Friday, May 19, 2006

Not open to fraud

So what kind of languange is/was being considered in the amnesty bill?

"provision allowing a self-signed statement of affirmation to be considered proof of employment history for an illegal immigrant"

"Guest workers would not need an employer to attest to forthcoming employment. "

As you can see, this bill will not result in any fraud whatsoever. None. These criminal aliens who lie on their job applications, lie on their I-9 form, lie on their W-2, lie lie lie and lie some more will immediatly start telling the truth because Jorge Bush says they are good people.


I invented the mullet said...

Come on, Daniel! They're just telling the lies that Americans wont!

[OK, I know that there are Americans who lie, cheat and steal; we elect a few every couple of years!]

Daniel said...

That's pretty good mullet!