Thursday, May 04, 2006

The religion of death

Are you a spiritual person looking for links between progressive action and your religion? NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon is developing a Believe in Justice program to explore these issues and broaden our educational reach. If you'd like to help, we'd love your perspective, connections and enthusiasm!

The baby-killing mill is desperately seeking religious folks to take their side. I know, these are the same people who will do anything to keep someone who believes in God from ever being a judge. No irony.


Anonymous said...

Daniel- If only we could roll back history and convince your crackhead mama to abort your bastard ass, I wouldn't be reading your garbage right now.

MAX Redline said...


Yet of all the thousands of blogs and websites out there, you choose to read Daniel's.

Daniel doesn't have issues - you do.

Roger Doger said...


Why read Daniel's blog at all? I have a good reason to come here. I send every bit of what he writes to our Senators and Representatives so they know which way not to vote. Only a Senator or Representative who cares nothing about the people that put them in office would listen to Daniel and his ilk.

My advice, don't read Daniel's blog because you feel sorry that he was banged out in a back bar room toilet by a meth whore. Read because you like the fact that he, his buddy Bruce, Tricky Hickey and the Botox Bimbo are only hurting their cause with their bigotry and hatred of immigrants.


Tim said...

Again, we have an anonymous coward who in the absence of intellect, resorts to name calling. Well I guess Forest Gumps mom was right...Stupid is as Stupid Does.

Looks like Roger can't make a substantive arguement, either just rant, and again resort to you guessed calling. I love it when liberals demonstrate the intellectual void that is their world.

The real issue is the vacant "Pro-Choice" arguement. Vacant because there is no choice for the baby involved in abortion. The baby does not choose to die...the mother chooses to kill. Some choice huh?

The best bumper sticker I've seen said it all..."If it's not a baby, then your not pregnant."

Robert said...

A lump of cells is not a baby. Tim, your rhetorical nonsense just demostrates the illogical nature the anti-choice movement. A mass of cells you call a "baby" has no more rights than a mass of cells scientists call a "wart".

The conservative mantra repeat after me Tim, "Life begins at conception and ends at birth".... "Life begins at conception and ends at birth"...(repeat)

Anonymous said...

If it's growing, it's alive...

Roger Doger said...

You want some debate Tim?

Has Abortion Helped Lower The Crime Rate? YES For you culture of death conservatives, isn't that a good thing?

Now if only Daniel's momma would have aborted him by the suction of a doctor's hose instead of banging him out in a back room toilet, we wouldn't have the gangbanger criminal on our dockets.

Has Abortion Helped Lower The Crime Rate?


According to a study by John J. Donohue III, Stanford Law School, and Steven D. Levitt, University of Chicago, a large share of the drop in the crime rate, perhaps as much as half, can be traced to the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade abortion decision of 1972. That's because many of the children who might have grown up to commit those crimes were never born. Within a few years of the Roe decision, up to a quarter of pregnancies in the U.S. ended in abortion.
• An analysis of crime rates from 1985 to 1997 examines them as a function of abortion rates two decades before.
• The timing of the decline in crime coincided with the period when children born shortly after Roe would be reaching their late teenage years -- the peak ages for criminal activity.
• States that were the first to legalize abortion, including New York, Washington, Alaska and Hawaii, were the first to see a drop in crime, and states with the highest abortion rates had larger decreases in crime than states with low abortion rates.
The reason abortion has had an impact on the crime rate is the high incidence of abortion among mothers whose children are most likely to be at risk for future crime: teenagers, unmarried women and black women have higher rates of abortion, and their children are statistically at a higher risk for crime in adulthood.
The economic benefit to society of abortion in reducing crime may be up to $30 billion annually.
Declining crime rates are the result of a complex series of factors, and half the reduction cannot be attributed, as Donohue and Levitt suggest, to a single cause. Among the possible reasons for the crime drop:
• The dwindling of the crack cocaine problem.
• The improved economy and greater job opportunities for low-income youth.
• Changing attitudes among teenagers and more innovative policing strategies.
• And the steady growth of the prison population.
News of the report prompted outraged responses ("So fraught with stupidity I hardly know where to start refuting it.") and dismissive ones ("I don't think it has any policy implications whatsoever.") But other critics also questioned both the researchers' knowledge of abortion history and the practical usefulness of the report. That is because the policy implication of the report is that if Medicaid funding for abortion at the federal level was renewed, there would be a potential drop in the crime rate in 17 years. But no interest group is likely to make such an argument.
Source: Erica Goode, "Linking Drop in Crime to Rise in Abortion," New York Times, August 20, 1999.
For NCPA's Bothsides
For more on Government Policies and Crime

Anonymous said...

Robert-your ignorance and toilet obsession seem to make you incapable of applying logic to your argument. The rights you speak of are transitory and defined by our laws and ever changing. Don't assume that where we draw the line at life beginning won't change. After nine months, a fetus will become a beautiful human baby and your wart will just be a larger wart. As technology and biology improve we will no longer be able to ignore this "mass of cells" is as human as you and me..

Roger Doger-nothing represents the "culture of death" more than killing a totally innocent human being that depends on you for it's life. Talk show host and ex-Secretary of Ed. Bill Bennett was trashed by the media and kicked off my local station for pointing out the folly of the study you quoted. So much for tolerance.

Calhoun said...

Is an unborn baby a baby?

Yes. And here's some proof.

When a pro-choice woman is pregnant, and wants to keep the baby, she calls it a baby.

She doesn't say, "Ooh, the fetus just kicked." She says "Ooh, the baby just kicked."

When she goes for an ultrasound, she doesn't say "Ooh, look at the lump of cells, isn't it cute?" She says "Ooh, look at the baby."


Case closed, it's a baby.

Honest Abe said...

Pull the lump of cells you call a "baby" out, will it survive? No

Pull the lump of cells called a "wart" off the body, will it survive? Yes. Just look at the Republican Party, it is filled with them.

In all serious, the majority of Oregonians believe in a woman's right to choose, so case mutha fuckin' closed.

Calhoun said...

abe, if viability outside the womb is the determinig factor, then shouldn't third trimester abortions be outlawed? A baby can survive outside the womb at 25 weeks.

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