Saturday, April 30, 2011

No sense of irony

Illegal aliens want government issued drivers licenses. To achieve this they throw temper tantrums with the following signs:

"I need to drive to work"
Working is unlawful for illegal aliens. He's asking for help to break the law.

"Don't force me to break the law let me have a license"
You are already breaking multiple laws and willingly admit that if we don't give you what you want you will break another law.

You win the bad parent award. You have put your children in a position where you can't legally work to provide for them, let alone drive. Your unlawful presence means that you could be detained at any time. Your children are the victims of your selfish behavior.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


I mean sure I'm currently switching between the NFL draft and the NBA playoffs but what I'm really really really waiting for is the royal wedding. I've already ordered the commemorative plates.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A chicken in every pot and a bike for every bum?

How bike-sharing could spur revamp of transit fares in Portland
The current Central City Bike Share plan would place kiosks and rental bikes across an area that's the same as the new streetcar loop, which is being extended to the east side from the Lloyd District south to OMSI. In many ways, bike-sharing is similar to public transit. Successful systems are inexpensive (free if used less than 30 minutes), widely available to everyone, and in most cases at least partly subsidized by the government.

[Rick Gustafson, Director of Operations for the Portland streetcar loop]
"One of the things you could do is get rid of Free Rail Zone, but replace it with a readily available bike [share] program so people could still circulate for 30 minutes at no cost." Or, put another way, "Reshape the fareless zone to put a greater emphasis on carbon-free circulation; and the best free circulation in the Central City probably ought to be on bikes."

So the smarter than the rest of us urban planners now want to "rent" government subsidized bikes to anyone to ride downtown. For free. What could go wrong?

Are the same people who think it violates civil rights to require ID to vote going to require ID to rent a bike?

Will requiring a credit card swipe to leave a deposit be discriminatory against the poor who don't have good credit?

Will the transgender folks be able to choose between a girls bike or a boys bike?

I really feel like showing up to some hearing on this idea and throwing out all these liberal arguments to ensure that every homeless bum in Portland has the opportunity to steal a taxpayer paid for bike.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Please make this ad mainstream

This is the communist day "ad" put together by CAUSA. I sure wish they would put something like this on mainstream television. I'm sure that Oregonians would respond appropriately.

UPDATE: Surprise, illegal alien supporters aren't worried about following the law to get amnesty

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What is the world coming to when our homeless don't have a website
We have been having technical difficulties with the Village website, largely related to problems with our former web hosting company. We have now moved to new web hosting and we are in the process of building an all-new, even better website. We ask for your patience over the next few weeks as we work to get this site up and running.

We have several goals in mind for the new website. First and foremost is to update the design and layout of the site, along with providing more regularly updated content. Just as important, we want to make more use of modern interactive 'Web 2.0' technologies that will enable us to have more interaction with our partners, friends, and supporters, along with members of the Portland community and anyone else interested in social justice, homelessnes, and poverty.

We wish to extend a warm thanks to HostGator for approving a grant for Dignity Village that pays for hosting this site.

I for one can't imagine the homeless not having Web 2.0 technology. Obviously the poor people in other countries have this technology. If the Portland poor DIDN'T have this they would be the laughing stock of the world.

I can picture myself walking up to some starving kid in the Sudan and telling him how the poverty stricken folks in Portland didn't have Web 2.0 as recently as April 2011. This kid would point and laugh!

The embarrassment that the Portland homeless must suffer knowing that the villages of Rwanda all have Web 2.0 technology and our own village does not.

I could crack these jokes for hours or you could just go read What's so great about America by Dinesh D'Souza. Poverty in America means crying about not having Web 2.0...

But no Easter eggs

Isn't 3:00pm still the middle of the work day? Praise Allah!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Because some animals are more equal than others

Clackamas County CMHP

Sensitivity to GLBTI and cross cultural needs are prioritized. (page 6)

Increase services to indigent and multicultural groups. (page 2)

Clackamas county does not have a formal cultural competency plan at this time. With the continued changing demographics of Clackamas County, it is recognized that development of a formal plan is required in the future. Responsibility for development of a plan will live with the County's human resources department, specifically with the County's Diversity Manager. Over the past four or five years, the county has provided mandatory diversity training titled 'Building Connections' for each employee. This training is delivered by the County's human resources department, based on material purchased from an outside vendor. (page 3) I'd love to know how much this outside vendor gets to charge for the training material.

I realize that a portion of my income goes to pay for this nonsense. We need a diversity manager to prioritize the gays and make sure that multicultural groups come first. Fine. But when I find out that my beer and wine taxes go to this I become irate.

28. List how the beer and wine tax money is allocated. $243,932.00 (page 11)

Is nothing sacred? A man can't enjoy an adult beverage without supporting the liberal agenda these days? Is there any activity I can do that won't be taxed to support diversity?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Thursday, April 14, 2011

How about just shut up

Portland Public Schools
The Day of Silence, an annual event sponsored by GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network), is Friday, April 15. Students at many of our schools have participated in the last several years. Administrative Directive, 4.40.060-AD states that students are allowed to engage in political activities as long as they are not disruptive to the school's program. Generally, students participating in Day of Silence activities do so in a non-disruptive manner. The only question that has arisen in past years is whether participating students are exempt from speaking in class. The answer is no: where class participation is part of a class' requirements, students must participate in class or be held accountable for the work for that day.
This is listed under "Required Reading" on the "Information for school and central administrators " website.

Oregon City High School
The Day of Silence, founded in 1996 by students at the University of Virginia, is a day where students from across America take a vow of silence to call attention to anti-LGBT remarks and harassment. LGBT is widely recognized as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender. This year, the Day of Silence is April 15.

Franklin High School
The Day of Silence is Friday, April 15th. Come and get your t-shirt in the main hall and sign up to participate. Be silent for one day to commemorate all of those who have been silenced and bullied for their sexual orientation. Questions? See Adrian Smith or Ms. Hall. Sponsored by the Franklin GSA.
Get your t-shirt? Who supplied these? And are they fashionably gay?

Bethel School District
The National Day of Silence is today! Today, thousands of students across the country will respect a vow of silence to draw attention to the silencing effects of all forms of bullying and harassment in our schools. If you’ve signed up to participate, you can still go to room 34 to pick up your silence placard or ribbon of support. The silence will be broken in a ceremony held today; students who are participating will be dismissed at 3:00 pm.

Fact: A 2009 survey found that nearly two-thirds of LGBT students felt unsafe in school because of their sexual orientation. -Thommen & Case (Apr. 15)
Support our political cause and get an early dismissal!

I was going to make a lot of double entendre gay jokes but Portland just had it's first "professional" soccer game tonight which is all the gay I can handle in a single day.

The bottom line is that our taxpayer funded institutions of indoctrination will be spending instructional time telling your kids how much more important they would be if only they were gay.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday night missmash

But you should see them screw in a lightbulb!

How many ODOT workers does it take to set up a 10 foot piece of guardrail? Count them with me now! (picture sent to me today)

"Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me"
Over at BlueOregon (where they hate black people, I keep saying it so it must be true) there is a post decrying government shutting down... smoking establishments!

But they don't argue that people have a right to smoke, that property owners should be able to freely decide whether or not their patrons can smoke, but rather they complain like this:

Even if the bill did only target hookah lounges, it would be unfair to shut them down. It's hard to imagine any health justification for allowing cigar bars (with smoke and liquor!) while banning hookah lounges; the proposal reeks of class bias against a hobby associated with the young and Middle Eastern.

Whatever the merits of the 2009 smoking ban, it has at least segregated smoking into a small number of businesses that non-smokers need never enter.

Having given in to the idea that government can tell some property owners they can't allow smoking it now shocks these liberals that the "young and Middle Eastern" folks might not be able to freely enjoy themselves along with people who want to have a drink in a bar.

I guess it doesn't occur to BlueOregon writers that non-smokers need never enter a bar or restaurant that allows smoking. Only the heavy hand of government could prevent this in their eyes.

But now their hookah ox is the one getting gored and all of a sudden there is talk of "consenting adults" from the left.

Sorry hookah lovers, either you are with freedom or you are with big government. You can't have it both ways.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Barb wire, tents and pink underwear sound like a good solution

Inmate program fails to meet expectations, will end
Last year, then-Gov.Ted Kulongoski quietly commuted the sentences of 44 illegal-resident inmates, clearing the way for them to be turned over to federal authorities so they could be deported faster.

Forty-two of the 44 came to this country illegally from Mexico, records show.

Kulongoski cut short their prison sentences as part of a state program aimed at pruning incarceration costs by turning over for early deportation some nonviolent illegal immigrant criminals — all within six months of their release dates.

Now, the underachieving, short-lived program is headed for extinction.

Gov. John Kitzhaber, who took office in January, plans to let it "sunset" July 1.

Oregon's prisons currently hold 14,026 inmates; 1,289 of them are in the country illegally, according to the Corrections Department.

The daily cost of incarceration for an Oregon inmate is $84. By extension, the yearly cost for housing 1,289 illegal immigrant inmates would total about $39.5 million.

That's $39.5 million a year to feed and house criminal aliens in the department of corrections. That doesn't include the inmates in the county jails, that doesn't include the cost to prosecute them, that doesn't include the cost to provide them with lawyers and that doesn't include the human cost of the victims.

The Statesman Journal could do some real investigative reporting by taking the names of illegal aliens in DOC custody and checking to see if they have drivers licenses, are registered to vote, have an Oregon Trail card, check their employment history, etc.

These people didn't materialize the day they raped or murdered someone, they were able to live here by working and getting assistance from the state whether in the form of welfare, identification, an ITIN or just the reassurance that local law enforcement won't bother them for being here illegally.

We always get the life story about the most sympathetic illegal alien the media can find, how about tracking back the guy who stole an $18/hour job? Tell us who that employer was! Find out if he stole someone's SSN and caused chaos in the victims life due to the identity theft. Find out if he had been arrested for DUII but the courts let him go. Find out if he has three kids and the family lives in taxpayer paid housing.

I wish someone would do that story.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

They should be stealing jobs that pay a living wage!

New Study Finds 57% of Immigrant Households with Children Use Welfare
A new study from the Center of Immigration Studies shows that 57% of households headed by an immigrant with children under the age of 18 receive some form of welfare. Only 39% of native born households with children receive welfare services. The study included households headed by both illegal and legal immigrants.

The research conducted by Steven Camorata, the Center's Director of Research, found that immigrant households tend to use food assistance and medicaid programs at a much higher rate than native born American households. He found that the use of cash and housing programs were about the same between the two groups.

Clearly the problem here is that illegal aliens aren't stealing jobs that pay a living wage. We must eliminate the barriers that are keeping the vulnerable criminal alien communities from realizing their dreams of sending ill-gotten dollars out of our economy and propping up foreign countries like Mexico.

I know that we hear about illegal aliens paying so much in taxes, this is of coarse right after we hear that they only take low paying jobs that Americans won't do, so I'm sure that these welfare statistics are confusing to you.

Maybe this analogy will help:

Maria the drug dealer lives in Oregon where there is a 9% income tax. Maria makes $45K/year. Maria doesn't report her income because she didn't earn it legally. Maria gets pregnant out of wedlock, I'll give you guys a minute to recover from the surprise, and goes down to the WIC office and they see she has $0/year in reported income. Maria drives to the grocery store and spends your money.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Because we all fear immigration?

California Epidemic of Pertussis (page 15)

There is a critical outbreak of pertussis (whooping cough) in California: it is classified now as an epidemic. Five infants, all Latino, have died. This is due to unrecognized pertussis in older children and adults which then infects babies before they’ve had a chance to get their shots. PLEASE spread the word through every mechanism you have that it is critical to get DTaP in adolescents and adults and to get children immunized properly. Providers are not recognizing pertussis and MUST keep this in mind with cough illnesses. Families must not fear immigration to get in for shots, and the public must understand that pertussis is not brought here by immigrants---it is local people passing it around to vulnerable populations. Please share any media resources you have with us so we can all work together! This is a NATIONAL problem as increases are also being seen in several other states.

We have been talking with people at CDC and have the following links for your interest. We are working on low literacy methods to assist the public.

CDC Web Feature
English -
Spanish -

So whooping cough is here, the multicultural folks are worried about people being afraid of "immigration" (meaning Immigration and Customs Enforcement) but then rush to assure everyone that it isn't immigrants bringing this disease back to the United States.

I guess it's just those mean old American citizens passing it on to helpless illegal aliens. Don't worry though, we will cover the medical costs to make up for our meanness.