Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Dear Santa

All I want for Christmas is for illegal aliens to self-deport because their lives are miserable here. No job, no license, no medical, no anchor baby, no welfare, no bank account, no library card...


Mike Mayhem said...

You know Santa is an illegal. He comes down from the north pole crossing numerous borders to do his job, I don't recall hearing the part of the tale where he filled out the needed paperwork to enter the U.S. legally to work.

Daniel said...

You're right! Authorities, detain the fat man in the red suit. And where those reindeer declared? They could be carrying disease!

Bob H. said...

From the great artist Arlo Guthrie:

You must think Santa Clause weird
He has long hair and a beard
Giving his presents for free
Why do police guys mess with peace guys?

Let's get Santa Clause 'cause;
Santa Clause has a red suit
He's a communist
And a beard, and long hair
Must be a pacifist
What's in the pipe that he's smoking?

Mister Clause sneaks in your home at night.
He must be a dope fiend, to put you up tight
Why do police guys beat on peace guys?

Daniel said...

And I think that the Tooth Fairy is coming here just to have an anchor baby!

Anonymous said...

Red Suit?!?! He's probably a commie just like MIKE MAYHEM!

And while we're at it, let's get that illegal Irishman who keeps the cereal all to himself!