Saturday, April 30, 2011

No sense of irony

Illegal aliens want government issued drivers licenses. To achieve this they throw temper tantrums with the following signs:

"I need to drive to work"
Working is unlawful for illegal aliens. He's asking for help to break the law.

"Don't force me to break the law let me have a license"
You are already breaking multiple laws and willingly admit that if we don't give you what you want you will break another law.

You win the bad parent award. You have put your children in a position where you can't legally work to provide for them, let alone drive. Your unlawful presence means that you could be detained at any time. Your children are the victims of your selfish behavior.


LUV Hispanics but not Criminals said...

and these Sheeple are incredibly stupid as well.

1,000's will clogging our streets tomorrow (pissing everyone off) "Demanding" a photo ID/License...getting their "message" out in a Foriegn language, so no one really knows what their message is...Yet the Bill is didn't make it out of committe on can't pass because it can't be voted on...How do you say DUH! in Spanish

Anonymous said...

"SHEEPLE" is exactly correct.

Thier self-appointed non-elected leaders order them too chant in Spanish and give speeches in Spanish, making sure they are not educated in English and don't understand other ideas/opinions/thoughts/etc.

This is the same way the Africans of the 19th century on the farms of the south were controlled as well.

Anonymous said...

Just think if they went back home they could legally drive. Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

It really seems ironic to me that an estimated 20 million people are willing to risk their lives and cross international borders illegally and then have the nerve to gather and protest in large numbers in that foreign country demanding their "rights" like citizens in that country and stating that they are deprived of that freedom that they "earned".

if those same 20 million people would gather in their own country in a similar manner, could make their country a lot better and therefore would not need to leave their homeland.

Just like what's happening now overseas where people are taking to the streets to take back their country from the dictators.

The ONLY reason why these people don't is because they are COWARDS and should be ASHAMED for abandoning their country instead of staying in trying to make it better.

And they wonder why some people have no respect for them.

DAVE01 said...

I love the sign in the first picture that says "don't for me to break the law". That's funny. I guess we forced him to sneak into our country, we forced him to steal somebody's SSN or we forced him to not pay taxes. I laughed when I saw that sign.

I guess we forced the Gamboa cousins to rape and murder Dani Countryman.

These are the people who want amnesty so they can steal even more.

No thanks. Go ask your governments for help, not mine.

Julie said...

I bet the one person that wrote these protest signs in english has carpal tunnel syndrome by now! Un-freakin-believable! They continue to demand more and more when they do not belong here in the first place. I doubt the illegal immigrant in the picture has children that are hungry, my tax dollars paid for their bellies to be nice and full, hers too by the way. I have been hit by illegal immigrant trash in auto accidents a whopping 3 times, and each time neither had a driver license or insurance, and this was proir to the law. If anyone thinks that a driving priviledge will encourage them to drive legally and responsibly, think again, simply not going to happen. I also might add that all 3 accidents were the illegal trash being grossly over the legal limit. I was the victim left to deal with all the damage and insurance hassle while they fled like cowards with many aliases to hide under.

DAVE01 said...

Julie, I agree with you. My girlfriend was hit by a criminal alien about ten years ago. Then the criminal aliens had driver's licenses but this clown dropped his and her insurance company dropped her. Enough of them will just drop their insurance once they get the license that again, we will pay for them.

Why aren't the legislators working on jobs. I thought that was the number one priority for the clowns under the golden man. I guess they are more interested in giving benefits to criminal aliens than working on the economy which will benefits Americans. We are second class citizens in our own country.

After the economy collapses we can round up the criminal aliens along with the legislators who were working for them instead of us and deport them all.

Robin said...

Dave01, we had a chance to replace most of the legislators in November, but no, Oregon had to put them back in to office again and now there are complaining.

I really hope that my fellow Oregonians learned a lesson.

Mike from Stumptown said...

I really hope that my fellow Oregonians learned a lesson.

Everyone outside of Portland, Salem, and Eugene did: a vast majority of people in said cities are stupid.