Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The sissification of America

You worthless piece of garbage. Enjoy Hell.

Moussaoui Evades Death, Receives Life in Prison
"America, you lost. I won," Moussaoui said, clapping his hands as he was led out of the courtroom after the verdict was read.

So this is what everyone is talking about. I don't usually like to post on the stuff that everyone else is talking about but I figured that maybe I could make it unique. (Like my pig covered Moussaui)

First of all, I blame our K-12 public schools for this. What? That's right. The no dodgeball, no tag, yes to talking about feelings institution that attempts to systematically turn our boys into sissies.

Then these sissified boys grow up thinking that terrorists have feelings and bad childhoods and deserves some leniancy because maybe someone threw a dodgeball at them too hard in the third grade.

Well let me tell you society, you will never sissify my boys! That's right. When my dog, Lady, gets to old and sick to go on she's not going to the vet, one of my boys is gonna have to shoot her!

And let me tell you, my wife and I take the neighborhood kids up to the school playground behind our house and I play rough with these boys, we fight, not wrestle, fight. We hit and kick. These boys will not be sissies.

And they cut off fish heads. (disturbingly, one of them enjoys poking at the fish eyes...)

And when they are old enough they are going to shoot Bambi!

Now you liberals are thinking, gosh Daniel, you are one sick puppy but I'm not, YOU ARE THE SICK PUPPIES!! Allowing terrorists to mock us! Allowing them to continue with their vile propaganda at taxpayer expense.

Don't you realize that this pig will file a grievence every time a guard looks at him wrong? ACLU lawyers will be tripping over themselves to sue on his behalf. He will be able to issue anti-American statements that the press will breathlessly print in their entirety.

The prison will probably be forced to put the cable televisions to the channel Al-Jazzeera to accomodate this pig. He will demand a Muslim diet.

What a perversion of justice.


Bruce said...

You heard it here first!!! PREDICTION......Before the end of one (1) month, 30 days.....people in Iraq will kidnap 1 or several American citizens, be they soldiers or contractors or whatever as long as they are American, and threaten their life if Moussaoui is not released. If we don't release him and they behead the hostages what are we going to do then......whine and cry some more. Has this country become so politically correct that we can't even execute a proven enemy combatant that helped in the taking of 3,000 lives? Thank you to the ACLU, the far,far,far,far,far left, Barbara Streisand, Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn, Martin Sheen (and sonnyboy Charlie), Mike Farrell, Norman Lear and George Soros. May you be held hostage one day as you are going around the world on your Bash-America Tours.

el razonador said...

Bruce -- Everywhere you look, you find something for which to blame liberals. Even this, though the outcome stems directly from poor procedural practice by the legal professionals involved rather than the influence of some liberal agenda. Nonetheless, I feel for you. Your life must be hard. I'm certainly glad I'm not you.

Anonymous said...

Daniel -- Please don't miss my point here. My criticisms of you should not be taken as a defense of terrorists, just to be clear...

How old are you? Seriously. You play family fight club and ritual animal mutilation with your kids?!? and then when the bad guy doesn't get the noose, in a tantrum, you react by desecrating the most widely practiced religion in the putting a pig on his head and a piece of bacon in his mouth? Do you realize how utterly childish this is? It seems that you intend to paint yourself as some sort of witty social commentator. Don't fool yourself, and definitely don't quit your day job at the landfill.

So your response to a group of murderous deviants is to categorically reject their religion, and any who share it, thereby asserting the superiority of your own (or how else is one to take this little piece of pig art?) religion?

Your severe intellectual immaturity is betrayed by your knee-jerk reaction to appeal to the lowest common denominator (no, I'm not referring to Bruce, but I see how you might be confused).

Grow the fuck up!

Anonymous said...

Yes, but the taking of hostages helps the hostage negotiators build over-time and don't forget about the crime scene investigators.

Calhoun said...

anonymous said : "So your response to a group of murderous deviants is to categorically reject their religion..."

No, I think THEY rejected their religion when they chose to be evildoers.

Bruce said...

To the first anonymous post after el razonader....What is wrong with a little artwork? They do funny pictures on and to our flag, they call us vile names, they even light our flag on fire at every opportunity. What is wrong with a little fun payback. Do you even deny us a little defensive punches. In your eyes, when is it allright to respond? Or canwe respond at all without offending your PC sensebilities!!!

Anonymous said...

Bruce -- and when they say "but they defame our religion", we have to say no, not all Americans just juvenile nitwits like Daniel, who cannot mature out of some sort of playground eye-for-an-eye mentality. Where does that back-and-forth stop? Please tell me.

I'm as annoyed by pc as you are, and therefore lack pc sensibility. But, I am offended by the fact that this country debates issues at about a third grade level, which is about where I would place Daniel's argumentative capacity.

Anonymous said...

EL-The JUDGE was appointed by BILL CLINTON and went to NYU-SHE is a LIBERAL & said in court that she did NOT beleive him.
TERRORISTS,3rd World DRUG Lords and other BAD GUYS-LAUGH at our weaknesses and our open border.

My 2 boys play Baseball & Football NOT Soccer and La Crosse. (another attempt by the turd world to change our society)
They are also taking Karate.
They will not be SISSIEFIED by the Far Lefty, Demoncrat, clip haired, mean faced, "sensitive" School teachers.
They will be MEN

Anonymous said...

Your boys play football and baseball. So your saying that boys that play soccer are sissies. hahahaha grow up. That's sooooo lame.

Anonymous said...

Kick the ball & Hug, REAL MAcho!
Soccer is for turd world nations that can't afford helmets and pads.
AMERICa is BASEBALL, Apple Pie & HONDA's (made in Ohio)

Anonymous said...

Daniel you are a fucked up individual. Now did you learn your family values from the gang you used to run with? I am sure they kicked, beat and punked your ass on a regular basis. I guess thats what happens when you are raised as a bastard to a crack head mother.

Anonymous said...

Hey anon (from the third post)

I find it hilarious that your criticism of anyone who disagrees with you never takes on any semblance of sound or reasoned debate. You, like every other liberal I have ever met, choose to characterize anyone who disagrees with your views as “childish”, having “intellectual immaturity”, “knee-jerk” and “lowest common denominator”. All this and obscenities too! “Grow the f--- up”, now that’s mature!

However, your comments, as vacuous as they may be, are protected by the First Amendment, (Have you heard of it?). As such, the First Amendment also protects the pictures and posts displayed on this blog. It always comes as a surprise to liberals that the First Amendment does not protect anyone from being offended and the freedom of speech does not guarantee the right to be heard.

If you are offended by certain speech, don’t listen. If you are offended by certain images, don’t look.

I invented the mullet said...

Anonymous 237
You are one fucked up individual!
How much intellegence does it take to attack someone's mother, you worthless scumbag! Does it make you feel like a real man? If I could I would rip off your head and shit down your freakin neck you puke!
Fuck you!

Daniel said...

Anon541, hmmm, spending time with my kids and teaching them how to be tough compares to an underground bloodsport? And filleting a fish compares to "ritual mutilation"?

Are you saying that this pig is a practitioner of Islam? That he is following the Koran? If he is not them I'm obviously not condemning everyone who is a practitioner of Islam.

anonymous237, I'm not sure where you get your info on my family background. My parents are married and my mother never smoked crack. But I'm sure that verbally attacking someone's family make you feel better.

Roger Doger said...


That's not what your parole officer says.


Oregon Infidel said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Oregon Infidel said...

Daniel, I'm right there with ya. My kid is gonna learn to be a REAL man...not some pussied up "MetroSexual" who gets $40 haircuts and drinks shops for shoes like a bitch. Nope, he's turning into a REAL with with who stands up for what he believes who pushes back twice as hard when pushed himself.

90% of the debates that this country faces internally can be attributed to a few liberal cry-babies making more noise than the majority....and attracting the press to their cause. Take the illegal marchers last week. Count the marchers who played hooky from work, and compare the numbers to those americans who stayed at work, and at school. The marchers numbers are a drop in the bucket compared to the REAL Americans.

Liberals will always plague us with piss poor debate tactics like name calling and pulling out the race card when they can't win an argument. That's why the gutless turds who post as ANON call your mom a crack-head and call the rest of us racists. They can't debate what they know is right.

Oregon Infidel said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Oregon Infidel said...

Anon...relax. Ya gotta admit that the bacon thing was pretty funny. I can just hear Daniel now as he's cutting and pasting the piece of Bacon.."Mmmm...nummy Bacon...You like that don't you piece of shit! How about a piglet fez for you too! Ooooohhh....that's a pretty sweet fez you got going on there Zach!"

Bruce said...

GEE!!! anonymous and bm and mike guys are so jealous of Daniel that he turned his life around and is a much better person than any of you could ever hope to will say anything negative no matter what he does with his family or what he thinks or just whatever. You guys sound like the press with matter what happens, the object is to show scorn and distain no matter whether he is right or wrong. It is people like him that are raising good kids that will hopefully, one day, turn this country around and back on the right track. You guys are going to regret how you're steering this country in the wrong direction years into the future.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure I've read about serial killers histories coming from families with a father like you is pretty common in that demographic. Also included in that would be boys who grow up to be overly aggressive and abusive, and girls with little to no self esteem. Congratulations on providing that kind of environment.

Anonymous said...

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