Thursday, May 25, 2006


Ok, who supports the idea of Randy Leonard being a once-a-week guest on Lars' show? Those two have the most interesting dynamic.

If I can hear more of Randy then maybe he will tell me what racism smells like. Is it like onions? Roberty Byrd's body odor? What?


fschukar said...

Like chicken, Daniel

Anonymous said...

Big joke Randy is the Clown of Renown!

Lars plays him like a cheap fiddle
and builds on his listener base.

BEAR said...

Leonard is a loudmouthed phony. I turn Lars off when the dipstick is on with him.

Daniel said...

I love when Randy is on. That long silence after the "how do we choose which laws we follow" question was priceless!

Anonymous said...

Here is the bottomline on Mr. Leonard, there will be a meeting soon on candidates to run against this sham of an elected offical.

If there isn't a move to unseat at least one of these idiots(not a one like Dave lister's)then we all can just as Victoria Taft say's,"JUST GO LIE DOWN BY OUR BOWL, AFTER WE WRITE THE CHECK!"

I will seek people who the downtown business community think can finally retire him for good.

He continues to make an A$$ out of himself at meetings, in his blogging, his refusal to take charge of issues that really mean something to all of us except for HOMER WILLIAMS. We either unseat him or face loss of the state in Nov.

"Firing Randy" will become alot more then a hobby, it's going to be a pure war for me.

Bruce said...

This guy is a whackjob...I'm glad i don't live in or near Portland.

Troutdale Councilor Canfield said...

Randy on the Lars show is entertaining. It makes for good radio.

And the sound quality is a lot better than those scratchy/muffled FBI City Hall phone taps.

Anonymous said...

Randy on the Lars show is entertaining. It makes for good radio.

OK, it's good that as far as we want to go?

Hell no!!! We must find a way to stop this disease,this cancer of a progressive elected that trully think's his excrement doesn't stink!

Lets stop talking about it ,and do something,I like LARS, but his listener base helps him, nit the rest that have or will deal with this idiot.

MAX Redline said...

Actually, I enjoy it when Randy or Sam go on the air with Lars. There's almost always a moment that's simply priceless.

And it must be admitted: while I despise their politics, it takes a fair amount of backbone on their part to go on the air with Lars - which is why folks like Tin-Foil Tommy and Cucharacha Kulongoski refuse every time.

Anonymous said...

ON YOUR COMMENT:"it takes a fair amount of backbone on their part to go on the air with Lars."

It takes a sick arrogance, of like I have never seen.

When we decide a course of action to remove Randy(really retire him to his PERS paycheck) then that removal against his will , will say to the others..'STFU, and do as we voted you in to do ,THE BASICS OF GOVERMENT, only!