Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Time to be weaned

Oregon Dairy Farmers support illegal alien walkout!

If you think about milk, what other mammal continues to drink it past infancy? After the baby years other mammals drink water. We should too.

No milk for illegal aliens!
(Does that fit the "no blood for oil" type statement?)


Allen said...

I think I just developed a severe case of Lactose Intolerance!

And, I hope its highly contagious!

Juan "Che" Cortez said...

Meelk? We don need no steenkin' meelk!

Tom Alexander said...

I like "Drink Milk, It Does An Immigrant Good" much better.

After hearing Lars today, I went down and bought 10 cases of pints from my local Safeway and will be taking them into work tomorrow for my employees. I will continue the milk giveaway to show support for Oregon's Dairy Industry and our hard working immigrants.

Peace out!

Daniel said...

So you support an industry that needs to break the law to remain competitive?

Anonymous said...

Hey Tommy A, why don't ya just go kick a pitt-bull and run!

The Real Daniel said...

you drink that gross milk, your just as bad as they are

Bruce said...

I was just on the website for the Dairy Center after reading the letters posted on Lars site. The cowardly bastards have NO MENTION of the May 1st event NOR their support of it. There is a section to contact them and leave a message. HEH HEH HEH....I DID !!! There phone number is 503-229-5033. I am going to call tommorrow to let them know i will be boycotting Tillamook and Curly's etc. etc.. If necessary i will spend a little more and purchase dairy products from OUTSIDE Oregon & Wash. Call tommorrow or e-mail a message of your choice. These traitorous bastards need to know that there are patriotic citizens out here that are tired of their SHIT!!!!

Robin said...

we are still consumers and we can vote with our dollar.

Lars is compiling a list of businesses that are allowing their workers take the day off on May 1 in support of the illegal immigration.

one of the best ways that we can stop illegal immigration, is to take the profit out of it.

Honest Abe said...

I am actually supporting all Oregon businesses that support our immigrants. I know I will be drinking milk for sure now and in the future. For starters, I bought a couple gallons of 2% this evening made from a dairy that supports our hard working immigrant community.

Honest Abe said...

BTW: I like that: "Drink Milk, it does an immigrant good"



Anonymous said...

I'll be drinking Oregon milk as well. Screw the racists on this blog attacking Oregon's farmers.

peod in Oregon said...


peod in oregon said...

From the Oregon Dairy Farmers homepage: "The Dairy Farmers of Oregon have been helping to shape and build the communities of Oregon for decades. We care about the same things you care about... the kids, animals, land, air, water and well-being of our beautiful state." What a crock.

Tim said...

Hey Dis-honest Abe and Tom A if you were honest, you would know that these are not immigrants, they are criminals. They have no right to be here, they broke into our house (Country. So I guess if I broke into your home, I would just be an immigrant?

Immigrants go through the process and trouble to come here legally, criminals do not hence they are ILLEGAL Aliens. I for one will not support business that support criminals.

Bruce said...

Tom Alexander and Honest Abe...when are you going to start marching with them also. Did you buy a red shirt and black bandana (colors of the Int. Workers Party)? Gonna were a white shirt and black pants like the organizers recommend to show solidarity.....you "putze's"!

Rick Hickey said...

There are Immigrants and there are
People that don't understand the difference then start to call people names like RACISTS.
Is ignorance bliss?
Have no intelligent debate possibilities?
Can't come up with a good enough reason for supporting the invasion by a foreign nation?
Do you want us to become a turd world cesspool also?
ANARCHY breeds chaos, chaos breeds violence and misunderstanding.
Why would you want violence?
Why would you support unfair competition for the BLACKS & other races that did not go to College?
Why should my BLACK brother-in-law have to compete with workers who think $7.00/HR. is great money?
He is! and he has 2 kids to feed, BUT people that are MORE sympathetic to ILLEGAL ALIENS than Americans, make me sick.
go to www.americanpatrol.com
watch the LOU DOBBS clip and SEE Economist experts saying that YES, AMERICANS WILL do those jobs.
Why do you want our wages held down when Gas is now $3.00 a gal. and it hurts low-income workers the most. 1/2 hr. of work for 1 gallon of gas?

Anonymous said...

tim, who cares how they got here, they were invited to stay. if you don't like the way they came in, too bad, take that up with your wall street republicans. the way i see it, 50% of the house is ours and we say they stay.

Scottiebill said...

Hey, Rick, If ignorance is bliss then Anonymous, Tom Alexander, "Honest" Abe, et al have to be the happiest people in Oregon.

I'm with Allen - I just developed a case of lactose intolerance.

Jim in KFalls said...

We shouldn't eat pork anymore either.
What about produce grown in the Sacramento valley - we shouldn't eat produce either.
How about houses we shouldn't live in houses anymore because some were made by businesses that support illegal aliens.

Your argument about supporting an industry that needs to break the law to remain competitive is flawed in this case. By Boycotting the dairy industry you kill the mom and pop dairy farms that are not using illegal aliens to churn out their product. While I wish these types of movements would work, in actuallity, boycotts have little impact on the industry as a whole due to the mass involvement needed and due to lack of persistence. For example, the Beef industry was hurt a whole lot more by the fear of Mad Cow when people stopped buying beef, a few months went by and then Mad Cow wasn't in the Main Stream Media anymore, now the beef industry has somewhat recovered and people have gone about their merry way.

Finally, if all the end consumers refuse to buy milk for 2 weeks or whatever, the diary association isn't going to feel the pain. The Grocery store and it's supplier(s) are going to feel the pain. Most likely there are contracts or orders already in place to purchase x units of milk, x units of cheese, x units of sour cream, etc.

I don't like the fact that the Dairy Farmers Association is backing illegal aliens, but this isn't the solution that will make the problem go away. The solution is to eliminate the ability for employers to be competitive while employing illegal aliens. Lars's tax plan is the closest thing I have seen that would do just that.

B.M. said...

I bet if everyone that visited this blog stopped buying milk, etc. they would make such a huge difference.

Just like if everyone stopped buying gas for a day, the price of gas would go down.

Anonymous said...

It all makes sense now:

High Times, December 1983, pp. 35-37

Excerpts from "Interview: Tom Alexander"
by Bob LaBrasca and Dean Latimer

[From the HT table of contents, p. 3:]

Tom Alexander knows the marijuana business inside and out. After being busted in [Corvallis,] Oregon in 1979 for potgrowing, Alexander went legit and began mail-ordering his leftover bat guano fertilizer. Business boomed, and within a short while Tom and his wife Nancy were running the largest grower supply store in the state. One year later he started a little homegrown newsletter entitled Sinsemilla Tips, which has since become the unacknowledged trade journal of the cannabis industry. ....

Anonymous said...

Or maybe is Tom Alexander of....


just finished my quart of milk, time to buy more. I am getting a gallon this time. :0 ha ha ha

Fed-up said...

ILlegal !

ILlegal !

ILlegal !

ILlegal !

ILlegal !

Have you gotten it yet ?


Dont have papers. No visa. no "green card".


If you think this is a good idea then you need your head examined. So support the ILLEGAL INVASION of AMERICA, then when the Islamists come in afterwards, be sure to be the first one to tell them you'll happily offer your 9 year old daughter to be Mohammeds wife.

F'ing idiots!

Mike Mayhem said...

If terrorists are really driven to destroy America I bet they'd be willing to get visas.

Rooster said...

Hey Anonymous,

Do me next, do me next....

Stuart Sampson
aka Tater Salad

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Got Leupold rifle scope meelk?

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