Tuesday, April 04, 2006

3 cheers for Kropf!

Oregon lawmaker to patrol border for illegal immigrants
An Oregon state lawmaker plans to travel to Arizona this week to assist in patrolling the U.S.-Mexican border -- by using his own small plane -- in an effort to quell the influx of immigrants crossing into the United States illegally.

“I’m trying to do what the government ought to be doing, and that’s securing that border,” said Rep. Jeff Kropf, a Republican from Sublimity.

Jeff Kropf is one of the few legislators that I have any respect for. He is a true public servant who follows his heart and his constituents.

Make sure you listen to Jeff Kropf's show, Weekend Edition Live, on KXL 6-9am.

As for the other guy quoted in this article, Farmer Bob Zielinski Jr, I would be ashamed to admit to anyone that the industry I work for would "shut down" without being able to break the law. I would be ashamed to say that I "need" criminals to work for me or I couldn't compete. You are a failure of a businessman and if you can't play by the rules then you should shut down.


Anonymous said...

Pity is that Jeff is one in a Million if not 10. Glad we got him.

Ron said...

Yes, he is a Minuteman but Kropf supports a guest worker program.

Anonymous said...

daniel, ask greg walden why he gets a 0% rating from FAIR. looks like he's a stealth open border advocate flying under the voter's radar.

Liberty44 said...

Jeff will have my vote in the future. As a brother of mine always says, if you can't run your business without illegal labor, you do not deserve to be in business.

Anonymous said...

I support a Temporary Foreign Worker Program but not a "Guest Worker" program as the politicians define them.

They can go to hell with their Guest Crap!

I have had enough of their deceit.

It looks as I am not so alone, as before.

MAX Redline said...

That farmer doesn't "need" illegal aliens. And I'm sick to death of hearing Bush and others talk about there being "jobs that Americans won't do".

No, there are jobs that Americans are no longer allowed to do. When I was a kid, I worked in the fields during the summer. But then they passed "child labor laws" that are so restrictive that kids literally have been barred - by the American government - from learning valuable life lessons such as personal responsibility, the value of a dollar, and more.

Anonymous said...

so what are we going to be, a land of laws or a land of illegal pickers?

gullyborg said...

I used to like Kropf before I learned more about him. What he's doing now sounds more like showboating than actually trying to make a difference. He reminds me of Sean Penn going off in the boat to rescue people in New Orleans. "Look at me, Oregon, I'm flying in my plane to save America!" All he needs is a cape.

We'd be better off if he just gave money to support the Minutemen, instead of playing superhero. That way, he could be here in Oregon, where he belongs, using his office to actually, um, you know, WORK for change.

So, while he is flying, will he be towing a giant "Vote Saxton" banner?


RINO WATCH said...

Please don't any of ya fall in love with a front runner....a showboat....a headline grabber...a ratings stunt...(sat/sun morn show is in trouble...)

If I was doin' what Kropf was doin', I'd do it on my own dime and keep my mouth shut! Much more honorable...

Like Ron (6:53am) said...Kropf favors a guest worker program IE: Amnesty!

...and like Gully states, Kropf supports a RINO --- SAXTON.

Need I say more?

Leonard Jones said...

Mr. Gullyborg,

I was reading your post and the one from anonymous and I don't know about you but I am surprised that your Representative Kropf is calling himself a member of the Minutemen. Don't get me wrong I am not a Minuteman nor do I intend to become one, but I have heard one speak at a rally and have been on their site. Your Mr. Kropf's message seems to run counter to what the Minutemen stand for. Am I wrong on this? It doesn't appear that the Minuetmen are supporting amnesty for these criminals coming over our border.

This may be just another attempt by a politician to play both sides to stay safe. We have several like this in our state.

Leonard Jones

Anonymous said...

I am happy to agree with Gully on this one...and they said it couldn't be done.

He is faking right while moving left and supporting a liberal in the Goldshmidt mold.

If he intends to ever regain a shred of credibility, he should drop Saxton and support one of the conservatives in the race (Atkinson, Mannix).

Support for Saxton is just inexcusable for any Republican. Inexcusable.


Robin said...

what does he hope to accomplish? To confirm something that we already know.

“We need these people. We need somebody to do these jobs,” Zielinski said. “Can you imagine what kind of mess we’re going to be in in this country if we take 15 million people out of work like that? You’ll shut everything down.”

we have people to do these jobs. If it industry has to have slave labor to exist, then that industry should shut down.

Zielinskis' point insulting and pitiful. While at the same time an embarrassingly true.

illegal immigration has to be stopped in addition to the industry that promotes the use of illegalel immigration for the profits.

Anonymous said...


and also THANK YOU JEFF for your hard work last year on trying to get a Drivers license bill passed that would STOP illegals from getting one. Too bad that RHINO from Medford stopped it, George Gillman.

People are complaing?
Name ONE OTHER politican in Oregon that is willing to walk the talk?

And don't ramble on about Atkinson, the illegals have protested against SAXTON TWICE NOW! NOT JASON (I am glad they are mad at SAXTON that means HE is doing a good job)& every paper in this state keeps saying SAXTON is the hardest on Illegal Immigrants.
He will win the primary because more people read the paper than blogs. They don't EVER quote Jason on this, except HIS approval of Bush's AMNESTY!

Ken said...

Seems like there is a lot of frustrated people out there. Why not focus your anger at those that really deserve it like the governor, secretary of Bradbury, most of your legislators and so on. Any of the threee republican candidates would be a far cry better than what we currently have. The real questions is which one can win the general, not the primary. Create opportunity for all of them by researching facts and forcing the local medias to offer more balanced reporting on the issues we can all agree, set us apart from the current administrations. Lastly, whether you like it or not Jeff K. is an asset to all of us at the legislature, frankly if we had a lot more of him we wouldn't have many of the problems I am sure ywe would all agree upon - grandstanding or not he is only doing what all of us would probably do under the circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Yada, Yada, Yada, you're all dreaming if you think Rep. Kropf(Krup) is going to make any difference, the real question is why is he leaving Peggy Sue(his lovely wife) all alone during the Easter weekend.