Thursday, May 04, 2006

Another video

Video: Zarqawi Can't Shoot

Too funny. I guess that operating a weapon designed for actual compat, as opposed to something that is left behind to kill civilians, is a little much for our little jihadist.


Oregon Infidel said...

This guy is a boob. The weapons system he's trying to operate is an American made light machine gun called an M249 SAW. The U.S. Takes about a ten minute block of instruction to teach the basics of this weapon. Anyone can operate it (well, almost anyone) well within about a half an hour at the range.

It would be interesting to know where this weapon was obtained, since it is primarily used by the U.S. I figure it was eother stolen, or was it taken after some terrorist blew up a HMMWV and took it from the hands of a dead G.I.

Either way, I'm glad it's in the hands of someone who can't operate it.

Wired Pig said...

Daniel... I cant get the video to load.. can the link be fixed?