Tuesday, April 05, 2011

They should be stealing jobs that pay a living wage!

New Study Finds 57% of Immigrant Households with Children Use Welfare
A new study from the Center of Immigration Studies shows that 57% of households headed by an immigrant with children under the age of 18 receive some form of welfare. Only 39% of native born households with children receive welfare services. The study included households headed by both illegal and legal immigrants.

The research conducted by Steven Camorata, the Center's Director of Research, found that immigrant households tend to use food assistance and medicaid programs at a much higher rate than native born American households. He found that the use of cash and housing programs were about the same between the two groups.

Clearly the problem here is that illegal aliens aren't stealing jobs that pay a living wage. We must eliminate the barriers that are keeping the vulnerable criminal alien communities from realizing their dreams of sending ill-gotten dollars out of our economy and propping up foreign countries like Mexico.

I know that we hear about illegal aliens paying so much in taxes, this is of coarse right after we hear that they only take low paying jobs that Americans won't do, so I'm sure that these welfare statistics are confusing to you.

Maybe this analogy will help:

Maria the drug dealer lives in Oregon where there is a 9% income tax. Maria makes $45K/year. Maria doesn't report her income because she didn't earn it legally. Maria gets pregnant out of wedlock, I'll give you guys a minute to recover from the surprise, and goes down to the WIC office and they see she has $0/year in reported income. Maria drives to the grocery store and spends your money.


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile the Hussein Obama admin. still allows over 100,000 Legal immigrants and that many again UNdocumented Democrat voters too sneak in to here every month!

Meanwhile our Democrat Legislators waste your money/time working for the Mexican Mafia in granting Rewards like - in-state Tuition, Driver's Licenses, ESL @ an extra $3K p/yr. each, NO E-Verify, NO proof to Vote, Farmworker Housing, well paid/benefits State Employee "Diversity" specialists, OR. Health Plan for all kids, etc.

Hey Democrats, tell us how having over 1 in 2 immigrants sucking our system dry is "good for the economy", please explain...

Anonymous said...

Daniel, with the Democrats approving of cheaper college only for these criminals, they will be stealing better paying jobs soon!

But as the "undocumented" are the masters of forged documents, they will still be on Welfare anyhow.

Anonymous said...

WOW! The Politicians of AL. and other states actually represent Americans. Why don't they work for us here?

BIRMINGHAM, Ala (Reuters) - The Alabama state House of Representative passed an Arizona-style crackdown on illegal immigration on Tuesday, despite opposition from Democrats and civil rights groups.

The measure, which passed by 73 votes to 28 on Tuesday evening, would give state and local police broad powers to check the immigration status of people detained on other charges.

It also would require businesses in the state to run checks on new employees through a federal computer database, dubbed an "E-verify," and use a state verification program to deny public services to illegal immigrants.

In addition to Alabama, Arizona-inspired immigration measures are proceeding through legislatures in Georgia, Indiana, Oklahoma and South Carolina.

Anonymous said...

For the 567th time, Miglavs equates "immigrants" with "illegal aliens."

Nothing racist about this, of course ...

No bigotry here!


DAVE01 said...

ANON 7:39 PM
For the millionth time, criminal aliens are not immigrants. Fifth grade English was a class you must have slept through.

When did criminal aliens (which covers most of the races on the planet including white Irish) become a race?

You must have flunked every every English class you took.

Anonymous said...

Three problems here, Dave.


First of all, illegal immigrants are, in fact, immigrants. There are two kinds of immigration (illegal and legal, a distinction that the Miglavians have taken great pains to note over the years) and thus two kinds of immigrants. But they are all immigrants.

But don't take my word for it. Look in a dictionary. How about this one, the Free Online Dictionary:

A person who leaves one country to settle permanently in another.

Think I'm being selective? Fine. Let's look at another dictionary, Merriam-Webster:

a person who comes to a country to take up permanent residence

Got it? Try saying it a few times tonight in front of a mirror before you go to bed. Hopefully, it'll sink in overnight, and tomorrow you'll be a smidgeon less stupid than you are today.


I'm not the one getting it ass-backwards; you (and Miglavs) are. He refers to a study of IMMIGRANTS, period. It does not specify in the section he quotes that they were, in whole or in part, illegal immigrants. But even though the word "immigrant" is, legally-speaking, a neutral word, Miglavs concludes that, "clearly, the problem here is that illegal aliens ..."

Clearly? This is "clear"?

Nobody said anything about "illegal aliens." This was not a study of "illegal aliens." It was a study of IMMIGRANTS. Miglavs (and you) assume, automatically, that they were illegal.

That's bigotry, Dave.

And since we know where they mostly come from ...

Yeah, it's racist too.

Figure it out.


I gotta ask, Dave. Did you actually look at the article Miglavs referred to?

It actually makes the point I'm making in #2: I'll boldface the relevent word to make it easier for you:

•The Center estimates that 52 percent of households with children headed by legal immigrants used at least one welfare program in 2009, compared to 71 percent for illegal immigrant households with children. Illegal immigrants generally receive benefits on behalf of their U.S.-born children.

Yes, the study did include illegal immigrants. It included them, it wasn't make up entirely of them, and it makes that distinction.

Miglavs does NOT make that distinction.

For Miglavs, all immigrants are "illegal." For you, they're criminal aliens."

And if you actually need someone to explain to you why that's a load of racist horseshit, then I suggest you ask someone with more patience for stupidity than I have.

Anonymous said...

Report clearly states that ILLEGAL "immigrants" are even more of a burden to our nation than the majority of legals from the uneducated turd world...

"compared to 71 percent for illegal immigrant households with children"

Build that Wall - Approved by Congress and signed into law by the Pres.

Then make is impossible for an illegal to steal a job or benefits (yes they can do this)

Then temporarily STOP legal immigration (especially for the leaches from the no skills, no education turd world), until Unemployment drops below 5%.

And fix that 14th Amend. loophole as these tens of millions of Anchor Babies are Killing us financially.

Anonymous said...

Dave, I understand your logic - "Immigrants" ASK for permission to live in another country, Illegal aliens are identified as criminals and not immigrants because they ARE criminals, in any nation on earth, including ours.

Anonymous said...

In Miglavia, an idiot who completely misses the point of a criticism is demonstrating their "logic."

Welcome to Miglavia.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Miglavs is still having trouble with the Labrador/dog thing. Which is pretty pathetic, when you consider that he was the one who made the analogy a while back.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 12:46 PM
According to the US law, the correct term is alien. However, I like to use a much more informative term: criminal alien. If they are here illegally, they are criminals. The language is changing all the time. Immigrant implies that they are here legally. They are not. They are here to steal whatever they can since the study shows that.

At the best, they are thieves. At the worst, they are murderers, rapists, pedophiles and identity thieves.

You should think of how many American children and elderly are having their social services stolen by those criminal aliens. Where is the outrage and concern for American children and elderly? Liberals don't give a shit about them. They want to spread the wealth around to others and there is only so much of the pie.

It's very sad that Americans are second class citizens in their own country. American politicians are tossing American children and elderly under the bus.

Democrats and some Republicans, Doom, Death and Destruction for the USA.

Anonymous said...

I know very well what the federal statute says.

Which means, since you understand that "criminal" is implicit in the word "alien," then what you really seem bent on branding these people is not simply "criminals," but "criminal criminals." Putting aside all other issues, do you realize how IDIOTIC that is? If someone is arrested for speeding, shall we call them a speeding speeder? Or drunk driving: A drunk drunk?

How much more evidence do we really need, Dave, that precise language really has nothing to do with your choice of words, and dehumanizing people you don't like is what you're really doing?

Dave = Doom, Death and Destruction for common sense, decency and logic.

Anonymous said...

Dave Dave, you you are are an an idiot idiot.


Anonymous said...

The previous post was posted by the Anonymous Anon. :-)

Anonymous said...

DAVE01: "You should think of how many American children and elderly are having their social services stolen by..." THE REPUBLICANS! Where have you been since 1981?

DAVE01 said...

ANON 8:28 AM
Criminal is not implicit in the word alien. Where in the hell did you get that idea?

You're right, I don't like criminals. Especially foreign ones. I don't like them because they are given a pass on so many crimes and too many Americans politicians seem to want to represent them instead of Americans. That's representation without taxation.

Americans in many ways are second class citizens in our own country. Last week, foreign students in Oregon were given in state tuition over my fellow Americans.

Why do you like criminals so much? Maybe if they felt a little less human, they might stop raping, robbing and murdering my fellow Americans.

I bet they don't give a shit how you feel about them as long as the dollars are going their way. They are here to take, not give.

Anonymous said...

ANON 2:04 PM
They are actually being stolen by future democrat voters.

Anonymous said...

Hey xenophobe, maybe if you actually read the 'study' if you can call it that, you would notice that it says immigrants without distinguishing between docs and undocs. But in your view all immigrants are 'illegal' right. You are so transparent in your views and do such a great service in exposing the anti-immigrant viewpoints of oregonians for immigration reform. Maybe all those immigrants that are getting paid unlivable wages should start unions where they work. That would get you turds spinning in your own bowls, aye.

Anonymous said...

That idiot must be dave the cross eyed reject. Go back to the racist cease-pool known as ofir.

Bobkatt said...

What exactly a cease-pool?

Anonymous said...

DAVE01 and his bag of immigrant hating nutballs probably know. Why don't you ask him KitKatt.

Anonymous said...

Is DAVE01 the same goof that goes on Liars Larson and talks in his baby voice about "crimaliens"?

GM said...

Dave would have everyone believe that Miglavians commonly use "aliens" as a stand-alone term to refer specifically to Mexicans who are merely vacationing for a couple weeks in the States. :-)

Anonymous said...

GM, that's funny.
I wonder how many mexicans are vacationing in the us right when they are ready to drop a baby. People from other countries do it, I just can't imagine the people with family values that don't stop at the border doing such a low life act.