Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Oregon governor

Teddy K just called me a "fundamentalist" because I oppose killing babies. He's also worried about unamed special interests "buying" Oregon's election. (if he loses)

NOTE: Public employee unions aren't special interests in Teddy's world.

It also looks like Ron Saxton will be the torchbearer for the Republicans. I've always said that I like his message, now it's a matter of holding him to his promises.


Bobby said...

The question is what Saxton shows up. Ill wait until October to decide if Ill vote for him. If he stays on message he gots my support but I dont know if he will.

All I know is Im damn proud voting for Jason Atkinson hes a great guy and I pray I get to vote for him again very soon

Polish Immigrant said...

I waited to vote until today. I wasn't sure about Saxton until I read the FGNT editorial from last week. It helped me make up my mind.

Daniel, I know we agree more on illegal allien situation than we disagree on. I hope Saxton delivers for both of us.

David said...

I noticed his "acceptance" speech.


RINO WATCH said...

My guess is that by Sept 15, Saxton goes from "Conservative" to "moderate", aka Squish, and by Oct 15 he's the RINO candidate.

The Public employee unions will kill him otherwise....

Thank you Jason!

Finally now may we say adios Kevin...

Roger Doger said...
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Roger Doger said...

Looks like the Know Nothing circle is complete. I will hold any further remarks and let you nativists lick your wounds for tonight over Atkinson's asskicking.

Maybe after the November election, Mannix and Saxton can merge their debts into one lump sum. Raising the dues for being an Oregon R might be in store for you guys to balance your budget.


Jackie said...

Ha! Roger, you BO folks scared already, trying to incite turmoil within the GOP? I know you aren't a Saxton or Mannix supporter, because nobody from either camp would claim that Atkinson got his "ass kicked." He came in striking distance in a three way race. I didn't vote for him, but I respect his tenacity, his fight and his optimism.

Anonymous said...

Atkinson came within enough distance to strike a blow to the conservative cause that will be felt for years.

What an egomaniacal jackass. Absolutely no loyalty but to himself.

So, as it turns out, a vote for Atkinson was, indeed, a vote for Saxton.

Bobby said...

Maybe instead of hiding behind your Anonymous tag come out

Where on the ballot did it say Atkinson/Saxton I didnt see it on the ballot?

How about I turn it around on Mannix, how about when you lose 3 state races you give someone else a shot? Now its 4... will he finally be gone for good? Wheres Mannix loyalty to the party the guy was never electable against Ted but he ran anyways. The future of the republican party is ATKINSON not Mannix.

Yes I much rather have Mannix over Saxton but to blame Atkinson is pure stupidity when Mannix has now lost 4 state races!

MAX Redline said...

Dodgy Rogie,

You come up with some of the most asinine comments I've ever seen.

Jason ran a damn fine campaign - he didn't sling mud around as both of the others did. He spoke the truth, even though some made a big negative out of it. He correctly realized that no governor has a lot of say in matters of illegal immigration policy, but recognized that there were legal and legitimate steps that could be taken by a governor.

No drivers' licenses. No participation in Mexico's "carusels". No access to most public services. He was the first candidate to note that a governor can do those things, and the first to state that he would.

The others quickly followed.

You think you could get 22% of a statewide vote on a $300,000 budget?

Obviously, Saxton and Mannix didn't, either. Saxton spent close to $2.5 million and garnered a whopping 42% of the vote.

Atkinson ran the cleaner campaign, and dollar for dollar, the most effective one.

BEAR said...

Even the leftie media wonks are predicting Saxton's "dash" to the left. Watch and learn. One of these years we'll see a conservative, but it won't be in Oregon.