Sunday, April 17, 2011

Classic Portland

From Friday

More videos from the rally posted on The Blaze.


Anonymous said...

Damn straight! Republicans know you're supposed to wipe your ass with the Constitution, not the flag!

Anonymous said...

It is crap like this that makes me wish I lived in the State of Jefferson.

OregonGuy said...

The Civility of the Left.


Anonymous said...

It's these sorts of "discussions" that go nowhere. Reality is, the "left" has its share of assholes, and the "right" has its share of assholes. Both sides have assholes. Agreed? Good, let's move on.

Anonymous said...

I still wish I lived in the State of Jefferson.

Anonymous said...

I always use a Mexican Flag to wipe my ass with.

Anonymous said...

@anon 11:25

Sure, both the left and right ends of the political spectrum have people who are less than civil in many cases.....but here's the difference:

Search the internet, and try to find any instance where a "tea Party" rally had gone violent or destructive.

Now search the internet for videos of a "Code Pink" or Anti War rally that had gotten out of hand. The evidence is overwhelming.

The left in this country seems to tolerate the bad and even criminal behavior of some of their supporters at these rallys.

The "Battle of Seattle"? I'm pretty sure that wasn't a bunch of Tea Party activists going crazy.

The evidence that the left is more apt to commit acts of violence than those on the right is overwhelming. A simple you tube search will confirm my assertions.

Anonymous said...

Well that's very clever of you, Anon, to limit examples of right-wing violence only to Tea Party supporters. But if that's the game you want to play, shall we start with the head-stomping carried out by a campaign official from the Rand Paul camp last fall?

You've got a short, very selective memory. I suppose you don't want to talk about Republican congressional candidates who coyly suggest that violent overthrow of government is "on the table." Or the guy who shot three cops in Pittsburgh because he was terrified that Obama was going to take his guns? How about the right-wing extremist who murdered Dr. George Tiller? Or the white supremacist who opened fire in the U.S. Holocaust Memorial? No? How about Jim David Adkisson, accused of opening fire (and killing two) in a Tennessee Valley Unitarian Church, and cops found so much right-wing crap in his home he could have opened FOXNews tourist shop? And you're not really going to make me be the one who has to remind you of Timothy McVeigh? Shall I go on? You really want to play this game?

Read a fucking newspaper already.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 12:15
I opened my posting with:

"Sure, both the left and right ends of the political spectrum have people who are less than civil in many cases."

I could pick and choose random murders throughout the past twenty years if I wanted to, and find the political affiliation of the offender, thus making that particular party "guilty" by association. However, that would be disingenous, and I would not be making a valid argument. I would be cherry picking to try and make a point that wasn't there.

The point is, in the past ten years or so, when you see a political rally or protest, IN GENERAL the left is far more vitreolic and hateful than are rallies by folks on the right.

Now...I chose to select the Tea Party rallies as an example because this particular video was at a TEA PARTY RALLY. Not only that, the right (prior to the Tea Party movement) tended to voice peaceful opinion in ways other than mass gatherings.

Apples to Apples makes a far better comparison.

Anonymous said...

That's because, traditionally, conservatives don't do rallies. Or parades. Historically, that's been the province of the Left, and yes -- whenever you get a crowd of 25,000 people protesting a war, there will be a few assholes in the bunch. Someone will surely catch them on video, and Miglavs will surely hunt that video down so he can post it here so idiot like you can brand the entire Left as "violent."

Traditionally, as my (partial) list makes clear, traditionally, the extreme fringe of the Right skip rallies. They just go straight for good old fashioned bloodshed. Murder. Destroying entire buildings, you stupid motherfucker. So a few anarchists show up at an anti-war march and wipe their ass with a flag? Big fucking deal. I'd take a hundred flags used as asswipes any day over a white supremacist lunatic spraying bullets around the Holocaust Memorial.

You want to trade lunatics? Just give the word, pal.