked categories: "Best mullet" and "I didn't take my valium."

OFIR members and supporters:

We had about 100 people this morning at the Portland Carousel of Information protest in front of the Mexican Consular office. It was a great celebration of being an American.

While it was nice to see many new faces it was equally satisfying to see many of the same staunch supporters that seem to be at all of our rallies. We waved flags, protest signs and passed out information to passerbys.

It was apparent that we caught the Mexican Consul General by surprise. I'm sure that he thought we would be protesting in Woodburn at an empty building. Thanks to some inside information we were able to change locations at the last moment. Special thanks to Rick Hickey for coordinating the event.

Next week it is critical for everyone to go back to phoning again. Undoubtedly, the tens of thousands of phone calls the U.S. Senate received caused them to back down from passing the horrendous Kennedy/McCain amnesty bill. Please start phoning again Monday. Demand that the "borders be secured before there is any discussion of guest worker, green cards or amnesties."

The number one duty of the federal government is to protect our borders and sovereignty. Contrary to President Bush, Senators Kennedy and McCain, it is not to provide big business with cheap labor. If you need phone numbers contact the OFIR office.

May 1st, (May Day), has been set by illegal alien advocates as a boycott America day. They want to show that America cannot function without illegal alien workers. We have proclaimed May 1st as "Shop til you drop" day. We encourage everyone to do their shopping on Monday, May 1st, but not to frequent businesses that hire illegals.

OFIR is also encouraging a boycott of Mexico and it's products. I will certainly participate in that.

And now for the final two Consul Awards:

Award for "Best Mullet"

Oh yeah, sporting the mullet likes it's 1980 something. For whatever reason it seems that illegal aliens like mullets. I can't explain the phenomenon.

Award for "I didn't take my valium today"

I could go on and on about this guy. He called us nazis, called us KKK, called us bigots... all at the top of his lungs! He chanted "yes we can" in Spanish but did it incorrectly. He flipped people off then talked about the Bible and respect. Then he did some more screaming. The illegal aliens weren't quite sure what to do with him, I think that they were embarrassed to have him on their side.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

The guy who won the Award for "I didn't take my valium today" must be the same anonymous nut case who keeps posting crazy stuff on your website Daniel. His ranting in public is very simular to his ranting on your blog. Just food for thought.

bobby said...

That guy who was chanting that crazy crap... Ive dealed with well I was countering the anti-war protestors. The guy is a freak, he stole a ladies american flag and flew it backwards... only gave it back after some guy was going to beat his ass. The guy protests Schmuachers, the war, everything. I always see him wandering Portland. The guy obviously doesnt have a job but Im sure hes on the Oregon Health plan, food stamps, welfare, free bus pass, community housing. Hes just a nut.

Anonymous said...

Who's the racist!
Watch out old people!
Look at this video!
It doesn't sound like they want to be Americans, does it?

Anonymous said...

FYI: The guy you are talking about is mentally handicapped. He actually does have a job, working full time at a sandwich shop in Portland. Yes, he does go off att the mouth, true, but calling him names and berading him only shows your intelligence level. Although he goes off in his way, some of the idiots you all harbor within your anti-immigrant klan do no less. What is their excuse?

Anonymous said...

BTW: There were not 100 people there. you had 50 at best. If your counting 100 you should try some of that homeschooling you all love so much. Maybe drop the bible for a spell and pick up a math book instead.

Tim Lewis said...

Would that math book be taxpayer funded?

Roger Doger said...

It figures you douchebags would attack, insult and condemn the mentally retarded as well. What is it, anyone who isn't white, whole, straight and mentally able are targets. You guys are more and more sounding like the National Socialists of 1930's Germany.

Tim Lewis said...

I didn't see one insult or condemnation on this guy for being mentally handicapped. You're just looking for fodder and so that's what you're slinging.

Anonymous said...

Award for "I didn't take my valium today"...

..same anonymous nut case..

The guy is a freak.....

That is not even including the insults and bashing he received from the less than 50 anti-immigrant protestors that attended Saturday.

Gee, not bashing him for being mentally handicapped. Why condemn him at all? Isn't it obvious that he has mental issues? Tim you are just trying to provide cover, so go soak your head.

Daniel said...

Anon, I know that criticizing behavior is off limits for you liberals but it's not for me. He acted foolishly and I will say so.

Tim Lewis said...

Is it obvious he has mental issues? I don't know, I wasn't there. All those comments came before someone said he was mentally handicapped.

Insulting me won't help you prove anything. If I'm providing cover, it's from the crap being slung from across the room.

bobby said...

when I dealed with the guy he acted crazy, and it sounds like he acted crazy this past weekend. Good he works at a sandwich shop... must not work many hours because I always see him protesting and walking downtown.

Calhoun said...

Which sandwich shop does he work at? So I can make sure I never go in there.

Oregon Infidel said...

Hey Daniel!
The screamer in the blue coat is a local nut-job that has been hanging around downtown for YEARS. He is certainly not right in the head, and I believe that he gets SSI or something so that he can hang out at pioneer Square all day. Definately in need of a double dose of goof-balls to get straight!

MAX Redline said...

I think it's just really rude to characterize the poor guy as retarded just because he happens to like mullets....

BEAR said...

I'm fascinated that someone roger d. refers to as "mentally retarded" is the most vocal on the side of the criminals. Oh yeah, he would naturally pick the crazy side of the issue!! Priceless admission, there roger d......sheesh.

Anonymous said...

An excellent point Bear. Go figure the crazy guy chooses to side with the liberal nut cases. It pretty much sums up the mental maturity of the average liberal... LOL

Honest Abe said...

the crazy guy? go figure the anti-immigrant crowd would attack the mentally disabled. you guys are getting more and more twisted by the day.

MAX Redline said...

Honest Abe,

Do try to live up to the name, eh?

Not anti-immigration.

Anti illegal immigration.

Is there something about the term, "illegal" that you don't understand?

B.M. said...

I would say that Daniel is against illegal immigration, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Or else why would he attack a person just by the way that they look.

It saddens me to see that grin on your face Daniel when you are taking pictures. You seem to have enjoyed yourself. I am glad that you can get a kick out of harrasing people that haven't done anything to you.

Very Christlike of you, that is one of your interests right.

And no, just because they are here illegally doesn't give you the right to treat them the way that you did.

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