Monday, May 01, 2006

TV coverage

TV coverage of today's march for criminals was interesting.

"We pay taxes" is something that I heard. How do you pay taxes? You need a Social Security number to pay taxes. So you commit ID theft and fraud but want a pat on the back for paying a tiny amount of taxes on your "low paying job that Americans won't do?"

And since illegal aliens aren't going to file a tax return they claim the maximum number of dependents so that no income tax is withheld during the year.

"They have families" is something else I heard. So do drug dealers, rapists and murderers. (It's like I'm still talking about illegal aliens huh?) It doesn't matter if they have families. Actually, I take that back, it does. It shows complete negligence and a disrespect for their family that they would have children when they could be arrested and deported at any time, when they are not legally allowed to provide for their family in this country and when they are teaching their children that it is ok to break the law.

I saw a lot of Mexican flags, heard some other people whose attitude was that "they broke the law but so what" and was generally pleased with the event. Americans who watched the local news broadcasts continue to see that this isn't about "immigrants" or "civil rights" it's about criminals who want the law changed to benefit them.


Anonymous said...

I observed the criminal march today in Salem. On the way in to work I was welcomed to the sight of pro-immigration reform notices posted on street lamps. saw a lot of Mexican flags and in fairness, a lot of American flags. The usual idiot statements were present like, "the pilgrims didn't have papers", or "we are all americans", etc. As they were marching past my office building, I thought about how nice it would be if I could lob some water balloons down at them. How dare a bunch of foreigners march in my streets in my country demanding we change our laws. The arrogance is astounding. I handed out about 50 copies of David Bresnehan's article, "Mr. President, I'm Headed to Mexico". The article does a good job of pointing out how absurd the whole situation is, and the inaction by our President. I was even politicallly correct and "culturally competent" by printing english on the front and a spanish version on the back. It was great, people were passing them around, and sharing them with other people. I am sure there were plenty of people that did not like what it said. Then one of the rally organizers asked me what I was doing and told me I cannot do that. I told him, I have the right of free speech to do this. Then he left and later came back with two PCUN union bosses to try and intimidate me. They told me, "they cannot be responsible for my safety if a riot breaks out". I wasn't going to let a bunch of more than likely illegal aliens intimidate me in my own country. So I kept handing them out. It was kinda fun. It probably pissed people off, but it was my real intention to get people to think about the issue rather than to make people angry. If anyone was offended it is just too bad. I am offended by the fact that illegal aliens are allowed to march in our streets and disrupt traffic. They used the city of Salem busses to bus the illegal marchers from the Fairgrounds to the capitol. I was told that many of the participants arrived in school buses. I hope the unions at least paid to rent these buses rather than being allowed to use the busses at taxpayer expense.

B.M. said...

Just out of curiosity, how many death were there in all of these violent protests?

But knowing the way some people think. YOu can claim that it will happen in just a few years right?

Tim Lewis said...

Of the "jobs that Americans won't do" from the "we pay taxes" guy (what a joke), one of them was "janitor". I've been a janitor on a couple of occasions in my life. I have a close friend who's been doing it for close to 30 years in Salem. What intellectually dishonest things to say. It's getting old.

Mike Mayhem said...

My uncle too was a janitor, he was a hardworking man because he had to. But the statement you hate is true. The goal in America is to get money and be successful, it's what you're taught growing up. Not so many American's NEED to work in a field.

So there's no way 11 million Americans who live comfortably will go "hey let's go take a pay reduction and do harder work" after the illegals are gone. It's absurd, there's a surplus of manual labor jobs.

Mike Mayhem said...

It isn't a matter of "American's won't do it." It's a matter of "American's won't do it if they have a choice." And the majority of our american population have that choice.

I'm bored again, I quit.

Mike Mayhem said...
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Tim Lewis said...

My goal isn't to be successful and make money. Yours might be but you can't speak for me.

When I first worked as a janitor (7 years ago) I made $11/hr. It is much easier work than working retail or customer service or sales. Manual labor doesn't mean harder. Free up 11 million jobs and you'll find plenty of unemployed people willing to take their place (I'm one of them).

You quit? You're admitting that you're not willing to converse on this or anything else. Maybe you've been listening to too much Kelly Pickler.

Mike Mayhem said...

lol, I'm quitting because I don't want my intellectual integrity to be compromised by the ignorance possessed by the population here.

You don't have to wait for the government to get you a job, get up and go. This idea reaffirms that the attack on illegals is a joke, they're just scapegoats.

Employers don't say "hey we're not going to hire you, we're holding out for mexicans." It's not a matter of "what jobs are easier" if you truly need a job, you'll get one. You can't honestly tell me right at this moment you can't find a job.

Plus, kelly pickler is an amazing person/entertainer.... an ok singer, but a rad person/entertainer.

Tim Lewis said...
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Tim Lewis said...

I thought you quit.

I never said I was waiting for them to leave so I could take their jobs. I was just affirming the fact that there are plenty of Americans willing and ready to do them.

And I'm glad you didn't take my Kelly Pickler statement too seriously. I mean, how could anyone take her seriously?

It's nice out. Have a great day!

(mike, I reposted this comment. Just because you insulted "our" intelligence doesn't give me the right to do so as well. I apologize.)

Daniel said...

Mike, no one would choose to work in the field for low wages if they had a better opportunity, not Americans and not illegal aliens.

Not all Americans have a better opportunity. I would like for them to be able to do this work without competition from an illegal workforce.

BEAR said...

b.movement wants to know how many died in this event. The msm reported that, "only a few rocks and bombs were thrown at police, today." BOMBS? Sounds like a little under-reporting, here. The violence will escalate from the lefties as the illegals are caught and sent to their respective cesspools. Anarchists and other criminals won't sit still for law enforcement, or the decisions of the majority. Intimidation and threats will be acted upon when these so-called "peaceful" anti-american activities don't work.

R Huse said...

Look - there isn’t a lot of point in arguing with a liberal about this since you are pretty much arguing the obvious: illegal aliens are law breakers, laws are meant to be enforced, enforce the law against illegal aliens. There is no getting around that simple fact, no matter how many different ways the liberals want to argue it. Since their position is basically an untenable one they have to result to various ridiculous devices: setting up straw men arguments (its impossible to deport 12 million people), name calling (you are against illegal aliens because you are a racist, all the while ignoring the rampant racism of the protesters and their backers), or ludicrous positions (illegal aliens are a net plus to the economy). No matter how they rant and rave there is no getting around the fact that the central thesis of their argument is the law should not be enforced. And that, of course, is inane.

One good point Mike does make though is that one cant honestly say its impossible to find a job. Its nice to see a liberal not gloom and doom talk the economy for once.