Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Let's make a list of priorities shall we? Some goals, some objectives, stuff like that. Now how should we organize our list? Hmmm, generally the more important stuff goes at the top right?

So what does it say that Lane Counties Human Services Commission Budget Recommendations/Options puts

Consider outreach and education support for HIV and needle exchange program.


Improve the stability and self-reliance of people.

Me, I think that "needle exchange" goes somewhere at the bottom of the list or that it doesn't make the list at all.


Tim said...

I suppose this comes from being public school graduates devoid of critical thinking skills...in short Liberal Looney Logic...translation... A needle exchange program "Feeeeeels" better than taking resposibility and being more self relient. In liberal land, there is no personal responsibility, no consquences for actions and there is always someone else to blame. In Liberal land it's all Bush's fault...he lied you know.

Aghast said...

Needle exchange is all wrong...better to just save that money for the drugs users will need and get after they get HIV. That'll make those people self-reliant!