Monday, May 08, 2006

Tax dollars at work

UO outlines diversity costs, feedback continues
The University is spending about $4.1 million this year on diversity-related efforts, according to e-mails recently released by administrators in response to swelling concerns from the campus community about the current budget for diversity.

The e-mails show allocations of $430,000 for the Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity and $856,000 combined for the Office of Multicultural Academic Supports, the Many Nations Longhouse and the Center on Diversity and Community.

Peversity, I mean diversity, is very important at U of O. I mean, without diversity how would you be able to justify a sexuality group for children as young as 13 that is facilitated by an adult?

Obviously we need adults with an agenda to convince, I mean counsel, children on their sexual orientation and desires.

Let this serve as a lesson the next time that Kulongoski opens his mouth about college being unaffordable. They could make it $4.1 million cheaper today if they wanted too.


Mike Mayhem said...

argghh diversity bad, one sided education good. I wish there was a time machine so I could go back to 1950.

Erik said...

Argghh, family values bad, nanny state good. I wish there was a time machine so I could go back to 1950.

peod in oregon said...

The 50's were cool man.

I invented the mullet said...

Ah, Marxist Mike just likes to be contrary. No matter what is said, little miky will say he prefers the opposite.
At first it amuses, then - it gets booring.
I think we are approaching stage two.

Anonymous said...

diversity educates nobody, and produces nothing, except division, compartmentalization, and class warfare. mayhem's idiotic inuendo re "one-sided" education is a call to class warfare. mikey, reading, writing, math, science, etc. are what education is all about, not the politics of ethnicity and anarchy.....sheesh.

Daniel said...

Maybe Mike could define diversity for the rest of us. Is it diversity of thought? Is it a certain quota of blacks, gays, etc?

Sailor Republica said...

Mike, until such time as you are a member of the University of Oregon, I'd like you to shut the hell up.

As a member of this university, I find it deplorable that we're spending this much money on "hate 'insert race here'".

I want the professors that are hired on this campus to be hired for their skills and their committment to the job, not because their skin is black, brown, yellow, white, green, beige, or red.

One sided education, Mike? Go Fsck Off, Wanker.

Anonymous said...

Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.