Saturday, May 20, 2006

Thank you Kulongoski

Mexican Meth Floods U.S.
Drug enforcement agents report the number of meth labs in the U.S. has plummeted.

The epidemic of meth use is still rampant because the drug is still plentiful on America's streets. Why?

"They just came across into Mexico to start production," said Fuillermo Gonzalez of the Tijuana Police Department.

By some estimates, as much at 80 percent of the meth on U.S. streets comes from Mexico. Agents see more of it at the border. Meth seizures are up 106 percent in a year at the border crossing near San Diego.

Now I see what Jorge Bush is talking about, since Americans no longer cook the meth the Mexicans will do it. Those hard working illegals, I'm so glad that they are willing to pick up the slack for the drug industry where Americans are lacking.

And thank you Teddy K for your non-solution to the meth problem (outlawing cold-pills) while refusing to do anything about illegal aliens coming here from Mexico (with trunks full of meth). That's some great leadership.

Anyone else remember this picture? It's empty boxes of cold-pills littering the streets in Tijuana. Quick, someone give these guys guest worker status so they can go back and forth between countries.


Niccolo said...

The guys cooking cold pills in Mexico are smalltime amateurs, or don't have decent connections.

Well-connected professionals can just order up pharmaceutical-grade pseudoephedrine sulfate -- or hydrochloride -- in big blue plastic drums.

"Hola, Jose, how many drums do you want this week?"

"Oh, that many, business must be good in El Norte. If you take a couple more, you can get the truckload discount."

It all comes across the border, mostly on foot.

- Niccolo

peod in Oregon said...

Mexico Threatens Suits Over Guard Patrols

By MARINA MONTEMAYOR, Associated Press WriterTue May 16, 5:03 PM ET

Mexico said Tuesday that it would file lawsuits in U.S. courts if National Guard troops on the border become directly involved in detaining migrants.

F**K Mexico!!!!!!!!!
We have brave Americans dying in Iraq to come home to this shit.

Sue K. said...

My sentiments exactly! But did we hear anything from Bush or our government regarding Mexico's threats? NOPE!!

Why does it appear that Bush (and a lot of our government) is AFRAID of Mexico?????

I'm really confused.......

Daniel said...

The Oregonian had an "analysis" article on Bush's feelings towards Mexico/Amnesty about a week ago. Basically he feels the same way that a MEChA boy feels: these are "his people" and they can do no wrong.

And niccolo, you are right. And the "decent connections" are usually corrupt Mexican goverment officials!

Mike Mayhem said...

American citizens cook meth too.

Sue K. said...

Yeah, but I can't even buy a friggin' packet of cold pills without the third degree. Thanks 'Ol Sleepy. While our "amigos" to the south seem to have an endless supply.

Yes, American citizens (scum bags) cook meth too but where do you think the majority of meth is coming from???

Mike Mayhem said...

The trailer next to yours.

and f.y.i if the drug smuggling industry was as advanced as you assume, these smugglers would have alternate means to cross the border (i.e. private planes). These crime syndicates are well oiled machines, closing the border won't stop it... sorry.

In a nutshell;
1. Closing the border will not eliminate the meth epidemic.
2. Closing the border won't keep your kids off meth.
3. Closing the border will not eliminate the production of meth.

Nice scare tactic though, sadly it's not on par with the "mexican's are after us" argument. But I give kudos for your attempt.

Sue K. said...


You don't want the borders closed so your drug supplies can still get through. With statements like yours, you must be high. You remember the commercials, right? "This is your brain on drugs."

BTW, I don't live in a trailer....yet. But give it a few years and the way this country is going, I might be lucky to even have a trailer.

Anonymous said...

I would rather live in a trailer than in my mom's basement, like Mike does.

Mike Mayhem said...

haha, you folks are so original. Process of thought after reading my comment on this blog.

Step one: That boy's wrong, Anne Coulter says so.

Step two: I don't feel like flipping through my Anne Coulter book to find a reply, dang it.. how am I going to get him.

Step three: Maybe I can say something clever and insult him... he thinks differently from me he must do drugs. I'm an old and callous, he must live in his parent's basement.

FYI, ask my old friends from high school who partied and they'll tell you i've never touched drugs... or ask my current employer he saw my piss test results. Also, I can send you a copy of my lease to show you that I don't live in my parent's basement.

Actually I won't I want you to keep making moronic generalizations, it makes you show how intelligent you really are.

Anonymous said...

You finally get a job?

Mike Mayhem said...

See step three.

Anonymous said...

Mike M.

Does your job require you to say "would you like fries with that?”

Mike Mayhem said...

???? See step three.