Monday, May 22, 2006

Convince a liberal to enforce labor laws

I've realized how we can make liberals enforce our labor laws: child labor. I know, I know, children aren't eligible to work but that's ok because neither are illegal aliens.

Let's get a bunch of 8 year-olds putting together shoes ("a job that Americans won't do") and it will make us "more competitive in the global market."

I'm sure that Tony Snow will call it a "free market."

Seriously, why shouldn't McDonalds employ an 11 year who could work side by side with the illegal alien? And if they did how loud would the outrage be?

Contractors could have kids as young as 5 hauling dirt and rock around and pay them under the table. Why not? It's a complete free-for-all as it is.

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Ric said...

I saw a web ad yesturday, being an ad, I don't have the link, regarding Bolivian Silver mining operations which use children aged 10-12. Work in the mine, and risk death, or starve.

"Cerro Rico, (or rich mountain) filled with silver, looks down upon the city, a constant reminder of its claim to fame. Unfortunately, hundreds of Indians died in the silver mines under the Mita system, which made them essentially slave labor - and they were treated and reagarded as such" Destination360

"The goal of this project is to eradicate the most pernicious forms of child labor in Bolivia's Altiplano. The four-year operation will direct resources toward two provinces - Llallagua and Potosi - in Bolivia's silver mining districts to reduce children's involvement in mining. The effort aims to prevent their participation in dangerous activities, while providing improved schooling and prospects for work in non-mining occupations. " CARE

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