Sunday, April 10, 2011

Barb wire, tents and pink underwear sound like a good solution

Inmate program fails to meet expectations, will end
Last year, then-Gov.Ted Kulongoski quietly commuted the sentences of 44 illegal-resident inmates, clearing the way for them to be turned over to federal authorities so they could be deported faster.

Forty-two of the 44 came to this country illegally from Mexico, records show.

Kulongoski cut short their prison sentences as part of a state program aimed at pruning incarceration costs by turning over for early deportation some nonviolent illegal immigrant criminals — all within six months of their release dates.

Now, the underachieving, short-lived program is headed for extinction.

Gov. John Kitzhaber, who took office in January, plans to let it "sunset" July 1.

Oregon's prisons currently hold 14,026 inmates; 1,289 of them are in the country illegally, according to the Corrections Department.

The daily cost of incarceration for an Oregon inmate is $84. By extension, the yearly cost for housing 1,289 illegal immigrant inmates would total about $39.5 million.

That's $39.5 million a year to feed and house criminal aliens in the department of corrections. That doesn't include the inmates in the county jails, that doesn't include the cost to prosecute them, that doesn't include the cost to provide them with lawyers and that doesn't include the human cost of the victims.

The Statesman Journal could do some real investigative reporting by taking the names of illegal aliens in DOC custody and checking to see if they have drivers licenses, are registered to vote, have an Oregon Trail card, check their employment history, etc.

These people didn't materialize the day they raped or murdered someone, they were able to live here by working and getting assistance from the state whether in the form of welfare, identification, an ITIN or just the reassurance that local law enforcement won't bother them for being here illegally.

We always get the life story about the most sympathetic illegal alien the media can find, how about tracking back the guy who stole an $18/hour job? Tell us who that employer was! Find out if he stole someone's SSN and caused chaos in the victims life due to the identity theft. Find out if he had been arrested for DUII but the courts let him go. Find out if he has three kids and the family lives in taxpayer paid housing.

I wish someone would do that story.


Anonymous said...

Daniel, your comments, as usual, are exactly correct.

FACT: over 140 are in for MURDER/Homicide

FACT: Each Murder case cost US at least $1 Million to prosecute, per D.A. Josh Marquis. That's another $140 + Million!

FACT: Each victim of Murder/Rape has several Family members who will Suffer for the loss of a loved one for the rest of their life because that SHOULD not have happened & wouldn't if Democrats removed carrotts to be here.

FACT: DEMOCRATS keep dangling carrotts for more too come here. i.e. cheap college, photo id/license, etc.

TOO Obvious: Illegals would rather be in Jail here than in turd world. (Free, too them, Healthcare, college, weight training, basketball, food, drugs, sex, etc.)

Counter to Daniels point - Paper will NOT investigate further as they know FACTS would wipe out their Democrat buddies.

Thank you Paper for proving ONE FACT: Illegals are TWICE as likely too committ a serious crime as these numbers prove.

Anonymous said...

Excellent Comment in the paper on this article...

Interesting fact that it works in other states just not Oregon. that sounds a little fishy to me maybe its because Oregon government dosent want it to work? Just one more way to lie to citizens about full prisons and the need to spend more money oin them.

Anonymous said...

"Tell us who that employer was!"

I pointed out, like, a year ago that Miglavs mysteriously never goes after the employers. Gotten a lot accomplished since then, Daniel?

Anonymous said...

Hey dummy, the Media can find out who the corrupt empoyer is, how could Daniel?

Or I am sure he would.

Last year the Democrat lap dog media actually did mention that the illegal alien Rapist worked at Wendy's and raped here there while they were open.

The next week OFIR had a protest there and they shut down for the day and every TV and Radio and Paper Media from Portland was there.

Democrats told them NOT too publish employer ever again and...they haven't, have they?