Sunday, May 21, 2006

Inappropriate in a store

A co-worker, who is a democrat, who is not morally opposed to homosexuality sent me this picture. He was very upset because he and his young daughter were at Winco and standing behind two women... two women who felt that the grocery line was a good place to act out sexually.

This is infuriating. Young children should not be subjected to public displays of of homo-erotic behavior. Ever.

And just to make sure that you know how to get more of this behavior, look to Teddy K:

"As a movement, we are lucky to live in a state where the fact is our Governor has done more to stake out a public position in favor of GLBT equality and use the office to advocate for equality than any other Governor in the country--period," the announcment noted.

GLBT includes "transgender" in there. Have fun explaining "transgender" to your kids in the Winco line. Equality means that "Samantha" who used to be Sam until he cut of his genitals, went through hormone treatment and started wearing fishnet stalkings has just as much a right to teach a third grade classroom as Miss Nelson does. Thanks governor K.


Anonymous said...

Can you feel the love tonight beneath the flourescent sun, can you feel the love tonight, beneath the flourescent sun. The world for once in perfect harmony, WinCo's where we'll kiss. Love is where we are!


I invented the mullet said...



Bruce said...

It is funny how Savage is usually right on these matters. Big bulky, short clipped haired, overweight bull dykes. What a truly sexy picture of 2 whales trying to mate!. Neither one of them look like they need food for at least 2 weeks anyway.

Bruce said...

On second thought, these also look like your average DHS workers and DMV workers or any number of regular ol' state workers in Oregon.

beakeer said...

thanks daniel....i had a fun time trying to explain to my daughter what was going on....scary moment...

Anonymous said...

Wow such rampant bigotry and hatred.. When you people all die I hope someone let's me know so I can celebrate :) I'm always happy to hear when bigots and hate mongers kick the bucket.

Daniel said...

You hope that we all die... that's tolerance!

Anonymous said...

I'd be disgusted if that fat hippo was kissing a DUDE on the neck! THat's just friggin nasty. There ought to be a weight-to-clothing ratio law that requires you to wear "X" amount of clothing for every pound you weigh. Those flabby arms should NOT be exposed like that..........ever.

Anonymous said...

If being disgusted equals hate and bigotry....then yup. Nice to see the tolerant crowd wishing death upon those who don't think the same way they do. Fascist turds.

Anonymous said...

You want people you don't agree with to die? Hypocrite.

Bruce said...

Fat and Skinny had a race, round and round the pillowcase. Fat screamed,"No Fair" cause Fat lost her underwear. (probably got swallowed up by the butt crack).

Anonymous said...

for those of you that do not live in Salem. Walk into any State office and you will see why I am glad not to be single in Salem.

Is this a liberal thing?

I have never seen more FAT "Women" who never style their hair or use makeup or wear anything resembling proper clothing.

I suppose that makes me a bigot?

Isn't that amazing BIGOT or Racist used to only be persons that said negative things about the color of someones skin.
NOW it is used to try to shame Americans for using freedom of speech to comment on GAY people or Illegal aliens.
And so the "tolerant" crowd thru ignorance, show they are NOT tolerant, they are RACIST instead while defending someones SEXUAL activity or LEGAL status in our Country.
Hey wacko lefties, it ain't working, call us names and you look even more ignorant.

Crackpot said...

Hot girl-on-girl action at Daniel's Blog? The apocalypse is at hand.

Kaelri said...

Some rights shouldn't be exercised. Simple enough. I don't think those women should have done what they did - I think they should have chosen not to.

That said, it's hardly an obscenity. If it's obscenity you seek, pick up a cable remote and push some buttons. It's unlikely that the sight of two women kissing has traumatized any impressionable children, or adults for that matter; more to the point, it won't leave them with any sincere desire to follow their lead. (Further, as much as Bruce's whale metaphor disgusts me, it does make a point - this image is not an advertisement for the glamour of sexuality.)

There's certainly something to be said for civility, but there are also more important things to care about right now - more important than the homosexual method of teaching cursive writing and multiplication tables.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 1:01

You are right about fat women! Only it isn’t limited to Salem. The whole northwest has this problem. Portland should be renamed Porkland.

I have lived and worked in California, Colorado, Nevada, Washington and Oregon. Of these states Washington and Oregon have a disproportionate number of fat women. The amazing thing is most of these women don’t think they’re fat!

I’m just glad I married a So Cal girl.

Anonymous said...

Maybe its the weather also.
I lived in Arizona and all the women were trim and tanned and took care of themselves.
Maybe the non stop Rain and clouds keeps them down and when they go out they forget the mirror and forget that they are in their TV watching clothes for some more Ice cream & donuts.
I mentioned Salem, because on rare occasion when I HAD to go to Portland, I saw many well kept gals. In Salem gals that like themselves are swarmed over at the bar, both of them can have any guy in the place.
ONLY in Salem have I seen very heavy women wearing 1/2 shirts and tight stretch pants & tank tops exposing arms bigger than my thighs and I am 240 lb.s of man.
I figure most fat women are gay or will be. why? Becuase any guy that wants that fat masculine appearance is a closet gay and will leave that, sorta female, and the fat chick has to start carpet munching to get any friends.
just my opinoin, i could be wrong.

Mike Mayhem said...


Side note: What time is the klan rally this week? I must of misplaced my invitation. (sarcasm).

Big Mike Lewis said...

Tolerance is picky nowadays...

Anonymous said...

Mike Mayhem,
Check your mail. We sent it to you days ago.

And, though we do not endorse your other activities, your "Free Mumbi" t-shirt is ready at the drycleaners!

Thankkks for your support.

Grand-Exalted-Super-Duper-Supreme-Giant Head.

greenInk said...

I see a lot of hetero couples in the store that I don't really want to see touching one another either, right? And, frankly, there are a hell of a lot more fat straight people wearing too little for my taste. (Tube tops on aisle 6, anyone?)

But seriously, these two aren't exactly going at it hot 'n' heavy in the checkout line. Maybe there was more before and after, but this pic is pretty tame.

Question is, would anyone be objecting (or snapping photos) if it was a couple of svelte straights mashing in line? It's not about the "what" - it's about the "who."

Nice that Bruce could chime in with his usual bigoted BS just in case the rest of the homophobes here were being too subtle.

Bruce said...

Greenink...I would not like it either if 2 svelte straights or 2 svelte playboy bunny wannabes were doing that in line. There is a concept known out there as..."There is a time and place for everything". A checkout line in a public market where children are is not the time to nuzzle your partners ear or to apply a "hickey". That is why G-D let man invent the "king-size bed". I also notice that everytime you secular progressives (or anal retentive, whichever applies) encounter people who do not agree with your vision of how the world should be...WE ARE ALWAYS WRONG AND BIGOTED, in your rose-colored eyes. I really don't give a rats ass what you think about me, cause your a "punk" anyway. How come when i click on your link there is no blogsite to post comments for you. I would be amused at what goes on in your pea brain and what you think of the world. The more i know about how you lefties think the better i can combat it!. Stop being a coward and post something on your blog or do you have no balls?.

greenInk said...


Just so I'm clear, are you saying that if it was a man and a woman in line and the man leaned forward and kissed his wife/girlfriend on the neck it would be inappropriate?

As I said in my previous post, I don't see much more than that in the picture, but maybe there was more to it before and after.

I don't have a problem with people being discreet in public, but if all that's going on is a little physical affection, then what's the big deal - gay OR not?

Now, as for the status of my balls (which seems an odd inquiry for one such as yourself, but hey...), the Blogger thing isn't really all that complicated. You can click my name and then look for the link to "My Web Page."

If blogging is a sign of manliness in your world, what does it say when one doesn't get updated for more than a month?

Anonymous said...

It's only tolerance if you're not a while Christian conservative pro-life male. Who else are we going to call a bigoted racist? Tolerance these days = hypocrisy.

Kaelri said...


"I also notice that everytime you secular progressives (or anal retentive, whichever applies) encounter people who do not agree with your vision of how the world should be...WE ARE ALWAYS WRONG AND BIGOTED, in your rose-colored eyes."

Well, the first part shouldn't surprise you. If we disagree with you, then by definition we think you're wrong.

As for bigoted, that judgment should be taken case-by-case. But I'll be straightforward: referring to two women as "whales" does not conjure any visage of enlightenment and respect.