Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Government programs and diamonds: they both last forever

I was under the impression that the Multnomah County I-Tax had expired. Of course, that doesn't mean that Multnomah County shouldn't continue to hire PERS recipients to continue to "administer" this (expired) program!

Itax Senior Administrative Specialist
Approximate Monthly Salary: $3,068 - $4,723

The ITAX Senior Administrative Specialist is responsible for providing complex and specialized administrative support for the Multnomah County Income Tax (ITAX) team.

It's the tax that keeps on sucking money from government even though they aren't collecting it anymore!

Let this be a lesson for all you sales tax proponents, imagine how many offices the state would open, how many agencies they could create, how many employees they could hire if you would just give them the ability to take a little bit more of your money.


BEAR said...

We now know that even liberal wackjobs have a gag limit. D. Linn has established it. Unfortunately, the limit does not include Linn's legacy of poor financial and political thought processes continues on. That Linn and the other FOOLS who did their level best to hijack the Oregon Constitution are not in prison shows that they put limits on their own limits. (we'll just stop this "little" mistake, but we'll let those pesky effects keep on "giving".) As families continue to flee that cesspool's crime, lousy (and over-priced) schools, and punitive tax schemes, etc., etc., the liberals will just dope-slap each other and wonder at the predictable downward spiral of their city and county. They deserve precisely what they get.

I invented the mullet said...

"It's not over until we say it's over!"___The girls of Hawthorn

Daniel said...

Maybe it's in preparation for the next tax...