Monday, May 22, 2006

Is 5.5 > 4.8?

Oregon's Jobless Rate Holds Steady In April
Oregon's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was unchanged in April at 5.5 percent.

The state's seasonally adjusted nonfarm payroll employment was essentially unchanged in April, after a revised gain of 6,700 jobs in March.

Construction added 1,300 jobs in April as it embarked on its springtime uptrend.

In completely unrelated news...

Unauthorized Immigrant Share of Oregon Resident Employment in 2005

Low estimate: 63,200 unauthorized immigrants employed / 1,745,811 total = 3.6%

High estimate: 83,200 unauthorized immigrants employed / 1,745,811 total = 4.8%

Oregon’s total resident employment in 2005 was estimated at 1,745,811. unauthorized immigrants comprised between 3.6 percent and 4.8 percent of Oregon’s employed residents in 2005.

All of these numbers come from the Oregon employement department although the illegal alien numbers are from last year so they have no doubt increased by now. Oregon employement also points out that their estimates are considerably lower than other generally excepted numbers of illegal aliens.

Oregonians would like to have those construction jobs!


Anonymous said...

oregon employment department, one of the leading mendacious organs of the state government, has always had excrutiating difficulty with the truth. any figures they report fail to include folks who have exhausted their benefits and are still unemployed, are on welfare and/or who do not register with them. a more accurate appraisal can be arrived at by adding 5% to any figure they give. so 5.5% becomes closer to the reality of 10.5% unemployed. of course, some areas are higher and a few lower. but nothing is ever what they say it is.

Mike Mayhem said...

Then work construction Daniel. One less job for your enemy.

Daniel said...

I would love for the jobs to go to Oregonians who need them. That's why I included the unemployment rate.

Those people are actively looking for work and they shouldn't have to compete with people who aren't eligible to work.

Mike Mayhem said...

They should take them then.

no jobs?