Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Election night: Oregon

I enjoy election night. I've gone to be with candidates and the Republican victory party before but tonight I'm going to enjoy just watching the coverage on tv from my sofa with no shirt on and the fan blowing on me.

And while I enjoy the conveniance of vote by mail I don't like the fact that it allows the more apathetic to participate in a sacred process. Of course, we can't get a majority even with the ease of vote by mail but you know what, that's fine by me. If you don't care enough to vote (and research the candidates and the issues) then you deserve what the rest of us give you.

And if you don't speak English then there is no way no how that you should be voting. At least not in this country!

I'll start blogging election results later on tonight.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I didn't vote, but I certainly care. My failure to vote helped spare us of yet another tax in Beaverton. That's rather civic-minded of me, don't you think?

Wait until November. Plenty more taxes on the way. We need a double-majority rule year-round. :)