Thursday, May 04, 2006

Vote or Die

Sean "Puffy" Combs, gangster rapper and youth role model, says that we should "vote or die."

I just say you should vote because you are an American.

How is Daniel voting? The following are the bubbles I filled in on my ballot. All my votes are informed votes, I have done research on every candidate for every position. In some cases I spoke directly to candidates and some I relied on interest group ratings and voting records.

Feel free to leave your own endorsements in the comments, even you Democrats. Also feel free to ask me why I voted the way I did, I can think of one or two that people might question. If you know me then shoot me an email or a phone call.

(Only listing contested races)

Governor: Jason Atkinson
Verifiable conservative record.

State Senator: Charles Starr
Responded directly to constituent concerns. I have personal assurances that he is on our side of the illegal alien issue and will work hard to pass good laws.

Superintendent of public instruction: Deborah Andrews
This statement from her website sums it up: Those in the field that think we need special categories for learning based on color or income need to step aside. Actually believes in teaching.

Judge of the Supreme Court: Jack Roberts
Supported by Oregon Right to Life, CVU, Taxpayer Association

Judge of the Circuit Court: Charlie Bailey
Has an -R next to his name. Supported by CVU.

Judge of the Circuit Court: Leon Colas
Long history of law enforcement, Christian

County Commisioner at large: Dennis G. Holtz
Gave all conservative answers to Oregon Family Council candidate survey

Metro Auditor: We're screwed either way

34-118 Increase lodging tax: NO
Yeah, let's encourage tourism by charging more. Smart.

34-116 Annex: NO

There you have it. I also have an honorable mention that I don't get the priviledge of voting for on my ballot: Tom Cox for Metro. If you are in that district mark the bubble for him.

For those of you in different areas feel free to let us know how you are voting. Make sure you put a reason why and a link is always helpful.


Anonymous said...

I am thinking about burning my ballot. I've pretty much farking had it with the socialists here. I live in Beaverton, so I have to deal with yet another tax demand from the city. Actually, there is a Wash. County tax as well. The only reason I don't actually burn my ballot is because of the GOP gubenatorial primary and getting rid of that bitch Bode on the Bvtn city council. I haven't decided on the GOP primary, but a new poll out shows Atkinson in 3rd. Saxton seems to be the most left of the three, not that he is left at all. I am just afraid he'll suck up to the left when push comes to shove. I want someone who will stand his ground against those ingrates on the other side.

At any rate, I am pretty pissed with the whole process. As an American, I also reserve the right NOT to vote if all of the candidates suck. Seriously.

Daniel said...

I think that the Republican primary is the conservatives best friend.

Vote for the most conservative candidate. The reason that I didn't go with Saxton is because, until now, he has always been considered the "moderate." I worried about the same thing as you.

However, after the general election I think that we need to support whoever Republican candidate ends up being.

el razonador said...

More importantly...Happy Cico de Mayo!

Rooster said...

el razonador,

In past years there has always been a huge build up to Cinco de Mayo in and around Eugene. Advertising, and parties, and various sorts of hullabaloo....this year...NOTHING, NUNCA, NADA...

Do ya think there is a reason for that?

Just wondering.

Scottiebill said...

According to KXL this morning, the 3 Republicaln candidates are pretty much running evenly. They did say that Teddy the K is somewhat ahead of his opponents and should get 43% of the primary votes in the Dumocrat column.

Maybe we should switch to voting Dumocrat and against Teddy the K just to get him out and make it that much easier for the Republical, whoever it may be, to get elected. After all, anyone of the 3 Republicans would be infinitely better that any of the Dumocrats, especially Teddy the K.

Anonymous said...

If Jim Hill somehow beats Kulongoski in the primary, the GOP is screwed.

We have a democrat majority in this state. It's why democrats keep getting elected, and why the state went against Bush twice.

Our best hope in beating Kulongoski lies in the fact that many democrats don't like him and would consider an alternative or else just not vote should he be the nominee.

Put Jim Hill in his place, and all the Kulongoski discontent is irrelevant. The many progressives who, right now, are leaning Ben Westlund, would rather vote for the black man. The powerful unions that hate Kulongoski love Hill. And the GOP candidates have all been using Kulongoski's failures as campaign points. Replace him with Hill, and all the cheap shot possibilities are lost.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with Daniel. You don't get a special prize for picking the candidate the pundits predict will win. So, always vote for the best candidate. If he loses in primary, you should STILL vote for the best candidate left.

Any other strategy involves intentionally subverting your own interests.

Bob H. said...

I was listening to an interview yesterday with Teddy K. on OPB and when he was asked what was the one thing he was proudest to have accomplished in his term as governor he thought hard about it for a long time and still couldn't come up with anything. He babbled on about his family and fly fishing. I'm not joking.

Anonymous said...

DAY without Mexicans has such an IMPACT...DOW JONES closed at a 6 year HIGH!
looks like we will do better when they are all deported.

Anonymous said...

Daniel, this is anonymous poster #1.

I'll definitely get behind the Republican candidate no matter who he might be. So I am there on that one.

As for Jim Hill, the man is a disaster. Not only is he far-left, but he strikes me as being not very intelligent. I watched the debate on TV, and was less than impressed. But I can see these doo-gooders thinking highly of themselves for electing someone that "cares" so much, and a minority at that. Three cheers for "diversity."

There is no doubt in my mind that of the 3 Dem candidates, Kulongoski is by far the more intelligent. The fact that he has aggravated public employee unions is a good thing. Jim Hill would give away the state to these groups. Hill is a disaster waiting to happen.

I do have one question since I am not from here. If I vote in the GOP primary, does that have any effect on voter participation in the tax election here in Bvtn? I am getting at the double majority requirement. I assume that if I don't vote in the tax election, then there is no participation in that election for the double majority requirment. Is that correct?

Meanwhile, I have these doo-gooders coming around my house telling me to vote this weekend on the schools measure. Yeah, they are telling me to do it. They are lucky they don't get punched in the face, but I don't hit women. ;)

Anonymous said...

Daniel! Why in the world did you vote for Charles Starr?! He's not a conservative. Look up his record. Among his other WRONG votes, Charles is the reason I spent countless hours out on the streets gathering signatures to UNDO what he did to Oregonians, he's the reason I was NOT home on Halloween answering the door with my very first grand child. Instead, my daughter brought him in his teddy bear costume out to where I was gathering signatures on a VERY cold October 31st. I'll never forget the months Charles took from my life. He's NOT a conservative.

Anonymous said...

Daniel, I sat on the floor with Charles as his guest several years ago when I was newly political. Roger Byers of Molalla voted NO on the reading and Charles whispered to me 'Roger doesn't believe that government has any business funding this kind of thing.' after which Charles voted YES. Well, in my opinion, government DOESN'T have any business funding that sort of thing.. whatever it was at the time. Any way you look at it, Charles is NOT a conservative!

Anonymous said...

Daniel, after all the tax-hike fallout Charles told me that he wasn't going to run again. He was heartbroken -perhaps also a bit ashamed- in his demeanor as he so told me. Charles did NOT refer the vote to the people -remember the signature gathering? If anyone's heard Charles say that, Charles is either lying or he's senile... which is reason enough to send him home to spend quantity time with his wife, children and grandchildren.

I've heard from a couple of different people that when asked why he's running again, his response is something like: I have nothing else to do. What the hell is that all about?! Send the kindly old man home and let him live out the rest of his life in peace rather than make bad law that we have to undo. Charles is NOT a conservative. Christian, Yes. Conservative, No. Constitutionist, No.

Robin said...

I have one word for increasing taxes.


they have to first prove to me the following..

1. they can manage money
2. they really need it.

Ted Tax-and-gouge-me, I have heard some of the radio ads, and what a lot of bunk.

he brags about curbing methamphetamine and bettering emission standards in Oregon

nobody asked him if we needed or wanted higher admission standards

And tightening of methamphetamine has only made it inconvenient for the people that actually need cold and flu medication. the only thing that he did was take a small percentage and give the pipeline from Mexico more business.

so I'm not surprised really that the blind Democrats are actually backing really says something about what the Democratic Party has become.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this list, Daniel. Now I know who I'm NOT voting for.

I invented the mullet said...

Anonymous 731,
And now, will you hold your breath until you turn blue?


Anonymous said...


NWRepublican has a great site for you:

That will change your mind on Charles Starr.

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