Sunday, April 16, 2006

Doing the work that Mexicans won't do

Yesterday myself, my son, and many other boys and fathers from our Boy Scout troop helped volunteers with the Rotary Club set up their annual tree sale in the Sherwood Albertson's parking lot.

It was basically work that you would do at a nursery, you know, those places that insist they can't get along without illegal alien labor.

Well I didn't see any illegal aliens yesterday doing the volunteer work. (Note: volunteering is for "less pay" than most Americans earn)

What I did see where a lot of hardworking kids who could get manual labor done quickly with their large numbers. What I did see was a lot of hardworking Americans volunteering for a good cause.

What I did see was a lot of people who responded to my cracks about this being "a job that Americans won't do" with total agreement that we need to deport every illegal alien in this country, not give them amnesty.

What I didn't see where illegal aliens out volunteering on a Saturday doing the work that, according to Bush and the Chamber of Commerce, only they will do.

Of course, in the illegal aliens defense, Saturday is probably a busy day for drug sales and child-raping.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps it was to cold or they had a march somewhere, or both.

Bob H. said...

From the Mother Jones News six years ago.

"Because the United States is a great and benevolent nation – I’ve called it “The Great Santa” – we freely bestow certain rights upon non-citizens, such as free emergency medical care (which Mother Jones magazine noted six years ago is bankrupting hospitals along the border). We even refuse to torture terrorists plotting to kill our citizens. Our treatment of illegals differs markedly from the way Mexico treats illegal Guatemalan immigrants, who are frequently raped before expatriation. America grants this dignity to non-citizens because of her innate goodness, not because of any binding legal obligation. The only inalienable “rights” illegals enjoy under our system is the right to remain silent, the right to a speedy trial, and right-of-way on the first southbound mass transit system.

an appeal to independent democrats said...

The truth is no job is beneath the dignity of an American. Americans have always done the dirty, unglamorous, and hard work. I picked strawberries, pumped gas, worked in a agricultural nursery, cleaned toilets and swept floors, and even shovelled horse manure. "Cheap" illegal aliens undercut American wages for honorable work.

But the Democratic Leadership is betraying its core constituencies: blue collar people, African-American people, Hispanic citizens on the lower rungs of the ladder economic ladder, and immigrants who came here through the correct legal process.


Anonymous said...

Note to self: don't ever buy trees in the Albertsons lot in Sherwood.

Anonymous said...

Note to self, Yes helping the Boy Scouts would be a real bad thing huh?
I understand that they do not promote anal sex with little boys, must be against your satanic beleifs huh?

Bob H. said...

Daniel, I agree with you that we must stop this invasion and appreciate the time and energy you have devoted to this cause. However, I think the slurs about selling drugs and raping children detract from the message as much as the racist and nativist claims on the other side. While the illegals have all broken the law, a minority are rapist and drug dealers. Also, while some on side of illegal immigration control are racist, a majority of us see the problem as a disrespect for our laws and an attack on our culture, our healthcare system, and our school systems.
It seems to me the way to win is with the facts and leave the name calling to those with the bumper sticker mentality. Just a thought.

Daniel said...

Bob H, I certainly appreciate your mature wisdom. I try not to delve into childish name-calling and instead rely on logic, facts and relevant examples but I also throw in sarcastic humor to make a point.

BEAR said...

Hey, Daniel, Did you catch the KATU TV spot this morning re Nutrias in Seattle? After showing us what they look like and where to look for them, the reporter told us that because the Nutria are from South America, they don't belong here, and that "if you see one, please report it!" My wife demanded to know why they were more concerned about alien rodents than alien people? I said, "Because Nutria can't vote for liberals."

superprowizard said...

I couldn't find an email link to you so I am posting this hear. check out this article. I heard this on the larson show the other day as well.

Krupo said...

The Simpsons are the epitome of sarcastic humour; you did a disservice to that brand of humour with your closing remarks. It just sounded cold and callous