Saturday, April 22, 2006

Consulate protest awards

Each carousel protest I meet all kinds of great people. It's time to recognize them with their very own awards post. So many entrants, so few winners. To win an award in a certain category you must go above and beyond the call of duty.

So without further ado...

The "I threatened Daniel" award:

"If you take my picture I'll knock you out." Yes, this deserving winner is capable of making empty threats of physical violence just like in 3rd grade.

The "Expensive car" award:

This was a hard one. So many illegal aliens drive nice cars but the "for official use only" bumper sticker made this Prius the final winner.

The "This is why we need illegal labor" award:

"I am able to keep costs down with illegal Mexican labor which means I have more money to buy cheap Mexican pot." I told this guy that his bussiness was a failure because he has to break the law to compete and he responded with that quote. Classic.

The "I won't take a picture with Daniel" award:

This was another hard one. (So many people won't take a picture with me) But I had to settle on Consul Fernando Ugarte. I actually told him at one point that if he agreed to give me one of the goodie bags and take a picture with me that I would go home. He laughed.

Lunch is ready... more to follow.


Anonymous said...

Nice photots Daniel. Wish I could have been there but unfortunately I am sitting this one out to protest OFIR's endorsement of RINO Saxton.

Elizabeth Hoppe said...

Fantastic!!, My husband, son and myself were there today. It has been our first opportunity to be at a protest. We had a great time watching you engage the illegals and also upsetting the delicate balance within their inner sanctum!! My son (the tall 12 year old there with "US Navy" sweatshirt) proudly wore home his "no amnesty" sticker, all the way home to our illegal laden complex in Gresham. The pictures are great!

Robert said...

It's always great to see you at the rallies Daniel, you're commentary is excellent, both informative and entertaining. As a member of OFIR, I fully support Saxton and I believe OFIR was right to ensorse him. Either way it was a good to see some good Americans stand up for a just cause.


axe01 said...

Just wondering what the State of Oregon Department of Administrative Services 'Prius' was doing? Where was it parked?
HHmmm. 'For Official Use?' It just gets worse and worse.

Anonymous said...

-When the Mexicans go back to their country?

when the pan handlers got a job.

-work visas take the job from the americans

that means that those americans aren't capables to do that job.

do you want to send those undocumented peoples to their country?

the results will be, higher prices on foods, no body can eat at any restaurant in portland because most of the people who cooks is latino, no body can wash their car because there are more latinos in those business.

are you people are imbecile?

dont you see you need us, thank you for the pics , that means that you love us and if you care about us you really need us.
you love us.

and be care ful.

we are gonna get married with your daughters and when you are not in your house we are going to be the latino lover who is going to love your wife.

thank you for all

Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding me... lol. Will look here, a bleeding heart liberal pretenting to be an illegal alien. Funny stuff! Now stop smoking that cheap Mexican pot and get your ass a job.

Elizabeth said...

anonymous, funny you might mention that "jobs no American will take", well just so happend that my husband works side by side with man from Mexico (who has has his green card) and since they do the same job, well that was a job an American would take!! So much for that lie. Looking forward to May 1st, it will be nice to walk in a grocery store and not see the undercover store security nabbing some illegal.

peod in Oregon said...

I think it's time to pull our troops out of Iraq and send them into Mexico and overthrow that shit hole government and straighten it out. You know, do the job that Mexicans won't do. They have a lot of oil I hear.

elizabeth said...

Daniel, could you help get the word out for a protest? I am planning a protest for May 7th in front of Pioneer Courthouse Square, along 6th avenue. this would start at 2 P.M. and it is a BYOS (bring your own sign) protest. I will bring fliers from ALIPAC, with information about FAIR, LAIR and CIS. I plan to print out sme info for people about the reconquista movement. I would ask that peoples signs be decent, no racism and no general "nastiness". Just signs that will bring awareness to this problem. Thanks

Sue K. said...

I wash my own car, thank you very much!

beakeer said...

Daniel, you reeeaaalllyy need a hobby man............

Rick Hickey said...

LABOR is a small portion of a Farmers costs and an even smaller portion of the price we pay retail.
If we can afford a 50% jump in GAS, we can pay 20% more for food.


I want Americans to be paid an American wage.

Scottiebill said...

Daniel, Your picture of the clown threatening you and you commented that is was as if he were in the 3rd grade. That is probably the limit of his education. But that shortfall will get better at the knee of Guillermo Bradbury.

And check out the Prius with with the Property of Oregon sticker. It will be the new Portland police car if Taliban Tommy has his druthers.

Poed, Besides the oil that Mexico has, the only other good thing to come out of there is Corona beer. But it has to have a bit of lemon to make it even better. But Corona will still not come close to the goodness of Bridgeport IPA.

Axe01, Now there is more solid proof that the State of Oregon is aiding and abetting the criminals at the Mexican consulate. Michael Chertoff should have had his troops there yesterday to arrest the Oregon state employees in attendance.

Anonymous said...

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