Monday, April 18, 2011

Because some animals are more equal than others

Clackamas County CMHP

Sensitivity to GLBTI and cross cultural needs are prioritized. (page 6)

Increase services to indigent and multicultural groups. (page 2)

Clackamas county does not have a formal cultural competency plan at this time. With the continued changing demographics of Clackamas County, it is recognized that development of a formal plan is required in the future. Responsibility for development of a plan will live with the County's human resources department, specifically with the County's Diversity Manager. Over the past four or five years, the county has provided mandatory diversity training titled 'Building Connections' for each employee. This training is delivered by the County's human resources department, based on material purchased from an outside vendor. (page 3) I'd love to know how much this outside vendor gets to charge for the training material.

I realize that a portion of my income goes to pay for this nonsense. We need a diversity manager to prioritize the gays and make sure that multicultural groups come first. Fine. But when I find out that my beer and wine taxes go to this I become irate.

28. List how the beer and wine tax money is allocated. $243,932.00 (page 11)

Is nothing sacred? A man can't enjoy an adult beverage without supporting the liberal agenda these days? Is there any activity I can do that won't be taxed to support diversity?


Anonymous said...

"Is nothing sacred? A man can't enjoy an adult beverage without supporting the liberal agenda these days?"

Now you have the tiniest glimpse of what it's like for us liberals who have to support the conservative agenda. You know, the wars, deficits, outsourcing, Wall Street wrecking the economy etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

cricket cricket cricket

objectivist said...

We are getting closer and closer to an Atlas Shrugged type world.

And to the other commenter, a truly conservative agenda would have no effect on you. The only wars would be fought for the sake of national defense, and the other stuff you listed has nothing to do with government policy.

Anonymous said...

Objectivist: I wish I could move to your fantasyland, but I don't know how to ride a unicorn powered by fairydust.

Anonymous said...

Taxes? Why dont we tax lard, pigs feet, corn mix, and anything these illegals buy on a regular basis to feed their fat, ugly, greasy, ignorant children? Silly me, I forgot Corona too.