Monday, May 22, 2006

Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, George Bush

Former President Clinton agrees with Bush immigration plan
Former President Bill Clinton on Sunday said President Bush is doing a good job on immigration reform, praising his call for better border security and moderation in dealing with illegal immigrants.

"I basically think President Bush has done a good job with this," Clinton told a convention of shopping center developers. "I'm different with him on nearly everything, but I think he's done a good job with this."

[insert "jobs" that Americans won't do joke here]

But seriously, if Bush/Frist are on the same side as Kennedy/Clinton then we need a changing of the guard in our so-called Republican senate.


Anonymous said...

Some friendly advice for "Dubya":

Ya' know, George, er, Mr. President, you're known by the company you keep. As much as I hate to say this - you, and your Dad, are getting uncomfortabley too close to "Bubba".
We, The People (remember us?), know you've only 2 years left at your job, but wouldn't it be nice to go out on a positive note? Stop pandering to Kennedy,etal, and remember who put you in office. Not V.Fox, but the American "right"!
While we would applaude you for "sticking to your guns", we would like to caution you: don't be fooled by Mr.Clintons praise of your handling of this very important immigration issue. It would be better to listen to your "base", which you're losing rapidly. Many of us have lost faith in your party, and some have gotten so disillusioned as to not care about even participating in the parlimentry exercise of voting. It would mar your presidency to have the opposition party gain power because of your seeming distain for what the American majority wants.

Anyway, that's what I would say, if I thought he'd listen.

Anonymous said...

The republican leadership is like the old grey mare........she ain't what she used to be. If we could only re-animate Ronald Reagan.

Bob H. said...

Ronald Reagan granted amnesty in 1986 and did nothing about border security. You have to go back to senator Barry Goldwater to find an honest concern about this problem. From a speech he gave in 1979 he penned the following:
"IN THEIR (Council on Foreign Relations) PURSUIT OF A NEW WORLD ORDER, THEY ARE PREPARED TO DEAL WITHOUT PREJUDICE WITH A COMMUNST STATE, A SOCIALIST STATE, a democratic state, a monarchy, an oligarchy- it's all the same to them. "THEIR GOAL IS TO impose a benign stability on the quarreling family of nations through merger and consolidation. THEY SEE THE ELIMINATION OF NATIONAL BOUNDARIES, THE SUPPRESSION OF RACIAL AND ETHNIC LOYALTIES, as the most expeditious avenue to world peace. They believe economic competition is the root cause of international tension.
Perhaps if the council's vision of the future were realized, it would reduce wars, lessen poverty and bring about a more efficient utilization of the world's resources,. To my mind, THIS WOULD INEVITABLY BE ACCOMPANIED BY A LOSS IN PERSONAL FREEDOM OF CHOICE AND RE-ESTABLISHMENT OF THE RESTRAINTS THAT PROVOKED THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION."

From the end of the article:
"Rank & File union members must wonder what's going on when the bosses join ranks with the elite who would destroy America's sovereignty and force her to "merge with" foreign countries in a one-world government. What does a close association of government, big business and unions mean: SOCIALISM, FASCISM, DICTORORSHIP?"
Barry Goldwater got it, Ross Perot got it, when are we going to get it?

Ric said...

" Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, George Bush"

I was expecting the next line to be:
...walked into a bar. ...


Robert said...

But seriously, if Bush/Frist are on the same side as Kennedy/Clinton then we need a changing of the guard in our so-called Republican senate.

No. More like you anti-immigrant bigots need to create a new party. How about the "Know Nothing" Party for starters. Seems some of your nativists heros have already started to convert the Republican Party into the "Know Nothings". Time for real Republicans to clean house.

cincinatus said...

Robert, your position is in contradiction to your own interests. Banking relies on law and order, yes, thats right. But you espouse anarchy which over the long run will undermine your property rights, i.e., protecting all those loans out there.
Ultimately, this invasion we are experiencing will affect you(higher taxes)! Robert, you are a hypocrite for wanting an open border, while sitting in your gated yard, sipping a cold drink.